• Sfumato
    Ive been researching a desk top for awhile now and have narrowed it down to EVO or Enano

    Heres whats important to me in order...

    1. Efficiency, most important as I live in a Non Rec state and I dont know how long the guy I get it from is going to be around before he gets busted...he's kind of dumb about it. Being 51 its really hard to find people when you've moved to a new state and dont have a lifetime of friends to draw from.

    2. Taste
    3. Load size doesnt matter, smaller the better, Im never party seshing, just my wife and I, and 99% at home.
    4. Build Quality. Ive seen some tear downs of evo and it looks kind of basic. Have also read some issues with Bamboo breaking.
    5. Use with a water pipe/bong

    Ive got to say Im leaning towards the Nano, the price, size and apparent efficency are whats currently swaying me that way but would love to hear other opinions.

    Very important is getting a water pipe, Ive seen the GONGS at enano and not sure what to get if I do go that way 14mm or 18-19mm, fixed screen or adjustable??.

    Ive seen some water pipes on DHGATE for $40 range...are there any issues with Dhgate? Id never heard of them before starting to look. Its been a LONG time since Ive bought a bong and have to say things have changed..probably 15+ years since Ive owned one.

    So which way would you go? the EVO with a water pipe would be around 200 bucks more so theres that and the fact that enano appears to be more efficient, which would be great for me.

    Any links to good BASIC water pipe setups for enano or coupons for either would be much appreciated, more than willing to buy from a link provided if it helps one of you out.

    Is there a solid reason to go with one or the other?
  • Baron23
    Wow, answering this might take a bit.

    Ok, I won both the EVO with a Turbine HT and an Enano with adjustable and fixed stems and GonGs.

    If I could only have one vape, it would most likely be the EVO but that’s because it’s the hardest hitting vape I have come across and I mainly medicate prior to sleeping for pain and I really want to get whacked and whacked fast so I can go to sleep.

    Given your criteria though, I would say go with the Enano.

    It won’t break. It’s a log vape….same basic solid design used for decades and the Enano from Epic Vape does a real good job of it.

    Both Epic and VapeXhale both have great CS in my opinion.

    Both are very efficient with herb, but I give the edge to the Enano. I run the EVO with about a .1 gram minimum load while I can run my Enano all day long with .05 grams. So, yes…I generally consume more Enano bowls in a session than EVO, but that gives me a lot of flexibility….do one bowl, two, three or whatever. I have .05 gram precision with the Enano

    I have both the fixed glass and the adjustable bowl stems and GonGs. Glad I have both but definitely use the adjustable bowl more. Mainly due to the glass screen having bigger holes so I get some particulates through it that I don’t with the screen bowl. The fixed screens provide just about a spot on .05 oven capacity with reasonably fine ground herb. If you use rough hand torn, or even whole little chunks of bud, you won’t have that issue with the fixed screens. But I tend to grind fine for all my vapes and after a stir with the fixed screen stems, I do get a bit of small particles in my draw. I’m thinking that a small hemp fiber filter in the stem would certainly take care of this problem but I have been too lazy to try it.

    The adjustable bowls are great, I still keep it about right at that .05 gram load size of the fixed glass stems just because that works for me. But you can easily make your load larger or even smaller.

    Both are easy to clean.

    Both will work with almost any level of grind.

    Get a GonG. 14mm or 18mm doesn’t matter that much, depends on the glass you are getting. If this was my only rig, I would get an 18mm can type, stemless piece of glass and an 18mm GonG or a dewar type like a Mobius Matrix or similar. It’s easy and cheap to find low profile/low cost 18mm M to 14MM F adapters if you get an 18mm joint to start .

    Ok, for glass. My personal recommendation is to NOT get that great big giant tube bong with multiple layers of diffusion that you have lusted after since you were 14! LOL Good for combustion but too big and too much diffusion for vapes, IMO. DHGate is a retail outlet for Chinese glass blowers, many of whom are knocking off USA blower designs. They are dramatically less money, but will sometimes have small flaws (may not sit exactly upright, the joint my not be perfectly vertical, small bubbles maybe…that level of stuff) but when you are talking $35-75 versus $300-$600 maybe…well, I think most of us can tolerate some small flaws.

