• VapeXhale Cloud Evo
    Nice! I just got one of those. I guess better late than never. Was that a concentrate setup?
  • TRWW Glass Vapes
    @ShayWhiteGrow thanks for the videos. Glad you are enjoying them and thsnks for making thr effort on VLF
  • TRWW Glass Vapes
    If there is anyone here anymore, here is some of my recent work

    The "Terpedo" - Vaponic on steroids

    The "Glass Cap" - Glass Vapcap - On steroids, lol

    The "Nameless Conduction TED" - My version of the Roasty

    Vapor Pipes - Use with all your favorite vapes
  • Mad Heaters Resolve Stem
    Waiting on mine!! This stem looks really well designed and engineered
  • Show us your garden!
    Great job @FearThePriest @Satchmo

    Almost there, may have to build a rain shelter

    In order, Lemon Kush, Blueberry Diesel x Tripple OG,

  • Dynavap
    The colors this year turned out really nice and really accents the blocky cooling fins

  • Vapman Vaporizer. How great is it?
    the Vapman is, beautiful, fun, interesting, unique and gives a great high. For me its more of a sipper but can produce clouds. Its a ritual vape that I enjoy late in the evening relaxing with a movie
  • Show us your garden!
    A picture update
  • New Vape Day
    New Old Stock Zion M

  • Any vapes out there that people loving if so what?
    @Msilber funny I was just coming to this thread to say how much I was enjoying my new to me SS Grasshopper. I have heard all the stories and held off buying one but ended up getting one from a friend. This one works and it works extremely well. It belts out the clouds with good flavor. The tip does get hot but there are ways to deal with it. This thing will milk up a bong no problem.

    All that being said, I do think about the longevity and the what ifs if it has to be repaired and I'm no expert on the device since I have only had it for a few days
  • Ispire Wand
    @Msilber just tried 500 and that seemed plenty hot to me. I got a much bigger hit than I would have expected
  • Ispire Wand
    I think it was set for 500 but I never let it get to temp. I would start at the bottom of the temp range
  • Ispire Wand
    @Msilber let us know what you think. I have just barely begun to play with it
  • Ispire Wand
    Hey @Msilber I have an Ispire Wand and so far I really like it.

    I have had great results with the dab feature and Vapcap, but have combusted the 2 times I have tried the dry herb feature.

    When using with a Vapcap I use their dry herb settings. I'm not sure whether it's just judged based on time but there are 4 settings and it seems to click about the same with all. On that setting, it has a red indicator light that turns green when it senses the metal. I equate first sign of green as heating at the tip, and my results seem to support this. My technique with the vapcap is to heat until the click at low temp and then puff until I get the vapor I want. The below video shows it in action.

    The Dab feature is pretty cool too. I'm a cold start dabber and it works well for that. It has a separate setting that let's you adjust the temp by single digits. In this mode it has a blinking redish ligh that becomes steady when it reaches temp. My only complaint is that due to the fact that the bowl is boro, instead of quartz, the flavor drops off quickly at higher temps and I did not care for their carb cap. It's really fun and works well but not replacing a good old quartz banger for me any time soon. Here is a link to a dab session. I must have deleted the video


    Strictly as an IH it's WAY better than the one I have, made by a well known company. Add in the dab feature, which is actually its main purpose, lol @Alexis, and what I expect will be some pretty cool hacks from members of the community, and you have one pretty cool device. Replacable 18650s and high speed charging aren't bad either. Build quality seems top notch so let's see how they hold up over the next year.
  • Collyland Aromatizer (formerly VapBong by Art of Vapor)
    @Pud thanks. They are all such great colors!! I have made a few to match others
  • Collyland Aromatizer (formerly VapBong by Art of Vapor)
    Introducing the "Moldy Avocado". So ugly she's beautiful.

  • Collyland Aromatizer (formerly VapBong by Art of Vapor)
    Got me an OAB last night. Still dialing it in but got WAY too high last night playing with it. First impressions are great!!
  • Show us your garden!
    @Alexis these are the largest plants I have had at this stage. I was looking at pics from last year and they were this big in the beginning of August, so Im a month ahead. I also decided last year to spray BT for the worms. I did 2 applications early and only had 2 worms.

    @chaos191 Thanks, we usually have a few weeks of extreme heat. The plants basically go dormant during that time. As long as you keep them watered they are usually ok