• Sfumato
    Thanks Baron. I do love this vape, and I am getting VERY medicated using it, way more than I was on the SwiftPro.

    As far as "char" is concerned it only seems to be happening with certain parts of the load...I think its the non leaf material....goes black or darker real quick. The rest isnt charring so I just think there are some bits in there that react to heat differently than say the leafy bits. Ive only had one load where it was for sure combustion as there was smoke coming up when I removed the stem.

    All in all I dig it, just cant wait to get to the point where Im not questioning things about it.
  • Sfumato
    Hey Baron, question on "CHARRING". When do you call it char and when is it combustion. I get quite a few sessions where when I look down at the load it has really dark...pretty much black bits in it. When I remove the stem there is no whisps of smoke or any continued burning, but it is blackened.
    Is that normal, I see a lot of posts about it....maybe I should just go with "when you combust you'll know it theory"?? I did have one load where it was smoking after I removed stem, that was when I cranked it up to 7.

    My NANO is definitely about one step below most peoples on the temp dial, I can get a nice clean tasty pull at 5 with a decent cloud and a really solid at the point of charring hit wen I turn it up to 6.
  • Baron23
    When do you call it char and when is it combustion.Sfumato

    if the very top of the load has a thin layer of darker material, I call that charring. It probably is a bit of oxidation. I call it combustion when it fucking tastes like nasty smoke.

    Again, play with your temp, your herb moisture level, and the distance of your load from the heater and you will find what you like best.

  • Sfumato
    Thanks, IM still working on it and having fun doing it....a little bit too much, cant remember what I watched last night.

    If I had to review the Enano in one sentence it would be,
    " It will get you high, very high".
  • Sfumato
    Hey Baron, I was wondering if you knew what we should put on the wood to keep it from drying out?

    Im thinking it should be something with little or no smell because heating up some of those "waxes" could produce a smell??
  • Baron23
    A lot of folks use plain old beeswax for wood.

    Also, Ed's TnT (and Ed is very well known and liked in the vape world) sells his Bomb Ass Butter for his log vapes and stems and many seem to like it. I think a little goes a very long way and its only $5. Its beeswax and mineral oil, I believe. Ed is worth supporting IMO.

  • Sfumato
    Thanks, Im going to be ordering a stem from him so that works. I want to have a solid stem that wont break just in case my glass stems do. Any thoughts on his stems? or are they pretty standard. I only see one type for Nano.
  • Baron23
    Hi - I have never used Ed's stems (personally, I'm not a real big wood guy...give me impermeable material any day) but many do and like them very much.

    I did buy a dugout for a friend from Ed and its was wonderfully made.

    Ed does have a good reputation and I'm sure that you will find that he is VERY customer and vape community oriented. I have chatted with Ed a number of times and really like this guy.

    I don't know what he uses for a screen in his stems....SS screen and adjustable?? Might want to reach out to him and ask if that's a question but I do know Ed sells a LOT of stems and is now even selling his own log vape.
  • Sfumato
    Sounds good. I probably wont really use it. Just want to know that I can always use my Enano even if there's a catastrophe and Ive broken my glass.

    Thanks for all your help Baron, I appreciate it!
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