• SteveBNY
    Sorry this is going to be long just still a little long inebriated & still blown away by tonights game Just WOW.

    My Trial for the Firefly loaner program just ended, I’m don’t usually post reviews but had to give The Vape Critic (Bud)
    a shout out, Dude! Thank You! An upgrade from my original Pax has been long over due and after a few weeks of trying to decided what to get your reviews helped narrow it down to the Pax 3, Firefly 2 or DaVinci IQ.

    No completely sold on the firefly 2 at the time, I decided to pre-order myself the DaVinci Iq for holidays. Before I coughed up the money I went straight to The Vape Critic’s channel, to check a final time for any new reviews or vapes coming for 2017.

    Low and behold Like a Christmas Miracle Boom Bud post something up about the program. I would love to know how the loaner program got started. Below is the link to the post.

    But I'm not kidding when I say that with in seconds of reading that, emailed the people from the firefly team asking if I could be added hahaha

    Which leads me to who I have to thank next?

    To Rachel & the rest of the firefly team you guys Freaking Rock!!! Thank you all so much!! I can't explain the level of customer service the team provided whenever I had question or concern on how to use the device. Not only was each reply prompt, but trust when I say Rachel genuinely wanted me to enjoy my experience welcome me into the Firefly Family.

    Now for Firefly 2 as with any new device there is a learning curve, since I'm a bit impatient I wasn't a fan at first lmao. Took a few days to figure out to how much to pack, how tight to pack & which heating settings to use. To be honest more than a few days, I was so busy at work, It sat there for a few days.

    I watched a few vids on youtube and once I got the hang of if, thats when I really got appreciate device and how exquisite the flavor is. Every reviewer mentions Flavor! the flavor is amazing! You have to taste the flavor!

    Being a skeptic, doubt the firefly could live up to the Pax.

    Let me be the first to admit everyone is right hahaha. I was pleasantly surprised by the powerfully clean & refreshingly rich flavor and that’s no exaggeration. Consider my mind fucking blown and my taste buds hahah.

    It comes set for medium-high as default but for the best enjoyment you want to start at the lowest setting take like 4 to 6 pulls to get it going, stir, raise the temp, then repeat, till I got to highest setting that got the most out of my herb.

    I haven't used it with concentrates, oh and once I get my new device I'll take pics, and post more updates. Sorry, when my loaner arrived all I wanted to do was open it and get started hahaha.

    If anyone has any tips or tricks love to hear more.

    I have one Con there is no way to use the device while charging like and iPhone but thats cause I'm impatient hahaha. With as much use as its going to get I am def opting in for the external charging set that has a 3rd battery, 3 batteries are better than 2 especially as much as i vape.

    Consider this Skeptic Converted!! The flavor is no fucking joke lmao!! Now I understand why everyone says flavor and pauses it's like they zoned. Its like enjoying a fine wine, steak or chocolate hahah the richness its beyond words. You just have to try for yourself

  • Baron23
    Thanks for the write up of your experience. I'm very glad that the FF2 works for your use case and that you are happy with your purchase! (Y) 8-)
  • legbuh
    It sounds like he didn't buy it.. got a loaner it seems. And got good support. Wow! I can't say I did.

    I'd be curious how @SteveBNY felt about the unit staying so warm for so long. After 2-3 pulls that thing just stays warm and decarbs anything in the bowl withing an hour. I even tried setting it on cold tile to cool it down quicker. That did work to some degree.

    I honestly got a better head rush just from the long draws on the thing. I found smoking the ABV herb to be much more medicating than through the vape.

    My advice, do not throw away the ABV... eat it, cook with it, or smoke it. I mixed it in with some good stuff to make sure I actually get the use out of it.

    I plan on trying the FF2 again when the weather warms up here. Right now it's just sitting in a drawer. But for now my Puk pipe and one hitter are much much better.

