• Constantine
    I was searching for the last week for a desent portable vaporizer or a pen. The perfect match would be a vaporizer around 100 euros or less. I was starting to have a slight of idea. Now i stopped and i am just searching the internet with no serious goals. So i am stuck and i want the opinion of an expert or at least someone who knows something. So let me give you what i found out. K-vape, v2 pro series 7,atmosvicod 5g,orbit vaporfi and focus vape. From reviews,articles and most youtube videos find out that these are quiet good vaporizers. Now the issues are starting. Kandypen does't ships to Greece. V2 , atmos and vaporfi charges 50 euros for shipping. The focus vape i found it in a good price 75 euros but the site didn't really tell me what will happen if my vaporizer stops working. And for all these brands there are no europe retailers that can be sure for the waranty and service support. So now i am maybe back to square one. I now tha the mighty is maybe one of the best vaporizers in the market with the best support but i can't afford it. I can increase my budget to 150 euro max. Can someone point me to a good direction? VapeCritic do your thing. Thank you in advance.
  • koepen
    I recommend to order via https://www.vaposhop.com/?a=75 . If you are not satisfied with the product you have the option to send it back, change the product or get your money back.

    Some of the other members recommend the Boundless CF/CFX quite often which are available for 129€/169€. -> also see vape critics review!!!

    Maybe an Option: Boundless CFC (89€) -> but check out the forum thread because there are some issues with the mouthpiece!

    I never used a boundless product so I have no opinion on that.
    But these must be good quality vaporizers!

    You can also order a refurbished version of Pax 2 via vaposhop for 149€ with a 1 year warranty. No bad deal at all!

    I own a refurbished version of Pax 2 and it's an awesome little, descrete and stealthy vape (if this is your choice, also order the half oven lid in order to vape more efficient!) -> check out vape critics review!

    The focus vape is interesting but it seems to have a lot of technical issues... :/
    it's a more risky choice!

    The Storm vaporizer might be a good comparable alternative: https://www.vaposhop.com/vaporizers/portable_vaporizers/storm-vaporizer-pen/?a=75

    Good luck!
  • Kakarot
    Don't get Atmos anything all of there products are garbage, THE PLENTY FtW :)
  • VapeCritic

    Definitely buy from VapoShop as @koepen mentioned

    My two recommendations would be the Boundless CF for 129 euros and the AirVape XS for 169 euros, both totally worth it.

    I would probably avoid the models that you mentioned you were looking at
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