• RayHaywood
    I feel a little be dizzy, weak and yawn all the time within the 6 hours, well terrible ...may be I should have one smoke,just one...
  • Bruce
    Not even one. I don't like drinking water but it will help with detox, if you can't drink water, Powerade is also good. Sleep is the best thing. The longer you hold out the easier it will be. I got by with some sleep aids from my doctor. I could not win the battle without the sleep help (Ambien) because I was up all night and it's just too easy to get in my car and buy a pack or grub one. Try a few granules of black pepper, snort it. You will sneeze, but it works for me. If you go to the supermarket in the produce aisle look for ginger root. Take a little piece and you can put that under your tongue or between your cheek and teeth. You make get constipated because smoking is a diuretic and its good for digestion. So to counter that Ginger (or ginger ale) is great for digestion and acid reflux. which are common is quitting. Cola is also good for that.

    I hope and pray for you. If you contact Bud, you can email me, I am a good coach.
  • RayHaywood
    Is drinking water really help? I love sleep, maybe I can try this way when I got a free time. and thanks for your suggestions, I will keep going...X-)
  • Bruce
    When quitting water helps a lot. There's the psychological side of smoking and then there's the substance part. Which are thousands of chemicals and nicotine. Water flushes these chemicals out of your system (literally lol). The more you drink the easier it gets. Water also goes through your mouth and that helps with the oral fixation.

    Sleeping helps. For me, it was 6-8 hours of not having cravings. I was up and that was not good.

    I did 3 things. #1 I got chantix, #2 I got sleep meds #3 I got some really good herbs and some great vapes. With Sleep and weed, that occupied me from 6PM to 6 AM probably the toughest times when quitting. During the day I found it to be a bit easier. And the overall quitting was MUCH easier for me with Chantix. There are many methods.

    It takes 21 days to learn a new habit. It's important to know it gets easier take it day by day and get to 21 is a big milestone. 30 days your body starts to recover, you will be coughing up a lot of what is in your chest and lungs. That is a nice feeling. You will start to see the good things happening.

    What I learned is that it's easy to say do something. But it's much harder to say don't do something. I think water is good because. I said to myself drink water instead of smoking. Much easier than not doing something.

    I hope and pray for you. Only smokers and ex-smokers can understand what you are going through.

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