• Biz
    Hello there

    I've had my FF2 for coming up to 4 months now and wanted to give an update, particularly because I continue to see negative responses the all too rare times I browse this forum.

    The device still works great and the strange faulty LED issue I had when it was fairly new never returned. I have both batteries in use and keep them charged, so I never really faced the issue of not being able to use it when I wanted to, something I would always consider if it is a setup that does not allow use while charging. I usually charge the device overnight, and have it off the charger for most of its life. The batteries have not deteriorated yet, or not enough to notice a difference from new. That said, it took a while for the Arizer Solo batteries to get weaker, so that may still come. The ease of replacement is great in that regard, and I cannot believe there are still devices with fixed internal batteries hitting the market.

    It cleans so well with just a few iso sprays and wipes, it gives a great clean taste experience whenever you want to. My technique is to pull very slowly for the entire duration of the green light, so it never draws too much material onto the glass, so cleaning once every one or two weeks is entirely sufficient. I took care not to get any iso onto the seals, and they also have remained as new.

    The build quality, when used with patience and in a 90% home environment other than a few trips to the beach, can't be faulted. Even the mouthpiece with its plastic clips feels like new and needs no replacement despite frequent removal and cleaning. That said, if there was a non-plastic alternative on the market, I would buy it, but the original mouthpiece does not really matter nearly as much as I thought, coming from the glorious all-glass path of the Solo.

    The biggest letdown are the LEDs, or maybe they are tiny Edison-spec bulbs because you will be hard pressed to see the green light in sunlight. On top of that, they have played up in the past and just seem altogether very buggy.

    The battery indicator (also in the app) may as well not be there, as it does not work (as everyone knows), but if you are like me and just don't care about the battery because you just swap it quickly if it flashes red, you can simply ignore this. It does take some confidence away from the product, especially in combination with the wicked indicator lights.

    That said, it does its main job terribly well. I've discovered the joy of the 'Low' setting again after keeping it on 'High' and 111% for a long time. There is certainly a case to be made for the ability to be extremely efficient with your material, and it feels different too, or so I think. Then again it does its job so well that these thoughts may not be trustworthy. The heat setting really should be adjustable on the device, be it some secret tapping combination.

    There are two, and maybe more, distinct experiences to be had:

    1. Pack reasonably tight, set on High and 111%, and give it 2-3 long draws in-between taking the lid off and stirring. Blow clouds, especially if drawing in a very measured manner.

    2. Pack a little less, so that the lid does not press down on the material, and use Low or Medium Low settings. Take a few very slow long draws, and then stir the material by tapping the device (the looser packing makes this possible, very convenient in situations where the lid-off finger-stir method is not feasible or desired). You'll need many more hits to get through the bowl, and will not or only barely see any clouds, but you will most certainly feel it. One tip is to flip the FF2 upside down when parking it before the next draw, so the material rests on the glass rather than the screen, keeping it even cooler whilst not drawing.

    Here is the catch: when giving this thing to friends, they will most likely not do it correctly. Most just seem to draw too hard, even if told to take it easier. People eventually get the hang of it (usually by coughing out a huge cloud and then immediately changing their opinion on the device), but if you have apes as friends and need it to be working well in a circle, forget this thing. It truly is a personal vape only.

    Wrap up:

    - Battery indicator is a joke
    - LEDs are a joke
    - Temperature adjustment only from the app is a joke
    - Friends won't get the hang of unless investing some time to get it right
    - If you are someone who needs everything rough and ready, without the patience or even enjoyment of hand-stirring and finding the right drawing technique, stay away from this

    - True convection and on-demand device, opens up a whole new way of using it
    - Really easy to clean to as new condition, material is holding up well
    - Very cold and smooth vapor with a precise taste
    - Can be used extremely efficiently, or quick and hard hitting
    - Exchangeable batteries so moderate users will never run empty
    - Touch sensors are pretty neat and reliable, there are no switches or buttons to press to go, making it an ever better on-demand experience

    Verdict: The FF2 is the hand wound mechanical watch movement of a vape market dominated by digital rubber watches. Some will enjoy its benefits and the involved process, while others will not even know what these things even mean. And both is fine.
  • Baron23
    Indeed, we are all varied and different and differ in what we consider to be acceptable performance and function.