    I will admit, the flavor is nice. And if you're looking for huge clouds, in the right light you will see it, but it will be nothing like an e-cig or real pipe. And I don't find it very medicating.
  • Bruce
    It is pretty impressive that Firefly has a loaner program.
  • Baron23
    t sounds like he didn't buy it.. got a loaner it seems.legbuh

    I think this is the "loan to buy" program (try it, you'll like it kinda of thing, yeah?) and although he didn't say he actually completed the purchase part, from his positive post I assumed he did....though assumptions are indeed dangerous! LOL
  • SteveBNY
    Hey baron thanks Legbuh I did buy it I am getting the new jet black one, the extra battery and the charing kit and a case.

    I was to hung over to write anything yesterday will add a follow up in a few mins haha let me have my coffee first haha
  • SteveBNY
    Dude I loved it so much the are allowing me to hold on to the loaner till my new jetblack one arrives at no extra cost.

    I hope they dont get mad at me for saying this but I was given the option to either keep the loaner for a discounted price or purchase a new one they even gave me a few extra days to think it over oh and to boot they are allowing me to hold on to the loaner till my new jet black one arrives.

    Now thats customer service hahah think about if I had to send it back first then wait a few days for the new one I would lose my mind.

    So I am getting the new Jetblack one, the charging kit with extra battery so I have and the case
  • Baron23
    Great news and I'm very glad that you are finding their CS to be responsive. This was no always the case, it appears, but glad that they are tightening up a bit and buyers are finding themselves having a good experience. (Y)
  • SteveBNY
    I cant go indepth now i have to get to work but

    yeah dude it was the only reason I gave it a try I was hesitant on how much vapor the firefly produces but what most people don't realize is most of that vapor is the bad shit we are so used to with our herb.

    I'll be honest at first I hated it, it wasn't giving me the results I expected. I felt like a kid at chirstmas tearing open all my presents and its some fucking sweater from my aunt hahah I felt so let down dude I was heart broken haha.

    But trail and error figured that fucker out and now i looooove it I dont want to smoke any other way.

    Dude i even mixed oils and herb WOW haha
  • SteveBNY

    Dude the snaking on it was suprisingly tasty

    Did you ever try using it from low first for a few then gradually going up?

    I found that if you start low it heats up slowly and evenly. I will post how it worked best for me tonight
  • legbuh
    I tried everything and more for a couple weeks.

    Did you end up buying it or sending it back after the trial? If you did buy it, did you get a deal since it was the loaner program?
  • Bruce
    If there ever was a situation where Firefly customer support was lagging, I can reassure you that (is not the case anymore) they are eager to help and gain satisfaction. I know this from my own experience. Its well worth it.
  • Baron23
    If there ever was a situation where Firefly customer support was lagging, I can reassure you that (is not the case anymore) they are eager to help and gain satisfaction.Bruce

    Bruce - you have no inside or special info. All you can assure anybody is that YOUR personal interactions with FF CS were good and satisfactory. Your personal experience is a good data point to offer to others and is valuable in and of itself. If you stopped there, all is good.

    Going beyond that at all, much less to this massively broad generality, undermines the entire board's credibility and may possibly mislead the naive or new vaporist.
  • Cl4ud3
    This is Bruce the rose coloured spectacle guy. The man who said for months his FF2 was shite and not worth a dollar, got irate when FF2 asked him if he knew how to use it and then told everyone firefly had "reached out to him" and he loved it.

    the fact you keep posting this staggering amount of bullshit is amazing. You had issues with Firefly, hell a lot of people did, and now your making out (as you did with the pax) that these guys are the best. I hope that things don't get so bad here that people see you getting likes for your rampant asslicking posts and take your advice for gospel.

    I did start typing out an apology and its not personal but I hate to see a good BB go to shit.
  • Bruce

    #1 I don't want a Pax, I had one my friend has the Pax 3, He loves it, I don't. If Pax ever reached out to me, I would say I stand by my opinions. I wish them good luck, I just don't like their products. It is just an opinion, Pax will sell many many vaporizers to customers who like Pax. I don't, it's a blog site, I express my opinion and I don't get anything for free, nor do I want anything for free.

