• Bud

    Very nice grinder (Y)

    Not quite as elegant and buttery as a Space Case or NewVape grinder, but still really nice and it grinds like a boss.

    If you want one you can get 10% off at VapeWorld with my code STAYUP10
  • Baron23
    I got a small shredder. SCS is a nice piece and they make nice stuff.

    New Vape Fine and Coarse grinders are still my numero uno!
  • vape L
    thanks Bud how did you know this is exactly what I was looking for, I was trying to use my Davinci credits and was researching the SCS's yesterday. I wish Davinci has the 3 piece, 'm not a 2 piece fan and the 4 is more than what my credit is.
  • duff
    Love my medium 3 piece SCS.
    It's been my number one for a long time.
  • Bruce
    Bud working overtime, churning out these future classics.

    That grinder looks so good I just want to jump into it and get ground up.

    Vape Well, brofos and mofos
  • Sfumato
    Quick question about coarse vs fine grind. I know the FF2 recommends a coarse grind or just breaking up buds in chamber. Why is that? Is that because its convection? If so, does that mean all convection vapes should be coarse?

    I ask because I have the Swift Pro, common sense tells me finer is better???
  • Baron23
    If so, does that mean all convection vapes should be coarse?Sfumato

    In a word, NO. X-)

    Volcano, Nano, and EVO are convective and work fine with fine grind. Grasshopper is full convective and works fine with find grind.

    VapCap is mostly conductive (at least I think so) but works fine with rough hand torn while a Pax and even my Mighty seem to work way better with fine grind tamped a bit.

    Go figure. :D
  • Bud
    Good question, and I think it really comes down to how each specific vape works. Some convection vapes work well with a fine grind, but some don't because of the oven design or how the heat passes through. Most conduction vapes actually require a fine grind, but some don't need it to work well.

    With the Swift Pro I recommend a medium-fine grind, or in other words it's not a vape I think you must have a fine grinder for, and in most cases a super fine grind might actually hinder the performance by vaping unevenly or clogging the top screen.

    I've noticed with the FF2 and Swift/CFV that the finer you grind the slower you need to draw to keep it vaping evenly, which in turn means you might need to lower temps a little to keep from overheating.

    Subtle differences most of the time, a little experimenting should reveal the answer for you!
  • Sue
    wondering if you have tried the lift grinder. People are raving about it. Ot was a kickstarter
  • Bud
    Yes I actually have one of the original models that was still called The Clipper, and it's a very cool grinder that I've used a bunch but I keep having a problem with it that I'm not sure if they fixed or not. The inner disc that's removable keeps coming loose while I'm grinding, no matter how much I tighten it, and then when I open the grinder up it falls out :’(
  • Sue
    Ruh roh. Thanks for letting me know. I will keep looking for feedback on it.
  • Baron23
    Some things just don't need to be that complex, including grinders IMO.

    Simple designs are elegant and I'm still sold on New Vape's fine and coarse grinders.
  • Aimless Ryan
    I had six Santa Cruz Shredders until about a year ago, when scumbag cops illegally searched my home (an hour or two after I broke my femur into three pieces). Mini 2-piece, mini 4-piece, small 2-piece, small 4-piece (2), large 4-piece. Now I have a fairly new small matte blue 4-piece. (Unless they call that medium now.)

    Every Santa Cruz Shredder I have owned has been different than every other one. Could be the shape of the teeth, the arrangement of the teeth, screen, knurling, etc. The SCS I own now would be perfect if two things were different; two things they had right in the past but changed: 1) The screen lets too much material through, and 2) The knurling sucks.

    The screen doesn't matter much to me anymore, but SCS used to have the best knurling around. The knurling on my latest SCS sucks. It doesn't grip anything. And as weak as I am, I need it to grip my hand a whole bunch. Like their previous grinders did.

    I wish Santa Cruz Shredder would stop fucking around with the design of their grinders. They had it right, but then they changed it. And changed it. And changed it. If I ever have another SCS, it will be after they send me the one I've already paid for.
  • Aimless Ryan
    Nah, I just need the small matte orange SCS cops took from me. The knurling on that one was amazing. There are a lot of things I love about the small 4-piece SCS: 1) Its height gives my klutzy hands some clearance from each other; 2) I love the deep hopper; 3) Excellent diameter for my hands; 4) The matte finish provides both a good grip and a smooth sliding surface. Other things, too. If they just hadn't changed their knurling, this one would be essentially perfect.
  • Ctipp22
    Got a new shredder cr16wrm51qbur85f.jpeg
  • Ivan van Ogre
    The only problem I have with the bottom section of the SCS (that catches the kief) is that it is too shallow and when I open it up the kief spills out no matter how much I try to avoid it. I want to purchase the three-piece medium grinder's bottom section which is deep enough. I have contacted their Customer Support and I await their reply. I'm hoping for the best. If I get that deeper medium bottom section I will have it all.
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