• Bruce
    Orange peels in the flower bowl. Arizer Extreme Q. This is one of my favorites. Orange Peels.

    Easy as buying an orange peel is, slice the peels put in the Arizer Extreme Q Flower Bowl.

    I confirm the following benefits because I have experienced them myself.

    As far as smell, it's a really rich and fresh smell of oranges, my cat starts running around in circles :}, About everyone that comes by say wow that really smells good (What is it ?).

    ~ The peel has more benefits than an entire fruit.
    ~ The Aroma of Orange Peels have Flavonoids — antioxidant compounds found in certain fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices — are known for their role in helping to prevent chronic diseases like heart disease and cancer.
    ~ It doesn't cure pain. But it does take the edge off a little. That's me.

    I stumbled on the Aromatization band wagon 5 years ago, when I got my Arizer Extreme Q. Love from first puff!

    If you are really rich and dont mind fill an entire flower bowl of fine MJ, close the windows and the door in a room and you will get baked off your ass from the Aroma on the Extreme Q.

    The Extreme Q, comes with a flower bowl and some dried herbs and flowers. I figured what the hell, and I tried it. I have enjoyed aromatizing ever since. I use my Arizer Extreme Q

    What's In Your Flower Bowl ?

    Did you hear the FDA is allowing potatoes to get vaped with weed?......

    afterward the potatoes will be Baked Potatoes.

    When I finish any vape session, I pop in some herbs into my Extreme Q and if there is a lingering smell from my vape session, it is gone once I start the Aromatizer.

  • VapeCritic
    lol pretty cool bruce what temp is that on there 501??
  • Bruce
    I notch it up on the aromatizer for results. Its Amazing that the Q goes to 500! (is that a record?) I love my extreme Q. I still would buy my Q Your videos I was watching and comparing when I bought the Q.

    Have you ever tried to contact, Weedtv ? They are on the ROKU channels, they would do very well playing your content. You better hurry the Stoner Mom is on the scene lol.

    I am preparing for my roto draft next week and realized how more fun it would be if I hit my IQ, On my third bowl and I never felt so prepared for my draft.
    Limonene is a well known anti-depressant brothers !
    Makes for a "LAUGHIER" medicated effect
  • Kakarot
    Why not just fill the thing up with Cannabis and let her fly? Most of the time the time my vapor does not smell like traditional "weed" anyway. I had some a few weeks ago that I just recently ran out of called Black Cream.. it was Caramel Cream crossed with a Purple Kush and the results were a near solid dark purple almost black flower when dried and cured, and the smell and taste was that of really strong fruit and berries, that would have been boss in a aromatizer.
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