• tisthecirclekey
    Hey, everyone. I'm new to the vape world and was hoping for some advice. I'm looking for a vape that will be good for microdosing but also portable. The majority of my vaping is alone. Occasionally I'll have a session with a couple buddies, but not very often. I have a pretty low tolerance (all I need is maybe one or two hits at a time) and need something that I can use consistently throughout the day without having to load a huge chamber each time. Ideally I'd like something that produces great flavor, is compact, portable, and can handle smaller loads so that I can keep it on me throughout the day; however, it sounds like most portables are better for sessions.

    I have a Dynavap M on the way. Do you think it would be better to stick with that for public use and invest in something like a Sticky Brick for home? Or are there other portable units that sound like they'll fit the bill? Also, anyone have experience with the IQ glass spacers?
  • Cl4ud3
    For microdosing and at home I would look at a Log vape. Depending where you are this would be a

    The problem with a lot of portable convection vapes is they can be hard to teach others how to use. VapCap is easy to learn though but I've never tried the M, a friend of mine says it is a great device though and it is easy to share.
  • DregerUS
    My preferred method for microdosing. bm6r2kfyi3ampe3n.jpg

    That's the bottom of one of their capsules. I only put a thin layer at the bottom.

    I do this 4-5 times saving up enough for a full bowl , then I run it all together with a normal CU at Max temperature.

    It's rough when you get low.
  • Baron23
    I'm with Cl4ud3 on this. If you are going to use this at home, then a log vape is extremely efficient with very small loads.

    Ed's of Ed's TnT and his Woodscent log is somewhat new. I love Ed, but not sure I would pull the trigger on one yet if it was my first and only home 'desktop' vape.

    I'm not familiar with Underdog or Heat Island (that is, I haven't used one) but I do own an Epicvape Enano and love it. I would hazard a guess that Epic is the largest log vape player at the moment and its Enano has stood the test of time, but others may well be just as good.

    I generally microdose live resin, honeycomb, clear, and HTFSE, almost exclusively on low temp pens.
    Best pens for that are:

    Source Orb4
    Linx Hypnos Zero
    Kandypens Elite
    Puffco Plus

    Haven't used an herbal vape in years since the digital volcano. But recent offerings like Davinci IQ and others make me want to talk a friend into copping one and trying it on low temps with top shelf late harvest.
  • Egzoset
    Salutations TisTheCircleKey,

    ...microdosing... ...something that produces great flavor, is compact, portable, and can handle smaller loads... Or are there other portable units that sound like they'll fit the bill?tisthecirclekey

    Initially i got attracted by the board's Induction Heat comments (i sollicitated such discussions starting in 2010), but it also turns out Micro-Dosage is my daily routine using the modified device illustrated below:


    This was a while ago and it applied to a Bi-Energy hybrid concept. More recently i've come to conclude i was finally done going through successive iterations searching for a sweet-spot "Plan-B" configuration that makes the pre-heating phase look pretty much like it were a traditional pipe if observed at a distance.

    Its principles have changed compared to the original VG product and my corresponding ritual with it: each toke corresponds roughly to 20 mg, taken from a 125 mg bowl. One bowl is about 6 tokes worth, more if your discipline is perfect. Aroma/taste appreciation depends on a time-compressed "Micro-Bursting" experience, in opposition to the usual dry-baking ovenizers. The range of applications spans from aromatherapy to dab-like hits that can render unconcious when careless... Manipulation remind me of a musical instrument and feels almost organic, not to mention the warm metal also does good to my old hands, etc.

    The trick was to investigate and implement fig. 11/12 of their US patent. The company was informed of my transformation ideas before, more than once (...), but they prefer not being bothered with it so you're pretty much on your own about that. Yet i can still try to do some related on-line sharing at the moment (m'well, honestly i wish i could find a guy to take over with "Plan-A")... The thing to know about it is that i believe those experiments actually opened a door onto much more than meets the untrained eye... Induction Heat included.

    For more information i'd invite the reader to visite a page i've set on Google+/Google Photos and FaceBook, etc.

    Please take note this type of vaporizer ain't complete without a fairly decent butane lighter (and properly purified/filtered butane gas, naturally!), which is only some hint on what's next that needs to travel together... But the rewards outway the trade-offs tenfold IMO! One being to see far ahead having a glimpse of the future, instead of an obsolete past... Etc., etc.


