• legbuh
    Anyone vaped Kava Kava?

    Back in the day I used to make it the traditional way. It was ok, but I always got too "full" drinking enough to get the feel-good properties from it.

    I did a quick search and see Davinci has a page on it:

    I may have to give it a try as I have a lot of Kava Kava... powder, ground root and even concentrates (all for consuming, not vaping).

    I will admit that a couple years ago I packed a one hitter full of kava... it was a harsh smoke and I either got a buzz from it or from the other residue that was in it. ;)
  • VapeCritic
    I have not vaped kava kava (yet) but i do remember reading about it and thinking i wanted to try it >:)
  • legbuh
    I hope to try it one of these days with the alternate... I'm really starting to like that thing. I even am starting to like my ff2 a little more now too. Just have to keep the green light on... :)
  • legbuh
    well the verdict is in.

    Kava actually vapes very well (I was vaping ground Borgou kava root with an alternate at 395f). Good clouds. The taste is, well... kava.

    Felt a little relaxed, then my stomach started growling 10 minutes later, and now 10 more minutes later I have a headache.

    I'd give it a 2 out of 5. Probably won't do it again.

    Time for a tall beer. That should do the trick. :)
  • VapeCritic
    LOL thanks for taking one for the team! :-! :-!
  • legbuh
    Haha! No problem. The taste of the kava is slowly leaving my alternate now too. It should be gone soon. Wow did it linger, though.

    I bet if someone hounded on a couple bowls of kava it would be ok.. But the taste is just, well.. Kava. I'll stick to drinking it.

    I do have some kava concentrate paste. Wonder if would work like wax... hmmm.. maybe time to pull out the FF2. ;) Nah.... Johnny W Blue sounds better.
  • kinin
    Hey all- just noticed this post and thought I'd drop in. Over the last year we've been experimenting with lots of botanicals and creating some blends for people that are interested in things other than nicotine, kava kava being one of them. Our blend contains kava, a small amount of valerian, and copaiba - all co2 extracted. It actually tastes quite nice in my opinion. Take a look if you're interested: https://mykinin.com/collections/frontpage/products/kinin-relax-diffuser . Cheers, Matt @ KININ
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