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    I'm so f****** irritated... I gave this young girl doctor urologist a shot

    I gave her my past history I've had 3-4 kidney stones removed in addition to a lithotripsy that failed and I peed out stones

    I'm familiar with having a stent

    After she examined my CT scan she was too busy to sweating me and giving Alternatives or other reasons why I'm feeling this pain, second-guessing myself

    She gave me an okay checklist and then came to diverticula with no signs of infection or diverticulitis.

    She said because one of the kidney stones was around 3 mm and the other one smaller she made the assumption that my pain wasn't derived from those quote tiny stones

    She suggested a muscle skeletal doctor and was adamant that I at least have a minimum of one appointment before she would feel comfortable in performing the surgery to remove my left Stone

    Her office made an appointment and I got contacted today it's with a basic physical therapist

    I could understand and a little bit of reasoning What suggests that maybe the polyps the diverticula could be causing some issues but there was no other information to stay at other the fact that I'm getting kidney stone pains

    I did a quick basic search online and saw that other new urologist are just waiting their patients and redirecting them to muscle skeletal doctors stating that if a kidney stone is not blocking even though it's in the kidney it would not be causing pain

    In my humble experience that is false and I've always detected the stones and gone to urologist for them to be removed with relief after

    Even my wife indicates that this is wrong

    What do I know I'm just going to do what they tell me I'm going to go and entertain this physical therapist my life and what I'm going through is it irrelevant and has no value

    "What has my life come to"
  • DregerUS

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  • DregerUS

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