• Double Nicks
    I need some advice. I started out with the original Pax, went to the Pax 2 and had some issues with this model. So, I purchased the Mighty but I'm finding that while the power of the material burn is great, it's killing my lungs and throat. I'm not sure I want to go back to Pax with the Pax 3. Also looking at the DiVinci that VapeLife just reviewed or the V2 PRO Series 7. I recognize the difference in price but I need a recommendation on a vape to purchase that will be provide a cooler and much less harsh vape. I'm a medical marijuana user so I'm getting good quality product. I just don't want to keep purchasing the wrong product. Thanks for any feedback and advice you can give.
  • Cl4ud3
    Have you ever thought about maybe pairing your current vape with a water pipe to smooth out the hits ?
  • Baron23
    This perhaps ^^ although I wasn't overly impressed putting my Mighty on a WP via a whip. Vapor got to whispy for me, but may be great for you.

    I personally find the Mighty vapor rather mild and cool. Way better than 95% of the portables out there. I also tend to view convection and hybrid (like Mighty) vapor as less irritating than conduction vapor.

    What temp are you running at?

    Also, what herb...in particular, have you vaped this specific herb in another device and found it to be smoother? Herb strain/specific example can definitely impact harshness
  • Double Nicks
    I've tried everything from 365 to 385 for dry herb. Not noticing a huge difference.
  • Double Nicks
    Have thought about that. Anything type that you would recommend.
  • Cl4ud3
    Any water pipe should be fine as long as you can get an adapter for the vape your using.

    @Baron23 would have better insight on that as he has a mighty. There is a post here of his with it hooked up I think.

    I personally don't have any issues with harshness and my favorite vape is a very warm vapor so it would be good to get insight from people here with asthma maybe also, I know there are some members here who can help.
  • Double Nicks
    Thanks. I do have mild asthma. Which is why the Pax initially was recommended to me by a local merchant.
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