• VapeCritic
    New video I'm tryin to make more lately:

  • Bruce
    Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, The Vape Critic, has struck again.... Another instant class!

    Very Well Done, (Look out Stoner Mom).
  • mrluther
    The materials used in the vapor path are important to many of us. Plastics are in general a no go. When I look at a device this and airflow are my 2 biggest things :)
  • Ricky
    Another great video
    Having said that , can you make a follow up video "great vapor quality for less than $600 " also I would love to see you line up like 20 vapes based on vapor quality .
  • Baron23
    Wow, great and thought provoking vid, Bud! (Y)

    I'm all about vapor quality and we are all each different in this regard. In my pantheon, the greatest god is effect. So, that would generally encompass vapor density and effective and efficient extraction.

    I do like good flavor and I do like my vapor to be smooth, but its like Scotch whiskey....no matter how expensive a single malt is, I wouldn't drink it if it was alcohol free near-scotch. See what I'm saying? LOL

    I do agree that you generally get better for more. No doubt. And between $60 and $600 is a universe of difference. But lately, the difference between say a $250 or so vape and the top dollar ones is not nearly as great. Much like fine scotch whiskey, a small increment from great to outstanding tends to have a disproportionate increase in price. So, a $600 dollar vape probably is 10 times better than a $60 one, but its probably not twice as good as a $300 dollar vape. Law of diminishing returns, yeah.

    Very interesting video. Thanks! X-)
  • Bruce
    Great Read, it was even better on my second bowl!
  • Bruce
    I disagree with the Vape Critic and his posse.

    Best deal, The Flowermate 5.0 OS ($80). Build quality is better than any of the (boring) Pax's, its packed with features ones I like, lit oven, glass mouthpiece (dome) (smoother than a flies ass), adjustable air flow, mouthpiece storage area, ceramic oven, 18650 battery, fits standard water tools etc...

    That Flowermate will knock you so hard your posts will be deleted.
  • oddjobold
    I generally agree.

    The vapcap is one exception. Fantastic vapor quality - can be very cheap.
  • Bruce
    What would happen in my opinion:

    In a closed blind test taking from a given Vaporizer,, the winners for taste, quality and effects from 1 to 3 draws.

    #1. The Arizer Air and Solo. Its all about the glass and most vaporist's love glass and the effects are top notch. You can't get more efficient at vaping herbs, better tasting, easy clean up, the rest is styling and features and that is why I think the Arizer Vapes are the best portable vapes my greedy hands can get. The Solo 2 is coming out soon, as is the Arizer Air 2. Stay tuned.

    #2. The Davinci IQ Pure Flavor - easy air flow. So easy to draw and repeat.... The effects are almost of the Crafty / Mighty. The Ceramic Zirconia taste as good as glass, but is a ceramic and is very durable. The aluminum body is sleek and looks good. This is as good as it gets. I would rate the Davinci IQ higher than the Arizer vapes because it is a true stick it in your pocket durable vape. The only one that comes close in being a real portable is the Pax. You dont need an app to finely tune it, the features and look of this vape is the #1 best of any portable vaporizer. There is no more portable vape. To top it off the flavor chamber can be used to store buds so that you can go on an outing and get a few sessions in. Par Excellent, I am interested to see if the New Arizers can up the ante, in particular to being more of true portable vapes.

    #3. The Flowermate, Boundless Vapes. Just pure taste no harshness, adjustable air flow.

    #4. FF2 - So easy and smooth. The effects are just about average.

    The Crafty and Mighty would be stronger and thicker, but harsh and the taste doesn't come close to the 1-3. I use my Crafty sparingly. I know I will be upset if what seems to be the unavoidable, warranty repair. I am trying to sell mine just so you know I am for real.

    The MFLB - Productive but very harsh.

    The Pax 2 and 3, don't come close. Harsh, taste is below average in my opinion.

    I don't get the love for the S and B vapes as high as it is.

    Care to guess what your blindfold test would be like ?
  • VapeCritic
    im gonna figure out how to do a blind vapor taste test on myself, i have an idea...
  • Cl4ud3
    You would need to find a way to rig every vape to identical mouthpieces, maybe like the grasshopper flute you were using. You would then need to be blindfolded, maybe have your hands tied behind your back, and someone passing you each tip in sequence so you have no idea what any are.

    I hear Bruce will volunteer to help you test.
  • Bruce
    Maybe The Stoner Mom can join forces.
  • Cl4ud3
    I wouldn't like to be there when Bud's wife reads that Bruce :P
  • Bruce
    I mean she can help out, get your mind out of the gutter.
  • Bruce

    Yo' Vape Boy, you better be real careful with that IQ, it will hit you so hard it won't let go until your screaming for your mama.

    Legend has it that IQ is one bad assed Vape.
  • Bruce
    Just a healthy dose of appreciation, the Vape Critic has done a lot for me. Lets not get too crazy.
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