    Not all DHGate vendors are the same. I would recommend these two stores on DHGate because they have sold to quite a few people on vape BBS and have a good reputation. That does not mean it’s a guarantee of a perfect piece. But these two do indeed make pretty dang good glass and have been pretty good about making it good if a piece is flawed:

    StevenLMZ79 - http://www.dhgate.com/store/14770203#st-navigation-storehome
    Sunshine Store - http://www.dhgate.com/store/sunshinesmokeshop

    Here is a Mobius Matrix knock-off from StevenLMZ79 that I would recommend: http://www.dhgate.com/store/product/2014-new-matrix-sidecar-glass-bong-birdcage/214701656.html

    Or something like this Toro knock-off: http://www.dhgate.com/store/product/fc-glass-jet-perc-heavy-glass-bong-bubbler/386749289.html

    Or this from Sunshine: http://www.dhgate.com/store/product/10-inches-height-5mm-thickness-straight-base/397140676.html

    Clear & Clean Glass store also has a good reputation: http://www.dhgate.com/store/cleanclearglass

    Hope this was somewhat helpful.
  • Sfumato
    Thank you so much Baron, thats exactly what I was looking for.

    As far a bongs go they didnt have bongs like this back when we were 14...lol. Lots of dragons and wizards but not the honey comb matrix diffusing nuclear powered water pipes they have today. Its funny that you picked age 14 , thats the age I started smoking....way back in the late 70's.
  • Baron23
    Its funny that you picked age 14 , thats the age I started smoking....way back in the late 70's.Sfumato

    yeah, me too but it was in the 60's! :-O X-)

    Whoa....that's a long time ago. LOL
  • myco2
    Is there a difference in heat-up time between the two? I always thought the e-Nano required a little extra time to warm up.

    I wish I could vape indoors. I'd get an e-nano in a second.

    Right now I'm running out on the balcony/deck with either a volcano bag, wax pen, or oil cartridge/box mod. It's too fucking cold for this BS.
  • Baron23
    Yeah, perhaps the EVO is a bit quicker but both tend to benefit from a bit of a heat soak IMO.

    One advantage of the Enano, particularly for MMJ patients, is it can be left on all day long without concern. So, just fill your stem bowl and take hits whenever you want.

    Why outdoor only....kids??
  • myco2
    No. I'm in a condo... it's just that odors in this building travel like nobody's business. It's an airflow issue of some sort... we all have our own HVAC units so I'm not sure what's going on. Something to do with air pressure?

    I can go into my bathroom and with the vent (it's powerful) on there probably wouldn't be any issues. I might just do that. I doubt a couple of puffs would travel very far - especially given that I'm vaping.
  • Jen
    Following this with keen interest. My next purchase will be a desktop unit, and I was looking closely at the Evo. Have you see Ed's TNT log style vape? I think it's just being tested now, but it looks interesting too. Damn the choices!

    @Baron23 Do you have the vapexhale knockoff from DHGate? I just got it from Sunshine Store, and I'm curious if it's that inferior to the real deal from Vapexhale. If I were to go that route, I could save some money by just getting the basic kit with mouthpiece....
  • Baron23
    HI Jen - nope, I don't have the DHGate copy. I have a VapeXhale Turbine and got it on Black Friday sale for maybe $50 off (might want to wait until 4/20 sale...sure to be one).

    So, first of all consider a VXH HT second and save about $100:

    e.g.: https://www.vapexhale.com/collections/clearance-factory-seconds/products/factory-second-vapexhale-classic-turbine

    Sunshine Store and SteveLMZ79 are reputed to be reliable DHGate glass suppliers, but I can only say this by reputation, I have not bought anything from them.

    Here is one of Sunshine Store's HT on DHGate for about $40 incl shipping. I do know people who like Sunshine Store


    Here is all of Sunshine Store's HT's:

    Here is StevenLMZ79's HT for $30:

    I would expect that the main defect you will see with seconds and DHGate stuff is that the piece may be a bit wobbly when set down on a flat surface. I have no heard about any joint fit issues, but that's always possible.

    If you need to stretch your money, either VXH 2nds or DHGate glass is a reasonable approach but you are taking a small risk that there will be a defect more than you are willing to accept.

    Hope this was helpful.
  • Baron23
    I just got it from Sunshine Store, and I'm curious if it's that inferior to the real deal from Vapexhale.Jen

    I'm an idiot, Jen.....I now see that you already got an HT from Sunshine (like I would know if I slowed down and read for comprehension! LOL) and are asking if you will be missing on some aspect of performance by using it vice a VXH HT.

