• Bud
    I'm about to crack this one open right now

  • Bud
    Ok just tried it, best tasting cartridge I've gotten so far (Y)
  • JMM
    I have seen these but never tried. I might try and go get one today hahah. The only one I have tried that I loved was the ROVE brand. It didn't leak, and lasted me forever. Plus the flavor and high were amazing.
  • nickbashans
    We have C cells starting on the West Coast They took the technology of sub ohm Vapes and made a mini ceramic coil this thing is impressive uses all the oil down to the last drop.

  • Baron23
    What are you running it on, Bud? What are you using for a battery?

    Also, aside from taste...how is potency and vapor production?

    Since there is no glycol in it at all, how do they thin it....the terpenes (which are expensive)??? What is the consistency?

  • deep_meditation
    Not that brand but something very much similar - medical grade oil cartridge. I put mine on an eleaf istick mini and run it at at 3.3v. It works and hits hard. High CBD does the job for pain. Longer hits are a little harsh....I'd like to try it at lower power on a different device.
  • Bud
    I'm in a wedding tomorrow and i'll be at the venue from Noon till Midnight :’( :’( but here's what I'm bringing with me for when I have time to sneak out:


    Just using it on the Linx battery, and on the high heat setting i'm getting good clouds from pretty short draws. Still can't get over the flavor, i can actually taste a haze flavor in this one (must be terps), most other carts i've gotten seem like the taste is flattened out and muted, must be what they use to mix.

    This stuff looks like it's the consistency of syrup, and i'm curious as well to know what these terps are and where they come from lol

    I'm testing this one out very slowly b/c i'm really hoping i can find just the right amount to vape at once so that i feel the effects without getting tired or bogged down, wish me luck! LOL
  • Bud
    This cartridge definitely has a fiber wick inside though, which i assumed was old-school?
  • Baron23
    I'm in a wedding tomorrow and i'll be at the venue from Noon till MidnightVapeCritic

    Is that a wedding or a marathon? LOL

    By the by, this is from their site. Looks to me like they rosin press it (solventless) and then add terps.

    FlavRx concentrate represents an advancement in cannabis science. Purified raw cannabinoids are first collected via a solventless process and then unique terpene blends are added to create the different final products. — FlavRx
  • Bud
    heheheh it was quite taxing, but then pen kept me goin!

    I'm pretty sure I notice slightly more well-rounded effects with this one in addition to the taste being awesome, I didn't get too tired or sedated from the oil which was really cool.

    collected via a solventless process and then unique terpene blends are added — FlavRx

    I think this is the secret sauce I was missing, and I'm finally starting to understand this mess they call oil lol

    So this FlavRx cartridge is "Lemon Haze" flavor, and it's quite good, and what's very interesting to me is that it smells almost exactly like the "Super Lemon Haze" terpenes I recently bought (see pic)

    So if I finally understand this correctly, the key is getting pure high quality oil that has pure high quality terps added, and nothing else.

    The question is, do they use Lemon Haze bud to make the oil?

    Now I want to build a rosin press and do this myself !

  • Baron23
    hehehe...still laughing about the marathon wedding. We used to have those in Miami in the 80's LOL

    So, when you are talking oil, up above, you are referring to cartridge suitable stuff, right?

    So, FlavRx ain't saying what "solventless process" is but since it ain't hash of any sort (dry sift or bubble) then I have to think rosin press.

    I have never run a press but understand that generally higher pressure and lower temps are better. That is, you can lower the temps and be more gentle with the compounds if you have a higher pressure press. I wish I have never heard of this process because I know I'm not going to be satisfied with some home DYI press and will end up spending a small fortune for a auto-controlled press that can compact cars when not being used to make rosin! :-O ;) >:) LOL

    But there is some temp (165 - 200 F maybe....vague memory, perhaps?) and terpenes are easily damaged by temp so perhaps pressing and then adding in is the way to go. I get a bit nervous about much in the way of add in....like what was the source material for the add-in? An yeah, you have a mix of terpes sold as "Super Lemon Haze" that tastes a whole like the cartridge that was "Lemon Haze" but what do they taste like compared to real, #1 phenotype, Lemon Haze flower? I don't know, to tell the truth so I'm not sure if some of this adding back in doesn't get to be a bit like adding in artificial flavors in hard candy and the like.

    The question is, do they use Lemon Haze bud to make the oil?VapeCritic

    That is the right question.

    So, are you still working on the cart or did you finish it and if finished, was there much waste left in the cart?
  • nickbashans
    The non solvent method is probably dry ice they have been doing great things making oils with it.

