• VapeCritic
    I just posted a new review of the Herbalizer, which I first reviewed 3 years ago.

    Performance = Excellent

    The Rest = Meh

    Read my review here: https://www.vapecritic.com/herbalizer/

    Or watch it:

  • Baron23
    @VapeCritic - thanks for the update, Bud.

    Wow....LOL You are a bit of a spit and shine clean enthusiast (see, I didn't call you a clean freak! LOL). I have noted in a number of your reviews that clean appearance and the ability to keep it up is an important criteria for you.

    I have never used one but when buying my Volcano I considered the Herbalizer and from what I could research, my conclusions matched up with yours a good bit. That is, great vaporization performance and completely crappy mechanical engineering (particularly the enclosure and the bag....the chamber magnet is a new one to me).

    I, for one, would really like the back story on the company and the changes that have taken place there. Stability in the company, particularly in this early stage of the industry where many manufactures are very small operations, is an important criteria for vape selection. Just saying.

    Cheers and thanks again.
  • DregerUS
    solid review.....
  • Bruce
    Solid as always, I remember watching this video and chose the Extreme Q, I am glad I went with that, I am 100% satisfied with the Arizer Extreme Q, I had the Volcano, and that is the best balloon vape ever, but the Q does more than just balloons (extremely well, not as efficient as the Volcano), it does desktop whips style and the aromatizer is an entirely new ballgame. I use my Q all the time after I vape with my IQ, or whatever is the vape of the day, I always use the Aromatizer to defuse the smell. My place always smells like some good healthy herbs. The other thing about Arizer is that keep upgrading the attachments and the new equipment is a fraction of what it would cost to upgrade the unit. The upgrades are pretty amazing.

    I was a doubter but the Aromatizer does a lot for mood and ambiance.

    Great videos, I remember making that tough choice. Glad I learned the towards the Q.
  • Hitz
    I enjoyed the "where are they now" feel with going back and revisiting a previous device that was reviewed and comparing it to today's current standards. The original herbalizer review was actually how I originally discovered the VapeCritic 8-) and was my orientation to the world of vaping. This video definitely concludes my fascination with the herbalizer, maybe if it was in the $299 range but really anything over $350 better be pretty damn exceptional and deliver a unique experience.
  • To the Cloud
    My Herbalizer bowl does not protrude past the rubber stopper on the volcano easy valve bag. This caused vapor to leak out (quite a bit). removing the rubber stopper from the volcano bag made filling up better , but then it leaked from the bag. Any tricks you did to use the volcano bag with the herbie filling chamber ?
  • VapeCritic
    Try removing the upper black silicone grip from the Herhbalizer bowl
  • duff
    I love the idea of long-term testing.
    The cleanliness stuff bugs me too.
    Thanks Bud.
  • To the Cloud
    I started using the Storz & Bickel dosing capsules, with the Herbie, keeps everything nice and clean and fits perfectly.
  • Baron23
    I started using the Storz & Bickel dosing capsules, with the Herbie, keeps everything nice and clean and fits perfectly.To the Cloud

    How's is the performance? Vapor density and quality?
  • To the Cloud
    I found slightly less vapor density when using the dosing capsule. The big sale for me is that I am able to use it without needing any screens at all. The dosing capsule sits a bit higher than there your bud would sit if just in the screen. However the taste and everything else were just as good through the bag and the whip when using the dosing capsule.
  • Diandiandian
    so if your Herbalizer give up on you, will you still buy a brand new one?
  • Bruce
    Herbalizer has a 2 year warranty. I hope that helps you out.

    Click The Link Below To Go To Herbalizer Warranty Claims

    My favorite company (Arizer) The Extreme Q has a very good warranty, (lifetime) on nonglass parts. Great warranty, not expensive especially for glass. But, most of the parts are glass. I have mine 6 years, not a hiccup. Glass isn't covered but its relatively cheap and easy to replace. I dropped my glass oven chamber and replaced it for $10.

    Arizer Warranty

    The Volcano Warranty is 3 years for the Classic and 2 years for the digit.

  • Bruce
    I like the revisiting these vapes years later. Time is the most important aspect of reliability in my opinion. Reviewing it later is fun, you have done many cool featured reviews, like my favorite "50 Vapes in 3 minutes".

    In reference to the Herbalizer. I was checking it out in a store and was unimpressed with the silicone hose, too much plastic otherwise it's OK. Very put together with the lid.

    I never get it, some of the best vapes take longer to heat. The best one the Volcano takes a few minutes and I wouldn't care because the quality is very good. I read with the Extreme Q, that putting it on the lower fan speed will create thicker and richer vapor. I have done fast, and slow and without question, the lower fan speeds are better quality vapor (without question), even though the wait is longer. The Herbalizer being really fast is not impressive.

    Vape Well
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