    IMO, no. But it depends on what you want. Me...I was a Turbine guy all the way. Don't want a LOT of diffusion, but do want some cooling and the Turbine does this well.

    Guess what I'm saying is that if you want huge amounts of diffusion the Hydrabomb from VXH may (emphasis on 'may') provide more diffusion but I think this gets down to personal preference and pretty much a debate about how many angels on the head of a pin sort of thing.

    If you have the SSS HT and it doesn't have any apparent obvious flaws that bug the shit out of you (like not being flat and stable when set down...that would bug me), then stay with it. At least for now. Can always buy a VXH HT in the future but in the mean time, since you already have the one from SSS, no need really to buy another at this early stage, yeah?

    Now, regarding dry stems....if it comes out cheaper to buy a package with the dry stem then please do so. I bought a package with an HT and then added a 'seconds' dry stem. Dang if I can see anything wrong with it. On the other hand, I don't use it much and if I do use a dry stem I just use an 18mm J-hook.

    Best of luck...sorry for the completely non sequitur reply earlier! :-# :-# :-! :-!
  • Jen
    Hey no worries at all, and quite honestly I clicked through all of your links quite happily. I have the one you linked, but the others looked interesting, too!

    I think that's what I'll do... get an Evo package without a HT at first. And then when funds allow or if the one from DH isn't cutting it, I'll pick up another later.

    The main reason for wanting a dry mouthpiece is because it looks nicer than the one that came with my HydroMaxx. I'd use it mostly for this! :)
  • Sfumato
    Update, pulled the trigger on Enano, 18mm Gong, and a couple spare tubes. Ordered the Mobius as recommended by Baron23!
    20% off for 420.
    This is my first desktop vape, up till now Ive only had flowermate V5 and Flowermate Swiftpro.
    Now the waiting game begins.
  • Baron23
    I predict you will LOVE your Enano! X-) (Y)
  • Sfumato
    Quick question, Ive watched Buds vid a couple of times and Im curious about screen location and smoking vertical or horizontal. IN the vid Bud says to leave a gap between heater screen and herb, but then I see him load it and turn it vertical.....doesnt the weed just fall on to the heating element if you turn it vertical, thereby negating the gap or need for it???
    That kind of has me miffed.
  • Baron23
    So, a couple of questions in there, I think.

    1. Screen depth - you can set the screen in your stem to any depth you want but they do ship a tool with your Nano with a "measuring stick" part for screen depth. I set my screens to just about a 1/16" deeper than the tools mark. I find this accomodates my .5 - .7 g loads just right without charring when I run at my 6.5 temp setting (note, 6.5 on one Nano is NOT necessarily exactly the same as 6.5 on another Nano. Those temp setting dials are analog poteniometers and there is some variance between them. Somewhere in the 6.5 area would be a good starting place and is where I am almost always.

    2. Herb fall out - well, its like this...when I first put the stem onto the Nano I ensure that it does NOT orient vertically so as to dump the herb. I'm pretty much horizontal or perhaps favoring keeping the chamber high a bit. But once on the device and drawn upon, the herb gets sucked to the screen and kind of hardens up there. I pretty much use my nano in a horizontal position with a dry stem, but no...herb will not fall out after drawing on it IME.

    3. But this brings up a point...I do stir after 2-3 draws just to break that stuff up and ensure I'm getting hot air to all of the load. After stirring, yeah...again I have to be careful to not turn the chamber over and dump out the load. But this is all WAY easier than it sounds and I think you will find it to be very intuitive and not complex. You will just do it naturally, IMO.

    Oh, if you don't have one already, get THIS scoop from NewVape. It fits into the chamber of the Nano stems/gongs perfectly and just makes loading a breeze. Best damn scoop ever, period (hi Bruce :D ):


    I hope this helps.
  • Sfumato
    Thanks Baron!

    Funny thing is I will probably get my Mobius from CHINA before I get my Enano, I did express mail with Enano but cant get a reply/tracking number from them. I'll try and call them today.

    Its going to be hell having a WP with no Enano...lol I thought it would be the other way around.
  • Sfumato
    So my mobius from CHINA showed up in 3 days and my Enano is still somewhere in DC...I live in FL.
    That just doesnt make sense.

