• Hitz
    So I took a chance and ordered the micro bubbler for the CFV in hopes I could use it on the CFX. I love using the WPA but sometimes I like having something small to take around the house and I don't feel like having to lug around my glass. So when I got it I noticed the bottom screen and cap were larger than the WPA, and with the bottom cap attatched to the base of the micro bubbler it would not fit inside of the CFX:
    (Left is the WPA, right is the base for the micro bubbler)

    I noticed that if I removed the bottom screen and cap the base for the micro bubbler fit perfectly on the CFX, so I took and made a small screen to fit inside of the base:
    py3z70xi20l9w5h9.jpg(the only screen I had around was some extra Firefly concentrate pads lol, left one is full size, right one is thinned down, cut and reshaped).

    After making the screen I installed it in the base:
    efuyzz5izcj1fsv6.jpg(had to make sure the screen did not restrict airflow)

    After that to my surprise and delight I bring you the micro bubbler to the CFX/CF X-) !

    Currently I'm really liking it, the draw resistance is noticebly increased when using the bubbler compared to the WPA/standard mouthpiece but it is still comfortable to use. I believe it's because of the tiny holes in the top of the bubbler:

    I've only used it on 430 so far but it's been extremely smooth (when the material is just about spent you feel that slight burn but it's not irritating and does not cause coughing). For $20 bucks I really like it, going to try using it on different temps, also was curious about taking some hemp fiber/organic cotton and putting that in the first chamber with some essential oil to try something different as well.

    If you got one of these bad boys please join in!
  • Baron23
    Great post, mate.

    You should look into SS and Ti pipe screens instead of the liquid pad. They come in all sizes and perhaps you can get one to fit the bottom of the bubbler without its cap. Or maybe even an EVO ELB cap mangled up a bit might fit well.

    Cool stuff.
  • Hitz
    Yeah I was thinking about the EVO mod, need to order some screens online but for the time being it's working great (Y) :D ! I used it on 385, super smooth, I like using it on 385, follow up on 400 then finish up with a quick stir and re-pack at 430 to finish it off (looks like coffee grounds) and it's never harsh (if the water amount is correct, it does evaporate and need to be topped off when reloading the oven).

    I like how it changes the experience, it's just as smooth as using the WPA but less clunky. Only caveat/tradeoff is the draw resistance however I really don't mind it and it's most noticeable right when you first draw. When you draw you have to pull hard to open the one-way valve on the bottom and after its open you can ease up and breathe in more slowly. Since it's a micro bubbler and has a shorter vapor path/less dilution it can be used on more temps, I can't say the same using the WPA and glass.

    I really want to try some peppermint/eucalyptus essential oils but need to educate myself more on the health side effects and what not before I dive in on that.
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