• gzomb
    Hey, folks. Pure curiosity here, not trying to spark any arguments.

    I'm very new to the whole wax/shatter/concentrates/rosin/bliggity-blap world, but a long time dry herb vape user, owning many such devices.

    I'm having a hard time reconciling why many of the mod-based (Sai, MiracleS, etc.), and even non mod-based (Linx hypnos, Yocan Evovlve, etc.) concentrate/oil/liquid vapes, are *so much cheaper* than even some mediocre dry herb vapes.

    I know that concentrate vape coils can go quickly and need replacing, and that some concentrate vapes (like sai/miracle s) rely on box-mods, but I don't think that is a good enough answer - for example, you can Get a Sai with 3 separate coils *and* a very sleek box mod for US $80 .... meanwhile, I'm paying $100 for even just an MFLB, and over $300 for a FF2/PAX3 ... ?

    Any thoughts?
  • Baron23
    Yeah, its because concentrates are highly volatile and very easy to boil off. Just need a little bit of heat, that's it. Hell, we used to use aluminum foil or hot knives and a drinking straw.

    To extract (boil off, if you will) certain cannabinoids from a plant matrix without setting the shit on fire is a much more difficult problem to solve.
  • Bruce
    The Pax 3 $275 and FF2 $330 respectively. They are both dual vapes. Based on word of mouth I haven't heard any good word about the Pax 3 Concentrates abilities. The Fire Fly 2 on the other hand I use on the occasion's that I would like a dab. Smooth and efficient. Very enjoyable. That's a dual vape (dry herb and Concentrates).

    Having the concentrates and dry herb in one unit out of the box, is a very important factor. If I don't need another charger and separate device, Less is more. There are those that say just buy an accessory. That cost more money, it tends to be very expensive, portable vaporizer's loose a lot of portability when you have to add things. Out of the box the FF2 just needs a concentrate pad. Works fantastic, I also say the same for the Crafty, very smooth with concentrates. (There arent enough O's in smooth to describe the sensation)

    For me I prefer the dual vapes. Maybe if I were more of a concentrate user I would feel differently.

    Concentrate pens are not nearly built with the same equiptment a dry herb or dual purpose vape. Even the best pens give 3 months on the coils or the ovens without a coil also 3 months. It may be due to my having little experience but 3 months seems like an over statement.

    The batteries are mostly interchangeable. That also drives down prices. So you got the battery, coil and mouthpiece. All can be bought separately. That is why the the Lynx and other vape pens are cheaper.

    My verdict and I am sure everyone has their own. I will stick with my FF2 and concentrate pads because the concentrate pads can be replaced for a few dollars and it has a long shelf life.

    I am reading Barons blogs and based on his expertise I would consider the Boundless CFV ($220) or the CFX ($179). I haven't tried it but Baron is an expert. If I were in the market I would consider a CFX or CFV. Your best bet is to read the Vape Critics Reviews. The Vape Critic has the CFV and CFX as high tier 2's.

    Click to go to The Vape Critics Reviews On Portable Vapes

    Gotta Go Bro's, Hoe's and Moe Foe's.

    I am outta here faster than a bowl cheeto's at Bud's house after a vape review.
  • Baron23
    I haven't tried it but Baron is an expertBruce

    Thanks, Bruce but really I'm just one of the inmates in the nuthouse. No expert here. We are all amateurs IMO.

  • mrluther
    I saw alot of tin foil and hot knives in Amsterdam....but it wasn't for cannabis. People chipping in the back alleys back then......scary.
  • Baron23
    Smoking heroin or crack?? :-O
  • mrluther
    Back then it was Black tar Heroin or the Brown Powder...its was everywhere in Amsterdam. You could smell it in the train stations.....:(
  • Baron23
    Bit off topic but rather strange news. Since we seem to grow more and much better MJ here in the states, this has rather knocked the pins out from under the Mexican cartels a bit.

    In response, they are switching more to heroin but instead Mexican Mud (dark heroin) they have apparently learned to make "white" heroin ala' Asian stuff.

    I say let Sessions and Trump go after the cartels for heroin and cocaine all they want. Shit is utter poison. But stomping back down on legal MJ will only enrichen and strengthen the cartels.

    Sort of the way Joe Kennedy got rich from prohibition....he was, after all, a rum runner and bootlegger in the final analysis. >:)
  • Bruce

    Very thought provoking.

    Especially since the Heroin Epidemic has wrecked havoc in every city of NJ. In towns here in NJ, many people are gone, just disappeared into a life of getting there shit for the day. I know of too many cases. I volunteer and even if an addict wants help the rehabs are bursting at the bit. The conditions are horrible. With treatment, the likelihood of an early death is still extremely likely. The Rehabilitation Centers were cut funding, and now have lines of people waiting for months to get into the facility. Many will wind up dead before they can be assisted.

    I went to the Bakery in a town here in NJ, I say what happened to "Eric" he is gone? Gone ? "he overdosed" (Saying it like he caught a cold or was stuck in traffic). Where is Mellisa, also dead, (they didn't even give her a proper funeral because the family thought it sent the wrong message). I asked for Mellisa and Eric, they were former teachers let go when Chris Christie cut down school staff, when he cut spending on education. The same story when I went to a local diner, gone, gone, gone. I go to drive someone to a Devils game in Newark, I saw someone I know walking around half drunk walking the streets in back of the stadium. The only thing she wanted was money to buy her shit. She didn't care anymore about living in her home or a home. She just wants her shit. Period. She knew my name but her memory was messed up. She was selling herself and her soul. Nice person, bit fucked up, but arent we all. A tragedy.

    At the same time this illegal substance is in the same category as marijuana.

    Suboxone is a drug that helps heroin addicts. EXTREMELY ADDICTIVE AND LIFE ALTERING. It is legal and made of opioids as well. Is the HUMONGOUS profits of Suboxone (Made By: Indivior) a factor that this drug is legal as just needing a doctors prescription? (Or the other Pain meds that have opioids).

    Sadly, I am 100% accurate to say. The Heroin addiction is a major money maker for companies that make pain killers and other Opioids.

    People helplessly addicted to Heroin or are on the fast track to death, are OK as long as they pad the corporate profits and political interests wallets.

    Now Christie (Govenor of NJ) when all of this happened under his nose, especially because some of the biggest Corporate offices and factories for the opioids are right here in the Garden State of New Jersey.

    Heart Breaking, Hypocritical, Outrageous, Sad, Unfair, all and many more of the emotions that this "Crisis" go hand and hand with the subject of Heroin epidemic.

    Reach out, these people need hugs, hugs still have no regulations.
  • Cl4ud3
    This is all going so off topic now but in the UK we have had issues with what were so called 'legal highs', these things are now banned but the problem is still here. They were being sold as bath salts or plant foods and have been around for many years but there are some types that are worse than Heroine for addiction :(
    And a lot of them are sold because cannabis is illegal.

  • nickbashans
    Hell, we used to use aluminum foil or hot knives and a drinking straw.

    Knife hit used to tear us up back in the day. We did it with out the foil. I remember in high school getting to high and leaving the knifes wedged in the stove top.(luckly it was off) But my dad woke up the next morning and knew exactly what I was doing. I didnt find out till I graduated that my dad was hiding his smoking from me as much I was from him. Now he is my best vaping buddy.
  • Kakarot
    Chris Christy is a very,very messed up man, he needs a good kick in the face.
  • Bruce
    I was thinking about a knee to his noids.
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