    Looking at my crystal clear clean mobius without a vape to use it is driving me nuts!
  • Baron23
    Why DC....how is that on the path from CA to FL? LOL

    You will get it....someday (sorry, I really am sympathetic and I'm really looking forward to your reactions and views when you get the Enano into the rotation).

  • Sfumato
    I think Jeff Sessions is playing with it.
  • Sfumato
    UH OH... so I just got my Enano and of course I had to try it. So I let it heat at 6 for about 15mins and took a couple pulls....fantastic!

    Only problem is Im where Id want to be at say 10-11pm but its 3pm. Im going to have to learn how to hit this and dial it back a bit. I can set my Swiftpro to 360 and take puffs during the day and have a really nice light head buzz, this is more of later in the evening buzz.
    Think I might be turning mine down to 5, it would be nice to know the temperature settings on the dial, I love 350-360 most times.
    So all in all Im damn happy with this lil puppy.
  • Baron23
    TERRIFIC. You will find your desired temps somewhere on that dial with a bit of experimentation. I generally vape at 385 so 6.5 on MY dial works for me. I do sometimes go cooler and get some really great tasting draws but I'm at 6.5 mostly.

    I am VERY glad you like it. I think as you use it (did you get a GonG with it for WP use also?) you will find out just how versatile is this device. I also like that I can safely leave it on all night and when I wake in pain I can just go down and hit a .07 g bowl and go back to bed.

    :D (Y)
  • Sfumato
    Im OK now, just sat in the Sun watching a ball float around the pool for a bit...lol

    I love it. Sleek design, construction looks spot on solid, and its American made so it helps support local folks which is always a good thing wherever you live.
    That load size is no joke, I couldnt believe how small it was when I dumped it out, it would take four of those to fill the swiftpro.

    Yes, the gong is here as well as the Mobius....that will have to be for a bit later tonight.
  • Baron23
    :D :D :D (Y)
  • smokemeoutFL
    Just what I like to hear, my nano is on the way right now too! (somewhere)
    I'm in FL too, how long did it take? Also plan on getting a mobius, weird lol
    And let me know what you think of the mobius, I have a bong I can connect the gong to but not sure how that compares to a mobius. Kind of new to all of this
  • Sfumato
    So my next session later in the evening was a little different. Got greedy on the first one and packed too much...I knew it when I did it because it was just barely touching the heater. Yep instant combustion. I was bummed but loaded up a new one instantly after dumping the char bit. Turned heat from 6.5 down to 6 , had a nice gap but it still Charred a bit, it was hard to tell but it looked like there were some small black bits in there..hard to tell for sure because when I dumped it I couldnt see OBVIOUS black bits...so I moved on. Next load I had moved screen so there was a small 1/16 gap between it and bottom of epic pic. I STILL felt like 6 was too high??

    Could it be that the flower I was using is TOO dry? I broke out some older flower from my "my guy got busted" stash that I keep for disasters.

    Could my heater or dial be that much different from others that 6 or 6.5 is too high?

    Is my draw too fast, or too slow? Im a slow sipper.

    I want to add that my log at 6 or 6.5 gets really hot when I leave it on...not too hot that I cant pick it up, but its hotter than a comfy hand warmer... I wouldnt want to hold it for long.

    Another thought is , do you folks keep the stem all the way down or play with it while you draw.

    A little bummed, but I also may have been really really baked... which is the problem... to figure out the sweet spots you have to load bowls....which leads to WIPE OUT status.

    Not sure how to approach tonight....lol
  • Baron23
    You will figure it out. Now, combustion or just a bit of charred herb in the load? I personally think there is a difference and when I over pack I get just a bit of char on top also. So, don't over pack! LOL

    There are many variables....one you mentioned is the dryness of the herb. Then its grind. Also the strain (I seem to find most strains vape nicely but some...mostly indicas I think...seem a bit more grudging in giving up their vapor). Then draw speed (but with the Nano I don't worry about this really...I just suck LOL). There is also the factor of how heat soaked is your nano and stem oven. If the nano is left on for a while until it hits thermal equilibrium it tends to hit harder/hotter. Also, I know someone who leaves their stem on the nano to get it hot before loading. She uses a lower temp than I.

    As for how much variation between nano analog dials....dunno. But there is also a lot of variation in what we like in our vapor and temps.

