• Kartik
    This post might be a little long and I hope you'll bear with me. I'm very new to the vaping experience and am looking to get into it as soon as possible. However, my research hasn't yielded much and I was hoping you could help me out.
    I'm from India, where we mainly smoke traditional hash. This is not liquid but a little solid in texture (it doesn't crumble per se) which is we normally crush it, mix it with tobacco and smoke it in a joint. I've been trying to locate a suitable vape for this. Now I have friends who use a mighty for the purpose of smoking hash. Assuming the mighty is out of my budget, would a pax3 or davinci iq do the same? I have read in a lot of places that davinci is among the best but given its large chamber, hash might be problematic since a very small "crushed" quantity is used, roughly .15 gm. My friend with the mighty uses liquid cooling pads in his vape to resolve the chamber problem. Can I use/find similar pads for the iq or pax? Will wire mesh do the job?
    I've not been able to find any direct reply for this query and would be grateful if someone here would be able to help.
    While I smoke herb in the US, I'm very economical with quantity and a generally tiny chamber size is important. I reiterate that at the end of the day, I am interested in getting a vape which should be able to vaporize traditional Indian hash. In light of this, could someone please help? I am open to other vapes as well. Any suggestions would be most appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.

  • Baron23
    Hello Kartik and welcome to the Vape Life Forum X-)

    So I'm old....not ancient but 64 is feeling a bit old to me these days. But, I have been a consumer of MJ since I was 14 (well, that's the first toke I ever took) for a total of 50 years. I only mention this as for me, for most of my life, the term hash meant exactly what you are describing. We used to get Lebanese, Pakistani, Afgan, Morcocan hash. Both what we then called keif (hash made of pressed pollen ala' some Morocan hash, yeah) and what we tended to view as soft hashes, e.g. black slab hash.

    To me, the use of these terms to indicate sifted pollen and the like is unusual but the lexicon has evolved over time.

    I assume your Indian hashish is much like Pakistani/Afgan, yeah? Dark, sometimes still a bit soft, if hard then a little flame will make it soft to crumble and fluff up for smoking. Am I picturing the right stuff?

    If so, I personally think that the vapes that will handle this well are few and far between.

    Certainly an S&B vape (Volcano/Mighty/Crafty/Plenty) with their dosing capsules (DC's)might work well. The DC's should keep it from dropping down through oven screens and the like but, as you said, this is not fine powder hashish so migration within the vape is probably not going to be a big issue.

    For conduction vapes, you did hit on what I think is key. Conduction vapes like the IQ heat the load via conduction from the oven walls which means that the load needs to be well packed and in good contact with the oven surface. So, a vape that will be a full load at .3 grams of flower will probably be too big an oven for smoking hashishs.

    I do know a few people having great luck with an extraordinarily cheap and simple butane powered vape like the VapCap. For $35, you can get the VapCap OG (cheapest model and IMO the best working one). Some folks put a very small filter of degummed hemp fiber or organic cotton in the bottom of the oven just to keep particles of hash from being inhaled, but needing to do this all depends on how fine you have crumbled it up or just your personal preference depending on how adverse you are to any particulants in your vapor (e.g. people with asthma).


    Also, I believe that convection vapes may work better for hashish. The need for the load to be pressed against the oven walls for heat transfer doesn't apply to convection. The Grasshopper is on that comes to mind, but I would definitely use a filter on the bottom of the oven as you don't have access to the heating element and I would hate to see particles of hashish get in there.

    Hope this is helpful. Try the Vapcap OG. For $35 its at least worth a shot, yeah?
  • Cl4ud3Accepted Answer
    I've used traditional European hashish in the Vapcap (Ti version but they are the same basically) it works brilliantly.
  • Kartik
    thanks so much for your prompt reply. So I'm not that well acquainted with types of hash but the hash in India is essentially made by rubbing the flower between your hands. The residue left behind on your hand is collected so I think it's different from kief hash in that regard. It is, as you rightly pointed out, extremely soft in its texture- the good quality having bubble gum like texture.
    The reason why I considered the vapes I mentioned is cos getting a vape is difficult in India. There is barely a market there. Hence, something of good quality and with good warranty would be great. I've heard great things about s and b in that regard. Would you recommend a crafty or the iq?
    Is it not possible to use a mesh of some sorts to pack up the chamber in an IQ or pax?Won't that fill up the space? Haha sorry, I quite fancy the iq and am trying really hard to make it happen. Alternatively, would it be advisable to mixthe hash in some medium like nettle or other herb in a conduction vape?
    Sorry if I sound like a novice. I am one.
  • Baron23
    That is exactly the kind of soft hashish I was talking about. India, Pakistan, Afganistan all seem to use this technique. Stuff I remember from before Afghanistan was invaded by Russia (and ruined the market, apparently) was outstandingly strong.

