• ann
    have you reviewed this oil vape pen? i cannot find a review on it rating it and how to use, etc.
  • gzomb
    Based on the 23 seconds of in-depth research I just sweat through, it appears the thing uses proprietary non-refillable cartridges.
    Buncha Carts
    More Carts, yo
  • ann
    right. they are disposable cartridges sold throughout colorado. i am curious as to anyones thoughts on this for hash oil vs other types of hash oil vapes...etc
    do not buy this. I've had two cartridges malfunction and nobody will take them back. I content Ted indigoPro AND THEY SAID TO EXCHANGE THEM WHERE i BOUGHT THEM BUT THEY WILL NOT EXCHANGE THEM 4 thumbs waaaaay down
  • stephenchadlee
    IndigoPro cape pens are terrible..

    I got one and the pen quit working before i used the first cartridge...

    I exchanged it and that pen lasted 1 1/2 cartridges and quit working...

    Dont waste your hard earned money on this trash
  • Detumus
    I'm so pissed off at this very moment because of the Indigo Pro. I'm on my second one now. The first one stopped working for no reason at all. I took the utmost care of it never dropped it never got it wet. I've probably had to return for different cartridges due to random malfunctioning or the batteries just shorting out. Now that my second pen has malfunctioned without any reason I will never buy it again and I will go on a quest to tell everyone to never buy this shity product. I'm so fucking mad that I just went to the store and spent $40 on a cartridge to come home to this broken piece of shit for no reason. Never will I recommend anyone to buy this.. Indigo Pro sucks and so do the creators from making this atrocity of a pen.-5000 stars out of 10
  • Rich
    I don't see what anybody sees in the prefills..Are they not just taking concentrate and adding glycol or other things to thin it down to use in a cart..Except for the ease of use I don't care for them at all..I would rather take the time to fill my vape pen myself with shatter or crumble, product is twice as strong and much cheaper too in the long run
  • Rockytdogg

    Not all manufacturers use that crap but many do. Good prefilled carts are easy, discreet and effective... as well as expensive, yes.
  • Rich

    Just curios for my friends that do like the carts what brands do you like?.Maybe I need to try some good ones too..Thanks..
  • Rockytdogg

    Well, I’m in MA, so technically right now you can only legally get them from dispensaries and they produce all their own products... from growing thru to packaging.

    Here’s what my “go to” dispensary sells: https://siranaturals.org/oils-extracts/

    I haven’t tried any cuz it’s expensive and I’d rather just buy the more solid concentrates and use my wax pen(s)... I have made a couple of shatter juice carts but I’m still learning about that.

    I’ve seen recommmedations around here (vlf fc etc) for more reputable west coast manufacturers but haven’t personally tried any. There seems to be lots of pesticides and other bad chemicals turning up in many products (brass knuckles etc) out there being tested recently so that’s scaring me a bit...

    Medical cannabis is controlled pretty tightly right now here in MA... we’ll see what happens in the rec market tho come July...
  • Rich

    I think will stay with my solid conc. too..Thanks..
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