• Tom
    just got my first vape, Divinci IQ and when using "dry herb" the throat hit using the second lowest temp range. I am wondering if there are waster bubblers etc that would help reduce throat hit? Is there something else I can be doing that reduces throat hit?

    Be gentle, I am 67, 40-some years since trying to rid the world single handedly of the evil weed and now have cancer and all the fun chemo and radiation that goes with it. The Divinci is kind of important to me now.
  • Baron23
    I'm going to presume that "throat hit" means that your throat is getting sore from the hot vapor. Right? (cause, I'm not familiar with that as a standard term).

    Assuming so, your IQ comes with a 10mm mouthpiece completely conducive to putting the vape on a water pipe or use a whip to connect from vape to water pipe. Not a lot of water pipes with 10mm female joints (but there are some out there).

    I would suggest a 14mm female joint water pipe, which would be more versatile I believe, and then get a 14mm M to 10mm F adapter and you are set.

    There are a ton of on-line retailers for this kind of stuff.

    Let us know if you run into any specific road blocks and we will see if we can help (that being the 'royal' we! hahaha).

    Also, sorry to hear about the cancer but I hope that you have a wonderful and long lasting recovery as soon as possible.

  • Tom
    Yes, throat hit is the coughing from the smoke/vapor. From years gone by and a few really impressive hookas I thought the temperature of the vapor cold be a major part of the issue and have been looking at some kind of "bubbler" to try and tone the temps down. I guess that is a good a place to start as any. I was also going to try the lowest temp range on the Divinci and see if that might help as well.

  • Bruce

    I know where you're coming from. I have the IQ, I start at 349 degrees (F) for the first 2 sessions of 20 minutes. After 2 10 minute sessions at 349 degrees (F) I ramp it up around five degrees at a time. With this method, my sensitive throat is not irritated at all. It's smooth. You may need to start below 349 (F).

    Great vapes like the IQ, can be adjusted downwards without losing any effects at all in return for a longer low temp session.

    You will need to use the app for the IQ, to adjust the temperature to an exact number. If you are not using an app just the unit, I would recommend at that point a water tool or setting the unit to the to first of the four levels.

    I wish for you the very best in your health and recovery. You are a very strong person and I admire you. I am glad you have the herbs and the benefits of them to help you get back to a healthier day.

    Well Bruddah its time for me to say goodbye for now,

    I am weirder than a 3 dollar bill.
  • Bruce
    I am responding because I have a very sensitive throat and easily cough. Temperature is the cure every time for me. I noticed on the Vape Critics vapes he tones things down a lot in temp for a longer smoother session. No question for me on my throat, lower temps are the most important factor. Today's vapes are awesome. They can be lowered or raised in temperature.

    I am about as honest as a man who says, that "I go to Hooters for the Food"
  • VapeCritic
    A nice bubbler should do the trick! The one I show in my video works great and it's under $100, I got it from NewVape whose website happens to be down at the moment but they're totally legit and it's a high quality piece for the price.
  • Tom
    We used the IQ on the first temperature level with the temp curve flattened out at the low end of the setup from the factory and that did wonders for getting control of the throat hit. We got the desired effect from the herb and the throats feel fine. I think for now I will play with upping the temp a bit for later int he session but not by much as it seems to work fine as is. Of course that means we will have to experiment a few times to figure out the temperature range we like best.

    NewVape is sill down bu I will try them again soon. I'd like to get a bubbler but our local HIgh Life doesn't carry the IQ required "adapter" for the 10mm mouthpiece. I will continue to search but I am happy with the progress with the IQ as it is making my dealing with the impact of chemo and radiation way better and I appreciate the help from his forum. And, nobody has given me any of the "old fart" hassles!
  • Baron23
    Well, if New Vape (who I also like very much) doesn't come back on line soon, you may wish to check into Thick Ass Glass. Their glass is Chinese (as must be New Vapes, I believe, for its $100 cost) but its in stock locally in the USA and you have USA customer service. Here is a link to a search of their site for bubblers between $101-150 but you should look all over the site.


    Now, if you want to go to DHGate and order from China yourself, I would recommend these stores:


    Here is a 10mm female to 14mm male low profile adapter (I suggest getting a water pipe with a 14mm or 18mm female joint as I believe you will find this to be most flexible and adaptable and most common on WPs).


    Here it is on Amazon for very cheap


    Hope this is helpful
    I'm anti-throat hit all the way!

    In fact, when testing new concentrate devices, this is exactly how I know where the 392'F limit is on the lower temp settings of each device.

    I hit each one first on its lowest heat from completely cool baseline room temp. And let it cool down at least 180sec between hits. Then for each higher heat setting I find how many seconds from complete room temp it takes until the 392'f harshness kicks in.

    Hence why I might hit a Linx Hypnos Zero on blue for multiple full 15-second auto-shutoff hits. But on puffco plus on green heat, 12-sec sesh mode can sometimes have too much of a hint of smoke for me.

    What is it that people enjoy about throat hit ? If they know, even in VAPING, that the time/temp which produces throat hit, that's where 0.1% of the harm of smoking starts kicking in ?
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