    It doesn't fit me, personally, but it seems to fit some others like yourself quite well.

    Glad you are enjoying your FF2 purchase and I hope it continues to work well for you for a long time.

  • VapeCritic
    Wow, amazing post Biz! Thanks very much for coming back and sharing your thoughts about it after using it a while.

    And if it's not blatantly obvious at this point, I always like hearing positive FF2 experiences after the hell I've been through with it lol

    Your summary is so good I'm contemplating replacing mine with it on my review page :-! (Y) (Y)
  • DaveinSM
    Nice review. My ff2 was my main vape for the same reasons you gave... till I got the Plenty. I know it's not a fair comparison, but I also agree that users will need to exercise patience and undergo a learning curve to learn how to use a ff2 optimally. It can be so fidgety and disappointing at times, and yet so easy, amazing and tasty at other times. I find it that way even now, and I've been using mine for almost six months. For me, the Plenty and the Pax2 are each respectively better at what they're supposed to do than the ff2, which makes me think that they ff2 is kinda in between at-home and on-the-go applications. A larger, easier to use home version of the ff2 might be attractive, especially if the performance is as good as the Plenty.
  • Richard Powell
    I liked the firefly 2 a lot. I had little to no issues at all. I would say that the battery issues where you don't know what percent you're at is the worst. lol
  • Marco
    I agree with you... If someone wanna try a little "trick" for a more intense vapor production, afther 3 hits of 25-30 sec, turn on the ff2 wait 5 - 6 seconds then pull for almost 5 - 6 seconds and without stop pulling "restart" the ff2 and keep pulling until he will shutdown
  • oddjobold
    IMO Milaana does everything FF2 can only better.
    Milaana just works, however you use it.

    The FF2 needs the right grind, right pack, right lid seating, right top screen, exact draw speed, moon in the right position, and wind behind you. If you get all that right you get amazing cool hits, for at least 2 or 3 hits, until you need to stir. Then when you stir you throw the dice again, is it gonna work next time?

    I find the Milaana a little too powerfull sometimes. Kinda makes me wonder if i would prefer a MVT.
  • bjdchar
    Thank you Biz for all of your thoughtful remarks and observations on the FF2; they are giving me just the guidance I need. Thank you for your contribution.
  • Bruce
    It's everything as advertised. A hybrid, type of experience.

    Many people who do purchase the FF2, to use like a session vape, will have issues it's not that kind of vape. If it said that on the box "Non Session", more people wouldn't buy it and there would be a lot fewer complaints and a lot more compliments. There would be people who would buy it to compliment another vape.

    The price makes this vape more vulnerable to dissatisfied buyers. If this were an entry level price, a lot can be overlooked, but the price brings big expectations....
  • Biz
    I guess that comes down to a lack of pre-purchase research. I read into it before, watched a couple reviews, and basically received exactly what I expected.

    Should one not assume that people generally take a look beyond packaging and advertising when evaluating a product?
  • Wallace
    Ok I usually don’t join in conversations for this reason but … i am just tired of Reading the same BS over and over again said by Bruce….
    I have owned a Firefly 2 (and I have tried owned plenty of vapes) and after trying it for 15 days I gave it back for a full return because it was crap.
    You say it is a non-session vape only (but that is YOU not them saying anything like it) and if you what to use it (for more than to Pulls) you are doing it wrong and it is normal for it to overheat, burn your bud, not charge or discharge super-fast, for the app to work like shit and the seal to peal…..mmmmmmm
    Bruce I am going to ask you a question and let’s see if you can do the math with this.
    New car for sale, 100% electric, super luxurious interior, for 1 million bucks.
    The advertisement for it says “ Great luxurious car… 100% electric, enjoy driving like never before…. Special offer first buyers will receive a special cleaning product for the nice luxurious interior”