    By the way, it seems the Loto Labs Evoke was a joke on us and most possibly on me, more specifically. So i'll simply argue the mere sight of and Induction Heating coil with contacts should have rang a bell or two! Many years ago... Been waiting for serious IH-related discussions since 2010.


    Good day, have fun!!
  • howie105
    My preference for small amounts is the E-Nano because I have adapted well to overtime. What I consider a small load (.04g or so) cooks out quickly and tastes OK. However many vapes are good with small loads once you figure things out, even my LSV can do the deed if I am willing to play around with it but the E-Nano is just so easy to use.
  • Baron23
    I agree completely. 50 mg loads is a sweet spot for me with the Enano and it works wonderfully.

    For some, micro-doses are in the .005 g range, not the .05 gram range I use. I don't know how they vape such small amounts but many state that they do with their VapCaps but its really only a crumb.
  • howie105
    Hey Baron23, Glad to see you. It amazes me, I can't even see .005g much less cop a buzz off it. I guess it comes down to individual sensitivity, think how long you could vape the same gram.
  • Baron23
    Hi Howie - good to see you too. I have gathered it all depends on what you view as medical vaping. For me, I have a surgically repaired degenerative back with associated neuropathy and primarily vape right before bed for pain and sedation. I want to knock myself the fuck out. But I don't vape during days, normally, when I have things to accomplish....makes me far too lazy.

    Others I know who do say they vape .005 grams (and I believe them) do it almost hourly throughout the day for a low level of medication for some different conditions....chronic anxiety is one that leaps to mind. They really don't want to feel stoned whereas that's the whole purpose for me.

    We are all to some degree varied and different.

    Take care, keep posting here :D
  • tisthecirclekey
    Thanks for all your advice! Sounds like the E-Nano is a great way to go. The VapCap I got last week has been surprisingly good too.

    I'm in similar circumstances, Baron23. I have a bunch of pretty nasty autoimmune/GI conditions, as well as neuropathy in my arms and legs. Been trying to find a sweet spot where I can vape during the day without getting too stoned (I'm currently in school for engineering and can't afford to be high all day), but it has been tough to find vapes that are efficient with smaller loads like that.
  • gzomb

    Do you use dry herb, or concentrates? For concentrates / oils / and even bubble I'd recommend the Linx Hypnos Zero. I'm also a light user, and I find it great (and fast as hell) for microdosing (which is *all* I do).
  • Baron23
    YES, the VapCap and the Enano are GREAT choices. I can confidently say that you will not be disappointed with an Enano.

    I'm not sure what autoimmune/GI situation you have (Crohn's, colitis, or what) and its none of my business. I did have to have a section of my colon removed for diverticulitis and personally believe that MJ keeps my GI system calmed down a bit.

    I also have too much to do during the day to routinely wake and bake. Just not my thing. So I hold out until evening when I can (which is most often) and understand completely about not wanting to be baked when in school. I wouldn't remember a word if I was (oh...I was and that's why I'm such a dumb ass! LOL)

    Also, I agree with @gzomb that for concentrates, the Linx Zero is a nice way to just sip (vice rip) some wax/shatter. Very nice device, well made, runs a bit on the cool side so its not dabbing so much as sipping your concentrate.
  • Relaxed
    I had good luck with Boundless CF and even the CFC and the VMAX (the water bubbler is very smooth). I move the vap around to move the small amount of herb around by tapping to get it touching or near the side if it is a conduction vap. and just slowly ramp up the temp. For convection, slow long draws work. I run the vap for about 4 minutes. I don't see any technical reason why most vapes can not work well for microdoses. It is not rocket science. Just heating up plant matter and inhaling the vapor. I should add that I only add a microdose to the bowl and completely vape that amount and then toss it out before the next microdose. Cleaner, less smelly, no stuff to be caught with, and you can better control your dose.

    BTW, nice to know I am not the only microdoser - Good to just relax - like having 1 beer, or to treat a symptom without taking so much that you can't function or interface with family.
  • gzomb
    That's a great way of putting it - sipping.
  • Gabriel Aquini
    Just buy a $20 "ABX" battery from a dispensary. Buy some Ganja Gold or ABX oil cartridges of a strain of your choosing. Make sure your battery is on its low *Green* heat setting. Roll your cartridge and then take a 7 second feathered pull and then get all the awesome effects of the strain and no shitty side effects (Depending on the Strain).
  • Magicman
    Colitus talk is banned.
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