• Chaotix
    ... yes it's true. Paid 150€ for it. It now has red and blue flashing LEDs (and no more of that fine vapor) and in order to get it warranted I must pay (again). Is this normal?
  • Baron23
    So, you bought it used, right? Below assumes that is so:

    Its a lifetime warranty. Lifetime of what....the device? In which case it would be warranted in perpetuity which is simply not reasonable.

    The warranty applies to the original owner. If the original owner owned the device for 40 years, and Hopper Labs was in business for that long, it would be covered.

    But secondary owners....nah.

    Just like your used car warranty. Oh, did you know that someone pays for a warranty on that used car you bought....and eventually that someone is the customers. Certainly the new car warranty of the manf does not convey when the car is sold.

    At least HL is giving you a chance to buy a warranty. Many companies would not warrant a device to a secondary or latter owner under any circumstances.

    You can either pay them the $45 or if you wish to be dishonest have the original owner who registered the device submit it for warranty. We each make up our own minds about what is acceptable behavior and what is not. For me personally, have a false RMA opened by the original owner does not make the cut.

  • Chaotix
    I even had the seller write them to confirm, which he did, and the eBay auction number. They wanted this.

    Now I paid and it is "mine".

    Well I don't know which legal system they are using but when I buy an item then it belongs to me if the seller has power to transfer ownership.

    So what exactly gives a manufacturer any say about that?

    Baffles me. The unit is warranted and not the owner... well I guess too many returns must be paid for - but that's also not my fault now is it?
  • Baron23
    Wait, wait......you had the seller contact Hopper Labs and they confirmed, in writing and which you have a copy of, that the warranty would transfer with the device! :-O That is, the original owner registered the serial number with Hopper, then sold it to you, and Hopper told the seller that the warranty would transfer?

    I question this because Hopper Labs has been very consistent about warranty and 'lifetime' warranty is for original buyer only.

    But for argument's sake, let's say that this 'lifetime' warranty did transfer. Do you think its reasonable for Hopper to warranty this thing to any owner at any time until...well, the end of time?

    Again, its a LOT like your new car manufacturer's warranty and a lot of other things. Buy a washing machine used, see if Whirlpool will honor the warranty (hint...no....and its even a defined term limited warranty). It stays with the original owner and does not transfer.

    Ok, I get it....you are put out because your vape is broken AND it will cost you an unanticipated additional $45 to get your GH working.... this time....and in case of any other future failure.

    But to give you my honest view (which I know you didn't actually ask for LOL), you knew you bought it used, or at least from e-bay which was not a authorized GH dealer, for less than full retail but now you are upset that you don't get all of the "bought it new at full list price" benefits.

    Please, if I'm wrong on some of the facts here, please do straighten me out.

    I'm not unsympathetic. I think their reliability sucks big time and the only thing that makes the GH at all reasonable to purchase is the lifetime warranty. But even if you pay the $45 you will still be under the price of a new one from Vaposhop.

  • Chaotix
    No no you're right... actually pretty accurate. Didn't even know about the lifetime warranty and only original person...

    I just expect a company to replace a unit for the first time broken after not even two years if they promise "lifetime" ... you know? I'm just paying those 45 dollars because they made a design mistake. That whole transfer mumbo jumbo is just money making and a lawyer would probably smash this but let's not forget I am a Mighty and Volcano fanatic and I'm considering the grasshopper to be "on par" after learning how to use it.

    So I'm glad to help a company by chipping in when I like their products. So.. all good I guess ;-)
  • Chaotix

    what they wrote me I did not know:

    "The only known cause of this error is debris or moisture entering the Hopper internals"

    I can rule out moisture....but debris? of course.
    well, I passed a lot of air through the intake holes and what do you know? it works again :D
  • Bruce
    I think that warranties are like a double edged sword. It sounds really great when a company has a 10-year warranty.

    If it's a $200 vaporizer and you have to pay $45 in shipping. If it broke down in the first few months what makes you say it won't happen again ?

    When I buy a vape, I am EXPECTING a year of heavy use at minimum. When we start with the warranty of those 12 months one entire month is lost when the vape is not performing, to shipping until finally getting it back. Not to mention the pain in the ass that it is. Also, if its a high-performance vape, not everyone can afford to have another high-performance backup.

    The most important factor I take into account when spending money on any vaporizer is reliability and defect rate.

    It's aggravating to hear about how bad the warranty claims and customer service responses are with many of these companies. I have backup but the entire process should be MUCH faster. The customer support should be very responsive, these devices are hundreds of dollars.
  • Baron23
    yeah, they call that 'cop lights'....well, some do at least....and its usually attributed to a defect with the temp sensor, often a result of gunk on the sensor.

    Some folks have had luck with running the GH on 5 with an empty chamber and drawing hard. They have gotten 'ghost hits' out of it as debris burns off of the coil/sensor.

    However, some have also found this to only be a temporary fix and in a week or so they were back to cop lights.

    Edit: I apologize for my bad humor. Cheers
  • Chaotix
    The charge (and email from seller) was necessary for them hopper labs to transfer that unit into my account. I worked fine.

    So now it's working... thanks for the tip about the empty chamber (in case this happens again) !

    I will update if / when it breaks again ... or keeps working ;-)
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