    #2 I was extremely upset with my Firefly 2 purchase. It's a lot of money and a lot of expectations. When I posted my opinions on Vapelife regarding the Firefly 2, Someone from Firefly reached out to me. I stood my ground. As requested I sent in my vape, I was told it was very clogged up. It could very well be that I didn't clean the FF2 after a concentrate session and did a dry herb session after. My vape was clogged up.

    I was sent a replacement the FF2 works super. I followed the instructions more carefully and cleaned it up better. I do think that the learning curve is not what I was looking for in a vape. They are upfront from the beginning there is a learning curve. This convection on demand vape takes a new technique. Just as I learned how to use other vapes optimally, the FF2 is not a conduction oven, its relatively unique and therefore has to be used in a different way.

    To my credit, if another company comes out with a revolutionary vape and say there's a learning curve, I am lazy and wouldn't want to bother. I am glad I learned how to use the FF2, its really good to have an on demand Convection dual purpose vape that works well, because I learned how to use the vape.

    I apologized many times. Because I threw caution to the wind. I didn't follow the directions. It's no excuse I just am one of those people who throw directions away and just try to figure things out. Not Firefly's fault. I feel horrible that my lack of following directions led to a negative opinion.

    I apologize again.

    I will say again, it's one hell of a deal, the Try before you buy the program.

    #3 Again, Bud's platform helped me discover the world of dry herb vapes. Before that, I was getting ripped off on vapes that are cheap. Using Bud's platform to learn which products are good quality and perform well. I am not getting ripped off at the SmokeShops anymore because I know better. Vaporizing Dry herbs is an incredible part of my life. I do say it often and I will say it again...

    I use the Vape Critics platform to help me purchased and learn about the world of vaporizing dry herbs and concentrates. Based on many purchases based on Bud's platform, I say - Use the Vape Critics platform and click on his links to buy to ensure you are getting authentic merchandise. --- If that doesn't sound good to you I don't agree.
  • legbuh
    I think it's ok for Bruce to change his mind. I'm glad someone is turning the corner on the device. I read through all his posts before buying my FF, even where he seemed to start to like it.

    I personally gave up on FF CS because the questions they asked through email were so obviously not on point that I just said screw it. It's almost like they had never even seen the FF or used it and were just copying notes they were given.

    Not to mention it took 3 or 4 days for each response.

    I cleaned it very well after each bowl and keep the batteries charged. Tried many different heat settings (starting low and working up did work better, but still not very effective) and techniques. Still would end up taking the ABV and smoking it in my puk. :)

    For now my FF is going to sit in my drawer with all my computer cables. I'm not going to even try selling it since I wouldn't want someone else to be unhappy.

    As an ex cig smoker who was using e-cigs years before they were popular (or even known about in head shops) I know vaping CAN be good. Just waiting for the right device. And also trying my hand at tinctures. That would be even better than vaping!
  • koepen
    I was kind of nervous when I ordered my FF2 about 2 weeks ago... I took a lot of time to carefully think about the decision, read a lot of reviews ans comments. Besides all the positive and negative reactions the FF2 seemed to be the perfect vaape for me. I'm a "sometimes" user so I need small amounts of dry herb for satisfying results. I also have a Crafty and Pax 2. Crafty is more like my "home" whereas the Pax 2 is my "to go" unit. I use both either with a liquid pad or the half oven lid on top to minimize the amounts. Both deliver great results! :D

    The first two sessions with my FF2:

    no1: unboxed, charged, loaded with small amount of dry herb, vaped at medium high -> 7 nice draws (ca 12 - 14 sec), stirred 3 times, super nice flavour, nice clouds, extremely smooth and totally happy! the device worked perfectly as I didn't expect it.

    no2: loaded, used same setting -> took 2 draws, went out to a vietnamese restaurant to enjoy a pho, back home stirred once and took another 2 draws, went out with the dog, watched some tv... after a while I stirred again and took the last 2 draws... on demand technique worked perfectly as well!