    You buy it and you like how it looks, it seems great, you start to drive it and realize that if you drive it at normal speed … the car will over heat and the battery will die in 10 min…
    So you contact the manufacturer and they don’t say anything about your inquiries and you find someone like you in a forum saying … “that’s because you drive it wrong,,, never go over 20 miles a hour and it works great……”
    Well then you decide to use the super cleaning product for your nice interior and guess what …. On drop of that shit fucks up your pain… the leather and makes the car so it won’t start again…
    How would you feel?
    Because that is basically what this product is … and you (after shitting about it while back) now you think you can tell other that the product is great, but people are trying to use it to much …. (mmmmmmmmmm).
    Sorry but I can’t take more of your crap sorry but it is getting on my nerve even more than your constant ass licking (we all know bud is great but we don’t say it ALL THE TIME) and your obnoxious signatures.
    So please stop the crap thanks.
  • duff
  • Herb
    I am no BUD @VapeCritic :-! but here is a showdown vid that I did with the FF2 and Davinci IQ, check it...
    FireFly 2 VS DaVinci IQ
  • silat
    That was a very concise and comprehensive review. One of the best I have seen on this device.
  • AsUwish
    Great review Biz! I love the anology to a mechanical hand-wound timepiece! Perfectly said! I still love using mine for brand new strains.
  • Biz
    Thanks guys, glad you enjoyed it
  • Biz

    That was fun, man some of these American accents crack me up :)
  • Herb
    I know, I know lol... My accent has a twang to it... I am just glad I do not have a Jersey Accent.. :-!
  • Herb
    lol I just now saw your rant about Bruce and I loved it man Cheers I am rollin :-!
  • Optimo
    I don't understand the hate on this thing (FF2), it destroys anything else in terms of vapor quality, I don't know what kind of herbs you guys use, but my strawberry bubblegum came alive in ways I've never imagined, it was a legit fucking experience. The subtle nuisances in the session brought out the true character of the bud, and that alone makes this thing worth it imo. Unless you guys don't know understand the quality of the weed your enjoying or just want mindless clouds of bullshit, stick with the FF2, it truely is sophisticated, and after all isn't that what you want at the price point and type (portability), other wise just get a volcano!
  • Cl4ud3
    My Milaana blows the FF2 out of the water for taste and it cost half as much, Mistvape Touch also cost less and is better to me. The problem a lot of people have is justifying a desktop price for something that just isn't that good. Overhyped, Overpriced.
  • Optimo
    Yeah but the warranty and reliability are what kind of "sketched" me out about models; like those, plus I got my FF2 for $280 shipped, and although I haven't tried the ones you mentioned necessarily, the overall quality and trust from the manufacturer just seemed a little bit higher with firefly, but I could definitely be wrong, and I'm also curious as to how many people use the concentrate pad with dry herbs in the FF2.
  • Cl4ud3
    You can only decide for yourself and from personnel experience in the end. My OG Mi has a lifetime warranty and I can honestly say I've had zero issues with them or the MVT. I've spoken to Ryan RBT a few times and have had only a great contact there.
    Also a lot of people had the FF2 at a time where a decent percentage seemed to be having issues and CS sucked back then, also the generic questions over and over and the generic answers were very poor. It is a shame as I wanted to like the thing, especially for what I had to pay for it.

    My FF2 does work, I'm just not impressed after being able to try other things. Glad people like it and are getting their moneys worth.
  • Bruce
    Due to everything you said, I agree with. I think after trying to give Firefly the benefit of the doubt (they did try to help me) but it's a faulty product. (Over and over again, case after case of faulty not working products and unhappy customers).
  • DregerUS
    Solid reviews . i like the close-ups on the devices
  • Herb
    Thank you, my accent is hillbilly as hell, but oh well. I think I will start reviewing all kinda stuff, not just vapes but anything you could use with herbs... I really don't have shit else to do eh? might as well.
  • frandemarco
    I'm so glad my crafty after 75 hours hasn't given me an ounce of trouble. I also take care of it never doing sessions back to back and charging it after it cools down.
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