• Jamie
    OK, so the more research I do, the more confused I have become. It seems like there are a few random answers, but I want to buy a pen that can handle medium to high quality bubble hash. I wouldn't quite call it full melt, but when i work it with my fingers for a minute or two and then put flame to it, it definitely bubbles. Wondering if the kandypens galaxy or donut might work. Someone must know of a good vaping bubble pen????
  • Bud
    Here's what I've come up with after doing a bunch of research and talking to a bunch of people...

    Short answer:
    Full-melt Bubble Hash will work in most pens but it will cause the atomizers to clog and fail more quickly.

    Long answer:
    Vape pens are really designed for use with extremely clean concentrates that contain zero plant matter. Examples include wax, budder, bho, rosin, shatter, etc...

    These concentrates "burn" away so cleanly that residue takes a longer time to build up, and when it does it doesn't ruin the atomizer.

    Bubble hash can behave just like wax when heated, which is why you can get it to work with most pens, but hash contains microscopic particles of plant matter that vape pens do not play well with. This is how they build up gunk and clog, and this why atomizers fail at a faster rate.

    So I would avoid using bubble in a pen, BUT you can easily vape it by breaking it up into small pieces and mixing it with a little herb, and then packing it into a desktop or portable *herbal* vaporizer.

    If anybody can add to this or share their experience please do (Y)
  • Flipz
    Very nice write up!
  • Jamie
    thank you for your dedication into sourcing out as much info. As a nearly graduating student in a research field (not vaping lol) I think you should be proud; you have essentially reached farther on a question that is in many forums...but with little further exploration....and no useful and trustworthy answers. Funny as it is, my exhaustive research led me to a similar conclusion. I did not pull the trigger on a vape pen, because I couldn't get past that darn plant matter, and realizing the nice ones are pricey, I decided against it...It seems like it would be easy to create something that would work, but maybe not enough of a market of full melt consumers who would buy pens....

    ...Anyway my mind really got going one night, and I wondered about inverting the pen when vaping and inhaling, then opening and scooping out debris; would this work, or if the distance the melt would be from an atomizer would be too great inverted...I do not have a pen, but it seems as if the product must sit on atomizers to burn, so inverting might altogether inhibit or reduce vaporization abilities...or gum up mouthpiece screen...

    I haven't had great results in my flowermate V5.0s, which is great for the dry stuff, no complaints at all! My issues are twofold with this technique. 1. mEven wrapping it in bud still caused some of the melt to leak out sideways and gum things up, and inverting caused gumming near mouthpiece screen. 2. My other issue was the fact that this amazing melt is near and dear to me since I follow it from seed to bubble, and it tastes spectacular, the taste is what I enjoy as much as the effect!. Wrapping bud around it takes too much flavour away...so what is a dude to do?

    I've decided to treat it like a fine cognac...Because I don't like the idea of "smoking" it so often on my lungs, I mainly stick with vaping bud, and save it as a once a week treat. Though I still do dream of a pen that might work with bubble and also wonder about which pen might be easiest to clean out, which might make it worth buying...I wonder if getting under the donut ceramic style might be easier because it seems the coil and rods might be harder to clean amongst, but I've never seen any more than photos, so this is speculation....Maybe something will be created or someone will reveal a solution...

    In any event, I thank you for your diligent dedication to the craft;;; Keep it Up!
    You have my vote as the most reliable and final word on vaping and vaping products!
  • Jamie
    Well, I gave up on this till I discovered the new hynos zero....just received my hypnos zero in mail, I am hoping it can handle full melt bubble with some plant matter, but the atomizer looks like it will be easier to clean, though not sure how I will do this....dip it in some iso, brush it out...I will let you know how it did with full melt bubble very soon...
  • Bud
    hey! yes u should be able to soak in iso just like other coils, but one of the cool things i like about the zero is that if u put it on high heat and turn it upsidedown and run it for 2 full cycles it'll clean out pretty much the whole chamber, and only a tiny bit of residue is left behind and the ceramic plate actually gets back to like 95% new looking and mostly white

    but, this is with wax and shatter and stuff, bubble hash will be different so definitely let us know!!
  • Flipz
    I am not sure if the zero is made for dry herb in general... if that's what you mean. I have never tried it but anything is possible and I'm curious to hear your results.
  • Retired One
    The Linx Hypnos Zero is definitely not meant to vape dry herb, only dabbing, badder, etc. I've been using the Air Vape X for dry herb and both of us love it. It is light, has a 3 hour charge & easily rechargable via USB with an LCD screen. An accessory bong attachment can be had too. Happy vapping.
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