    You might want to increase your draw speed a little bit and see if that helps.

    As for what I do with the stem in mid-draw...no, I don't pull it away from the heater but I do spin it a bit in the hopes of more evenly distributing the heat, but I dunno if that does a thing.

    Leave a gap. Pull fairly normally (this ain't an FF2). Play with temps and herb and I think you will easily get a good feel for the Nano.
  • Sfumato
    I think what Im finally beginning to understand what people actually mean when they say different vapes, for different buzzes and times.

    Ive always chalked it up to temp settings because my experience has been limited to two portables, the swiftpro and V5s from flowermate. Now I know that different types ov vapes do deliver a different effect even when temps are similar.

    The Nano will be my nighttime watching a movie or gaming vape (the time when I use and probably waste the most flower) and I'll use my swiftpro at 360F for those daytime occasions.

    I just did a Nano load at 6 and there was no char....the flower is pretty dry so it doesnt taste great but Im getting the hang of the Nano
  • Sfumato
    How in the wide wide world of sports are people getting 5-8 CLOUDS out of this device. If I load it according to the specs (pick gauge) the load is so damn small. At a 6 Im getting two good and one finisher.
    I know its a learning curve, and there are many factors, but I could probably count the flakes in my load and there would be about 15.....its that small. Which isnt a bad thing.

    The problem is you cant "dial it in" without inhaling....lol End up getting very baked just working with this puppy.
  • Baron23
    How in the wide wide world of sports are people getting 5-8 CLOUDS out of this device. If I load it according to the specs (pick gauge) the load is so damn small. At a 6 Im getting two good and one finisher.Sfumato

    Yeah, me too. I get 3 maybe 4 draws from a load. I have my basket screen set slightly lower than the tool specifies. I'm running pretty close to .05 - .07 g loads.

    I do tend to stir just a bit fairly often. Like yourself, 3 hits....maybe 4. 5-8...I dunno how unless they drop their screen a good bit and just run larger loads. Me...I like small loads and I will reload it as needed. Its a home device so I don't personally see any issue with that.

    As for having to use it in order to explore its operating envelope....sorry, but you aren't going to get much sympathy on that! haha :-! :-!
  • Sfumato
    One more question for ya. Would you think it normal that I get ONE huge first hit and thats about it from a load of what IM thinking is really dry weed? I just keep reading that monster 800 page thread and people are getting multiple hits?? I think by the time the flower gets to Florida its a lot dryer than than the folks that can walk in the shops and purchase. To quote Carolking ( a wealth of good info) "I use my Enano as a session vape. You can adjust the screen a little lower if you need to. My heat is anywhere from 5.75 to 6.50 on the dial. I use a medium grind. If I'm not getting enough vapor I turn the heat up. If it's too harsh I turn it down. My session is usually 10 min or so and I probably get around 10 draws."


    Im getting some fresher this week so I'll try it with that....IM just confused because my material vapes really really fast ...one hit....maybe two. The flower Im using now is probably 6months old kept in a sealed glass jar.

    Want to add that the difference in temp of the unit at a 6 is fine the first half hour after turning it on but if I return to it an hour or more later its really really hot...normal? I seem to always have a bit of char unless I move the screen 1/16 to a 1/4 further than the gauge.
  • Baron23
    Ok, so:

    Yeah, I have no idea how Carol gets 10 draws from a Nano bowl. Something for us to all keep in mind is people vape for very different reasons and desire very different outcomes. Some folks want to bang down a load and get pain relief or sedation (that would be me) and others actually vape .005 or thereabouts in micro-doses through the day. I have no idea what Carol is doing, where her screen is at or her load size, but I don't get anything like that from a load.

    As I said, my screen is set about a 16th lower than the tool indicates and I get three draws per load on my current weed. First two are real good, third is pretty much just to finish it off. Sometimes I will try to go for a 4th but its often just not worth it to me. I stir after about every draw, particularly after 2nd and 3rd if I try to go for a 4th.

    And, as I said above somewhere I think....the Enano gets heat soaked if left on for a good duration and, as you found, this tends to bring more heat to your load so adjust your temps or screen depth slightly.

    I do sometimes get a little bit of char in my load if its too big and too close to the heater, but it doesn't really bother me....I really don't think I'm combusting, but I would rather not char.

    Hope this helps.
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