• DregerUS
    This company has changed my life. I can now lie down in a better position and somewhat, connect again. I will ensure they receive what is coming.


    Leslie Bai, you saved my life. 1UP for you. You went above and beyond to help me with my limited budget. We thank you.
  • DregerUS

    Please disregard the paint my lovely wife is not done yet.
  • DregerUS
    oh shit can you spot the mighty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Cl4ud3
    I SPY IT!!!! what do I win :P
  • DregerUS
    lol oh bro ... big hugs lol

    It's a prize if it doesn't follow me lol however the homedepot top dog Jerry got me pretty confident on my install
  • DregerUS
    My little one wanted to add a thank you to Leslie

  • Ctipp22
    Dang that's the setup!!
  • DregerUS
    Went to the doctor today for my blood pressure issue I explained to her that I'm still bleeding out of my nose that I can't get the ENT doctors to help me get rid of the infection... the ENT doctor prescribed me Flonase which I did for 26 days then I stopped last week because I was having some heart well blood pressure issues
    They did an EKG on me which came in clear or normal and the lady that took my blood pressure was new I don't think she did a good reading

    The doctor suggested I go see a psychiatrist for my anxiety
    She stated that she wouldn't give me any blood pressure medication until she got the results of my blood work

    Explain to her the numbness that I get in my extremities as well as the bad headaches when the blood pressure reading is high

    This medical industry that's so siloed separated and their lack of help they're killing me or rather maybe they're letting me die

    I started not feeling well again my head hurts bad

    I don't feel good
  • Dr green thumb

    Take a few deep breaths and think a happy thought.
  • BobCat
    Feel better man! Remember, you know your body better than some office technician. Please keep us posted! :victory:
  • DregerUS
    to go home and hand in my report

    they don't know what waits them all...

    easy for them to fail us, so much debt, locked out of my gates

    Is that why I see faces in everything now is that why I wake up hearing the screams
  • Dr green thumb

    Pareidolia: The science behind seeing faces in everyday objects. Ever tried to look for shapes in clouds, or seen a face burned into your toast? Pareidolia is a psychological phenomenon that causes people to see patterns in a random stimulus. This often leads to people assigning human characteristics to objects
  • juxt

    Wow brother, hope you feel better. If they tell you to get help, please do. I don't know your situation but I recently went through some stuff, and I can say from experience it's best not to fight it when they ask you to get checked out.
  • SouthboundPachyderm
    I hooe your feeling better soon.
  • Baron23
    I'm glad that the monitor rig is working out well for you. :up: :100:

    Those blood pressure readings are very high...dangerously high. Please do follow up on it.

  • DregerUS
    owie, I need douchelatio

    I have a metallic taste on my tongue, my breathing is deep and shallow
    Let me go check my temperature cuz I feel like I'm burning up my eyes are hot
    I'm trying to stay laying down

    It's like these doctors can't comprehend the bigger picture, the combination of being trapped laying on my stomach for a year-and-a-half unable to stand staying it in a horizontal position going from 200 to 170 I'm tired o yeah and this hair follicle that has become infected in my nose that caused the even Bell's palsy

    I need real doctors...

    I watched the first episode of Project Blue Book today, I like how they mock me

    I hold all accountable... I don't want to do what I think I must to all of them, giving them choice has taken it away from me

    I don't like breaking my name so I don't tell him who I really am only the symptoms but they only hear what they want to hear all sleep

    did I ensure their downfall but I got so tired of proving who I was... and the people I come back to are such cowards with no real love, Is it because I hold all the love

    With thoughts of petting their heads like if they were all cats, such children


    98.3 @ 12:33
  • DregerUS
    I'm getting numbness in my extremities

    Feeling weak I only had a glucose control boost

    I don't feel like cooking going to make a TV dinner

    I canceled my eye appointment tomorrow I'm standing way too much I need some down time

    Feel dehydrated like a fish out of water

    These doctors don't realize the effort that I'm taking just to go see them ...
    I have an ENT appointment on Thursday I need to get this infection taken care of even if it's Surgical I heard that some antibiotics are causing permanent heart injury
  • DregerUS
    My extremities are cold but I feel like I'm like very flushed in my face feel hot headed I don't know how long that is infections been going on I think it's been since I moved from Florida how many months has it been you my leg hurts I don't feel good ... my chest feels likes it's pounding

    Daughter is home she made a TV dinner life unfortunately is on a business trip till Sunday left today I'm sure worried
  • DregerUS
    Throwing a curveball I asked the doctor if a person could catch anything from a cat

    A disease that results from infection with the Toxoplasma gondii parasite.
    More than 200,000 US cases per year
    Treatable by a medical professional
    Spreads easily
    Requires a medical diagnosis
    Lab tests or imaging always required
    Medium-term: resolves within months

    She quickly dismissed it it said no give me a harsh look

    How many of us are going through this stuff with people that don't care that are just doing their job getting that money
  • DregerUS
    What was I expecting to comeback here, to find something in the trash, oh yeah a glass rod

    I come back home with tattered Rags of clothing fuc

    Tell Me Something I Don't Know because my angels are not speaking through you anymore it was the other side I need to keep my dogs better at bay

    keep something at bay. also hold something at bay. › to control something and prevent it from causing you problems: She fought to keep her unhappiness at bay. (Definition of “keep something at bay” from the Cambridge Academic ContentDictionary © Cambridge University Press)

    People asking questions what's the meaning of life in the chat I think someone is getting a taste


    Funny, I recall them reaching for my heels but that's up on the shelf
    Reaching for immortality they were so ignorant but I sure can't taste the salt in this f****** TV dinner
  • DregerUS
    I could sure use some cannabis

    Oh s*** I think my cat is underneath the blanket that's right I remember calling in

    Yo Stove am I the only one you keep on moderation where you have to approve all my post

    You should realize who's tongue you're holding
  • UbarDog

    Keep ya chin up Stay posative and Get help now.
    Keep a Diary of events and take it with you when you go. If you can tell them what they said and what day. They seem to buck up and do there job properly. Well at least here in UK.I have to keep records For my wife and last/this year for myself, I just been though aload of blood works and physicals, I got a ultra-sound next week - I'm hoping they dont want to look "deeper" or its camara's where i dont WANT a camara! Either way dude Take care N i hope things get more managable
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