    As session no2 is the way I like a vape session and the FF2 worked without any issue from the beginning I am so so happy about my decision!
  • Flipz
    that's awesome to hear and very glad you like it! thanks for sharing your thoughts on the FF2. (Y)
  • SteveBNY

    nice dude thats awesome!!
  • SteveBNY
    I think where everyone is having a disconnect is they are expecting the firefly work like a conduction vape or other traditional forms smoking. Most of the vapor you get from contain all the soot and shit LOL

    Trust when I say the ff2 cuts all that crap out!! Since you heating it through convection (hot air) you're only getting the yummy goodness and with the benefit of on demand heating you burn much less herb. oh yeah and keeping your lungs free of tar and crap helps also lmao

    Seriously though while there is less vapor you feel the effects, its feels someone like vaping oils but cleaner and richer

    Tips I picked up from watching vids that helped me
    - Do not wake and bake do not smoke, try it with a clean palate
    - Check the mouth piece
    - This is the most important Coarse Herb Only!!!
    You won't get enough air flow and it will be like trying to suck a thick milk shake through a
    straw (Rachel from ff gave me that tip)
    - Don't over pack it but don't back to little the herb wont be able to heat up. its like a game man once
    You figure out the cheat code you got it locked in. Up Up down down left right B hahaha
    - Start on low, it lets the herb heat evenly I take 2 to 4 pulls then stir 2 to 4 more at this point you will
    Taste it. stir again and pull then you can go up to medium low and so on.

    I rarely go to medium high or high unless I want to finish it off, I keep it between low and medium but mostly in the lower settings and keep pulling on it through out the day. then adding some more herb to it to enhance the flavor. snack on it it taste good as hell man haha

    Look its 2 completely different feelings, It's so much cleaner and last a hell of a lot longer without using as much once you get the hang of it.

    Why does that matter you ask? Here's an example, you can go out to drink to get drunk 2 ways
    Take mad shots and down beers real fast to get fucked up but it wears off just as fast or you get sick lol
    Or sit down order a glass of Jack, Henny, or James to sip and enjoy while enjoying the tranquilizing effect longer.

    I can only speak for my self but I had an amazing experience with the ff 2 & their customer service
    I used to work for apple so I know not everyone is always happy with the experience or their end result.
    Its hard to please each individuals expectations but those are just that expectations, We can't blame the company because the device didn't perform the standard or Ideal we wanted it to live up to.

    When I worked for Apple I can't tell you how one min someone was loving one of the devices and the next another person cursing in my face cause they hate it LOL. Eh what can you do, just return it and try something else.

    Hey they were chill enough to let me try it for 2 weeks and send it back, worst case I'm only out $25 if I didn't like it.

    Now I'm all in about $400 lol I added a few extras to my order hahaha. once the new one arrives i will post some pics and vids
  • Baron23
    they are expecting the firefly work like a conduction vape or other traditional forms smoking. Most of the vapor you get from contain all the soot and shit LOLSteveBNY

    We all are varied and different and are entitled to our persona views entirely.

    With that said, I don't personally agree with the above statement. I don't think thick vapor from a good vaporizer is soot and shit and I do think that thick vapor is more potent although one can argue that no matter how many draws it takes, if you fully extract the load then you got the same goodness.

    But even on that last point, I do find vaporizers to have different 'signatures' and tend to bring effects differently.

    I vape for pain and sleep. I like very quick and hard hitting vapor. I LOVE my EVO, Enano, Mighty and GH and selected them for these characteristics.

    Now I don't want to dig up old dirt on the FF2 and I am very glad that your experience is wonderful. Really, I'm glad when anybody finds a vape that truly fits them. But the FF2 was not particularly hyped as a niche vaporizer and there are LOTS of people out there who found the performance variable and weak.

