• Introducing the "Shell-Shock" Dynavap Midsection by BB Vapes
    They do not fit the Silo XL, the hole is too small. :wink:
  • Introducing the "Shell-Shock" Dynavap Midsection by BB Vapes
    I bought one on pre-order, and I just bought another for 20% off. Well worth the scratch :fire: :up: Very smooth.
  • Off-Topic and Random Chatter
    Looks good, but there's something about a cookie I find appealing.
    Pecan, chocolate chip shortbread rolled in turbinado sugar.

  • Arizer Solo 2 - Purchase Warning
    I've had my Solo 2 for 3 years. Absolutely no problems until I got the error 8 code. They offered me $124 replacement. I use my Solo 2 in my line up everyday. I love the taste and I like it with a wpa. That's my preference. If you want something that will last forever go Dynavap, or Sticky brick, Lotus. 3 years was a good run for me in my opinion, my Dynvap, and my other butane vapes will last way longer than any battery portable. Batteries go dead, electrical circuits get compromised with everyday use, those are all issues with battery portables. If you want longevity go butane. Myself I like variety so I reordered my Solo 2. I got three years out of the Solo 2 which is more lifetime than a lot of vapes on the market, GHOST, Haze Square, :rofl: the list goes on. Arizer has been around forever for a reason, they sell good vapes at a fair price. Their warranty is there for everyone to see before buying. I always check that before I'm buying a vape. :wink:
  • Introducing the "Shell-Shock" Dynavap Midsection by BB Vapes
    Yes. It works great for terpy one hits . :wink:
  • Laser hair on the back of the neck
    Stop it ! :wink: :rofl: :lol: My leg hurts from all the pullin !
    They are pretty snazzy lookin ! :rofl:
  • Airvape Legacy
    Just saw this in my email,
    For your Legacy purchase & for supporting us.

    We appreciate your recent Legacy order and all the feedback that we received. We absolutely understand the importance of flexibility in terms of functions. We use your valuable feedback to upgrade and improve Legacy to cover the widest spectrum of preferences.

    We took all your reviews and transformed them into a simple, but elegant upgrade. We made the Legacy practical and accessible to vapers that prefer higher temperature settings.

    We implemented a removable heating-chamber component which ensures a more balanced heat distribution and further reduces the chances of harsh flavor. Now, the latest addition to the Legacy kit serves to increase usability for an even larger percentage of vapers.

    Along with the improvement of the heating chamber we've also re-designed the Golden Micro-dosing basket to make it more sleek and efficient.

    Since you are an existing Airvape Legacy owner, you are eligible to get both accessories for FREE!
    100% OFF
    Use code FREEUPGRADE at checkout

    We listened, learned and improved.
    We hope you will enjoy your Legacy even more.


    Your Airvape team

    Still costs $5.95 for shipping and handling.