    I could be complety wrong but I believe Terpene is the flavor and smell of the plant. So they extract it before hand, then make the wax then add the terpene back because the process of making the oil takes away most of the taste and smell any way. That is the way it was described to me at the dispensery out here. Regarless of the process the flavor Effing amazing. Even the wax and shatter that has terpenes added back, taste great.
  • kortik
    how is FlavRx compared to Nectar cartriges?
    I've never tried FlavRx really curious.

  • Baron23
    The non solvent method is probably dry ice they have been doing great things making oils with it.

    Hi Nick - I'm familiar with using dry ice for freezing plants prior to making sift hash or prior to extraction with solvent (live resin) but how do you make oil with dry ice and not do either of those nor squish it?
  • Kinick23
    Just stumbled across this thread.. I’ve been getting Flavrx products for a while now. Anyone else try before?
  • Toked23
    I’ve had this one, and I will be bummed when it’s finally empty. Most delicious cartridge I have ever tried and I’ve tried a few for sure.
  • G-love
    I have heard of this company but have not tried it since it wasn't avail at the clubs I go to. The other guy is right we have the ceramic upgraded carts here in Cali that do allow for vaping of all the oil. My favorite companies and I also have tried many are these: Peak oil is a small Nor Cal company and I trust them 100 percent. They are only available at one club in the entire LA area! Weird but check out there instagram page. Eel River Organics is a dry farmed, Nor Cal company that I also trust 100 percent. I only like cartridges that are tested for potency and more importantly residual solvents, mold, pesticides, etc. and now they need to be tested to ppb ( parts per billion) as opposed to the ppm (parts per million) that was the standard here in Cal for a while I actually like O Pen craft reserve with the 2.0 variable battery. O pen was the first cartridge I ever got at a dispensary in so cal. At that time they were cut with pg/vg and you could tell. This whole cartridge game has evolved for the past 5 years or so. I don't know. I like them for convenience and traveling. When I went to NY this summer for a few days I took the carts with me to get me through. No problem at all at the airport I didn't try to conceal them just threw them in those bucket things with my cell phone and keys, etc. But overall I still think the effects from flower being vaped are better. Sometimes you can't have a flower vape and the pen high/medication is good but I think it is very important to know the company you are dealing with and they better disclose everything or else it's a waste of time and a health risk.
  • Kinick23
    @G-love thanks for the feedback. I’m not in a legal state so my options are limited to a degree but I have tried at least a handful of diff carts over the past year and so far Flavrx has the best or most “commercial” taste that I think a lot of people find appealing. For example their strawberry cough actually tastes like strawberry, their Pear Herer like a pear.. I’ve tried some with additives like vg/pg or coconut oil but didn’t enjoy. I haven’t seen Flavrx disclose the breakdown of their content other than just saying it’s ultra refined oil with added terps, I’m also looking out for companies that provide this now, Pop Naturals is one. As you mentioned, the cart game has come along way but without real regulation yet it’s hard to know what’s going into them. There was an article that named like 40+ companies as having found pesticides in the oil after testing by an independent lab, Flavrx was one but they refuted it so tough to know for sure. I don’t agree they are highest potency though compared to others I’ve tried. I find them to be mild but still very enjoyable and good as a maintenance tool in between times or on the go.
  • Kuzko
    Sounds good. I also think the added Terp flavors might be what everyone will want in the future with oil. I’m not really into cartridges currently but my one observation on your pictures is that it looks like that cartridge uses a wick, silica most likely. At high temps silica wicks can release microscopic bits of fiberglass into your lungs and is quite concerning. A lot of companies are moving away from wicks and using ceramic or quartz atomizers. It’s probably hard to pick and choose when ur not in a legal state but thought I’d let u know just in case.

    Edit: just scrolled up and found this has already been mentioned. My bad.
  • Bud

    I've had a handful of those carts and you're right that the flavor is amazing, I tried like 6 different strains and all tasted excellent. But I found them to be on the weak side too.

    My guy has the Brass Knuckle carts now and he says they're better but I haven't tried yet.
  • Cl4ud3
    Brass Knuckle cartVapeCritic

    Have they sorted the pesticide problems then ?
  • Rockytdogg
    If you're gonna go the chock full o' pesticides route you might as well go with Heavy Hitters... 2.2 grams or gtfo, imo...!:
  • MAbud

    I've been making my way through a decent amount of CA carts recently and the Select Elite are pretty far and away my favorite from both a flavor and potency standpoint
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