    After all the very long and sometimes heated discussions about causes such as its just this particular unit, shipping defects, user learning curve, you don't know how to put on the lid, grind and load, etc, etc, etc; I'm still convinced this is a vape that you need to go into the purchase of which with your eyes wide open. Yeah?
  • Sfumato
    I wish I had one to try, would love to compare it to the Swift Pro which I happen to be very happy with.

    Thing is my experience is limited to a cheap 60 buck conduction, Flowermate Pro conduction, and now the Swift Pro.
    I do most my vaping at home so I should probably look into a desktop.
  • SteveBNY
    Hey bruce yeah man I hear you been suffering with Insomnia and back pain for years, so pain management is my primary use, everything else is secondary.

    Oh hell yeah haha I totally I agree with you completely making the purchase with eyes wide open which is why i said don't go in with the expectation of it being like a conduction vape or and I meant the soot from smoking traditional ways.

    I never would of taken the risk purchased the firefly if not for the loaner program, with that said Im happy I did.
  • SteveBNY

    the vape critic has the link up a few post back for the loaner go check it out
  • SteveBNY
    Baron again my review has so far been based just on herb and oils and comparing it to my orginal pax which I Loooooooved
  • SkabootchWolf
    What sort of grinder is best to use on the Firefly 2? Getting sick of geting the grind wrong from time to time.
  • Kakarot
    This blows my mind as they would not do anything for me... My FireFly 2 combusts the material on Med-high with a power tune of 95 and you have to suck like your getting a golf of ball thru a straw, and then other times it won't even work. The CS is rude pretty much saying non chalantly I was to stupid to get the vape to work right.. They would not give me a refund, they also said if I mailed it in and THEY did not find anything wrong with it that they would charge me 30 extra dollars. Not gonna say anything else lol, I am glad your happy.
  • scienceismagic
    Vape critic recommends the "new vape course grinder". Any grinder that can give an even course grind could work.
  • scienceismagic
    Kakar yes, the unit getting plugged is very common and super, super frustrating. I got mine to work by pushing pipe cleaners through the intake holes below the herb chamber (have to fiddle around to get them in). Also used decompressed air, but be careful, it must have left a residue, because I got a very strong high that was not from the herb after. It's also too hard to get a hit if the grind is to fine on this vaporizer, or if it's packed to tight.
  • Kakarot
    Here is the deal with FF2. I was super pumped to get one, I really praised it on here because it worked really good the first 4 or 5 times. I kept it clean, no clogs or anything on my end.. Then boof both batteries they sent me went to shit.. The vape combusts the material on medium high with a tune on 95. They acted like the vape is so sophisticated that l was just to dumb to operate it lol the customer service is horrible. They would not give me a refund and said if I mailed it to them and their "professionals" did not find anything wrong with it they would charge me 30 dollars extra.. So to this day right now it sits in a drawer and does nothing.. I hate FireFly they lie.. Hopefully they never make another vape because if they do I will call the Better Business Bureau, they advertise false info and that is not cool.
  • SkabootchWolf

    Definitely sounds like a broken FF. They are not meant to do that.

    I have a FF2. I think the main problem for me is, when the grind is not right. If its not packed tight enough, and or the bud is too fine, there will not be enough draw resistance and it will not work.

    BUt if its too coarse, and or packed too tight, the draw resistance can be annoyingly high. And if you want to completely vape a bowl it should start at a draw resistance that is annoying high because as you vape it, and it becomes ABV it will loosen and and the draw resistance will decrease.

    Eventually if you want to extract the thc from the bud you're going to need to crush and breakdown the bud in the bowl of the firefly. And that only works as long as there is enough draw resistance.

    I think it's a very good vape, but it can just be a pain to use outside. I dunno. I am ready for a new portable vaporiser I think. Sometimes, I think I can stick it out with the FF2, but I want another one now.

    Either wait for MV1 or get a GH. S&B is also an option.
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