    Would you recommend a crafty or the iq?Kartik

    I would recommend the Mighty. Bit bigger in overall size, has twice the battery capacity, seems to be more robust, and the oven is the same as the Crafty.

    If you can afford an S&B product, I would go for it. They also make fine screens that you can order from them for "powder" but read this as keif and other small particle substances.

    NOTE: I have never smoked soft hashish via a Mighty/Crafty but I would put a fine screen in the bottom, the hashish, a liquid pad on top, and go to town. If you don't crumble it too dang fine, you don't need to change the screen. But I HAVE NOT done this personally so take it with a grain of salt.

    The IQ has a pretty large oven and is full convection. They make an oven spacer, but while it seems good for herb, I'm not sold on it being good for running hashish through it. Again, full conduction needs good solid contact between the load and the oven walls and the load needs to be a bit packed and tamped so that the conductive heat penetrates. If you did this with hashish, I'm afraid you wouldn't be able to draw through the vape.

    Now, if you want to mix your hashish with herb (and the only herb I vape is marijuana but perhaps you have another in mind), then I believe any good quality vape will do the trick if you load is primarily herb. I often make herb-pollen-herb sandwiches in some of my vapes, works well.

    I hope this is helpful to you.
  • PR2
    I have used Dynavap Vapcap successfully with products from Parvati. Found it to be the best option so far as it can be completely cleaned and didn't have to worry about it failing and warranty claims due to no electric parts. And the quantity required is also about half as much you will use with a joint or a chillum.
    One issue with the Vapcap is that its glass and can break so maybe you can try the new M at 50$.
    Remeber to get a good ligther also as the jet lighters you get at the local pan shop will are not of good quality and often fail after a couple of sessions.
  • VapoManiak
    Do you use hemp fiber/organic cotton? I do not and it still works great. I'm also from Europe so sometimes I get my hands on some good morrocan hash - I really love the aroma and potency. But since I dropped combusting I'm still looking for the best ways of consuming it. So far tried it in my Mighty (works good with a liquid pad), VapCap OG & VapCap M (works GREAT with both). I'm going to try it in my PAX 3 (in concentrate insert - will report back). Not sure if I should give it a try with Firefly 2, since my morrocan is not full-melt and I don't want to combust it on a concentrate setting.
  • Cl4ud3
    With the VapCap I crumbled the hash up a little and just loaded it in the oven. I only tried it with the VapCap as hashish can get your vape super dirty quickly and the VapCap is so easy to clean. The only time I use organic cotton or hemp fiber is with oils or sometimes Kief.
  • VapoManiak
    That's exactly the way I use my VapCaps when vaping hash. Cheers from Poland!
  • starheel
    hi, just signed up to know how is the experience with Pax3 and traditional hash, in the concentrate owen? Without the "sandwich" technique.
  • VapoManiak
    It works really well, in fact I was quite surprised how well it does. BUT the concentrate insert is very messy afterwards, you have to soak it after each session. If you have any questions - feel free to ask!
  • Kartik
    Thank you so much for all your replies! I really appreciate your patience with a newbie like me. I bought the M by Dynavap, but I am yet to try it with hash. Just a question
    I'll ask you since you tried it with Parvati hash. Do you add it directly or wrap it in a ball of cotton? Does the latter help/do anything special? Could you describe how you vaped hash through your vapcap?

    Thank you everybody!
  • nikhil420
    Happy 420 guys! I'm stumbling on to this post on an auspicious day :P

    Wanted to know if there's anywhere in India I can order the Dynavap M from. I've tried ordering it from the US but it seems like the package got lost in transit or the US Postal service goofed up with the customs authority here in India. Dynavap was kind enough to refund my money, but I'm still aching to be able to vape my hash. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!
  • Karec
    only read this today lol, good you went for the Dynavap M, @Baron23 described really well the types of hash, in Portugal we get a lot of moroccan hash and kief, the way you described the method of getting your hash is the best stuff we get from morocco.
    In India u get really good stuff, really oily and tasty, i found out that the IQ dont deal well so im glad you didnt buy that, (i would go for the mighty, avoid the crafty).
    Since u had a budget you went for the right choice for a 1st vape to suit your needs.
    Mate consider to make Rosin, i bet Indian hash will deliver a really good Rosin oil, with the "cheap" method of a air straightener, check that out.
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