• Sfumato
    Watching a press conference with Melissa McCarthy...oops I mean Sean Spicer.

    He said that medical is a states issue but that they would enforce against recreational.

    Its over before it even started for me living in a medical only state, and very limited medical at that (florida). Need to take a trip somewhere legal before it ends....just to experience it...that joy of walking in and shopping for buds.
  • Bruce
    A move to Canada has crossed my mind.
  • Baron23
    Found it

    Key quotes that I have found so far:

    "Medical marijuana, the president understands the pain and suffering that many people go through ... and the comfort that some of these drugs can provide to them," Spicer said. "There's a big difference between that and recreational marijuana. When you see something like the opioid addiction crisis blossoming around so many states around this country, the last thing we should be doing is encouraging people ... there's still a federal law that we need to abide by when it comes to recreational marijuana." — Spicer

    This has to be one of the more stupid statements I have ever seen from a Fed official...and they drop real whoppers on a regular basis but this can only reflect intentional ignorance.

    He also, however, said the following so I don't see Spicer's statement as being an actual policy announcement:

    I do believe you'll see greater enforcement ... [it's] a question for the Department of Justice," Spicer said Thursday. — Spicer
  • Sfumato
    Yeah, I watched it live. Considering the AG has been quoted as saying "only bad people smoke weed" and once made a "joke" about liking the KKK till he found out some of them smoked weed it doesnt look good. Ive said the same to my wife a couple of times, they will let the medical slide and go after the recreational.

    That being said I dont think all the "Dabs of glory" vids people make are going to help our cause. They'll just pick video of someone smoking the scariest contraption they can find and play it for the floor of the senate to see just like they did with Records back in the 90's and video games in the 2,000s.
  • Baron23
    I don't care what Jeff Sessions thinks, or even what Trump thinks, about MJ...medical or not. Unless Trump is much less of a political animal than I think, he will view trying to roll back recreational as grabbing the hot third rail for pretty much nothing. There is no clear constituency to roll back MJ that's important to him. I don't see it, but he may give Sessions and Christy the lead in which case this will all be in court for a very long time while states continue to pass legal MJ laws, businesses and economies are built on it, and the 72% of Americans who favor legalization will continue to grow.

    At least here's hoping
  • Cl4ud3
    At least you have medical there. Here in the UK every x years the government asks a panel of experts (doctors etc) to look at drug policy. They always say legalize MJ and the government then sacks them and publishes what it wants.
  • Bruce
    I am waiting for New York State. May the Vape be with us.

    I love my country either party or whatever we are all one. But we all suck because marijuana is still illegal. I respect those who are into alcohol, but there is no reason that should be legal and the magical MJ is illegal.
  • Sfumato
    This might be an issue that brings the country together...lol.
    Im kind of in the middle, so guess that makes me libertarian, but I have liberal and conservative friends who smoke so this just might be something we can all hit the streets together about instead of us all acting like a bunch of media controlled zombies and hating the other side that disagrees with us.

    I will watch what the big money does. If those big investments in green houses, warehouses, and distribution chains start to dry up Id say the writing is on the wall. They have the money to know.
  • Bud
    They'll just pick video of someone smoking the scariest contraption they can find and play it for the floor of the senateSfumato

    UH OH
  • Bruce
    We should be demonstrating in the streets until it's legal. A country with legal MJ will be a healthier country. In a better financial situation (they would tax the shit out of it). Subtract the crimes related and our courts that are already overpacked will have some relief and some of those doing time will get more of a fair shot. Justice is very slow.

    I can't buy the idea of lung cancer and heart disease because of vaporization.

    Some of these lawmakers think that vapor clouds is smoke because they are too small minded to know the difference. That's fine but they don't want to know the difference, they will when it fills their pockets more to allow than disallow.

    My doctors if they were against MJ, are now sold. I am better in almost every way possible. They are completely amazed.

    Between Chantix and MJ, my doctors should be paying me! I am the human guinea pig lol.
  • Baron23
    Yeah, man....that's you with your Sublimator! haha

    @Sfumato - I view my self as rather libertarian by philosophy and make individual decisions on individual issues. I have never understood how somebody could sign up and commit to an entire political party platform. Its like letting others do you thinking for you (not an unusual state of affairs these days, sadly).

    If they go after the states that are already rec, its going to be like biting the working end of a buzz saw.

    And yes, it will radicalize and mobilize me also.....don't think I've protested since the VN war, but this could be it.

    By the way, I rather agree with you about some of the stupid videos on the internet not doing us any favors.
  • jnick
    first off i'm a trump backer so maybe a little bias, i'm hopeful MJ will get boost from this administration because maybe more than any president before trump is a business guy, a dollar and cents kind of person. i'm hoping he sees the financial benefits and thinks they outweigh the faults with it. Its so unfair to MJ that it gets roped into the opioid epidemic... I agree seems like nice common ground for congress. lock em up on the senate floor hand em some pizzas and vapes and say work it out....
  • Sfumato
    LOL, too funny.

    Im talking more about the dabs vids, those things will make non users uncomfortable, even the ones that support legalization.
  • nickbashans
    We need to get back to states governing themselves. No one in DC has any clue what lifes like out here. It is a completely different world out here on the West coast. Not as many people look down on it with the negative stereo types they used to. My daycare ladies kid is taking tinctures to help him with his chemo. It has changed that kids quality of life by 1000%. My local Rec shop is owned by one of the most respected business men in my valley. I live in a small town of 3000 pop. We have 3 Rec shops. Only one grocery store but 3 rec shops, lol. Every town in oregon, washington, and colorado, has one. We are way to far into this to have it taken back now. There would be an absolute uprising out here if you took it away. I wish ya ll the best of luck with your individual states.
  • Beamer
    With me being from Canada it sure is interesting watching this elove...
    A lot of questions and not A lot of answers even over here. I don't see us going full blown legal anytime soon like everyone figures we will.

    Its just sad really, it's to bad that the government that the people elect should be listening to the people but politics and money Fuck everything up.
  • Bruce
    I would take be happy with medicinal. Then it's only about finding a doctor, a dispensary and having my vape charged up.

    I think that if a louder statement were made that Vaporization is not smoking it would make a difference. There is no second vapor, there are no side effects.

    What's in your Flavor Chamber?
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