• waxfiend
    That is spot on and these things definitely have a lifecycle... and considering how often some of us use vapes they are still getting a lot more actual use than some of our other day to day electronics that die on us. I would think stuff getting hot and not all the time does a lot on wear and tear too as streets crack from temp changes. But 2.5 years is pretty good of daily use... if you are using it a couple times a week then I would say that is not good for $270!
  • biohacker
    @VapeCritic Yo Bud! Did you know that S&B IMPROVED the battery in the Crafty over across the pond? 20% more battery power allows for like an extra sesh, and probably helps heat up time. There are some user comments on your review page confirming this from about a month ago. Also, you say in your updated review that the Crafty shutoff timer is now 2 mins vs the previous 1 min. You sure about that? Can you confirm, or are you mixing it up with the newer Mighty 2 min timer?


    Not yet landed on American soil...S&B told me that German HQ was "working" on a better battery so their communications aren't the best, because it's now in the wild! I'm assuming that the Mighty will be improved too.

    So, with this IMHO only I don't think that there will be a Crafty/Mighty 2, but rather incremental improvements like S&B have always done historically, but hope i'm wrong!

    Best portables out there IMO! But still looking forward to the Ghost MV1 to compliment!
  • ec52613
    Knowing Storz and Bickel as we all do; do you really think they will be developing a Crafty or Mighty redesign? They are still among the highest rated portables on the market with a form factor copied by other vaporizer manufacturers; and when is the last time they redesigned one of their vaporizers? Only the Volcano because it was necessary to provide digit temperature control, which was not much in the way of a redesign. I think S&B adhere to the philosophy of "if it ain't broke"; at least it appears that way in my humble opinion. Both the Crafty and Mighty produce excellent vape quality and quantity which is what a vaporizer is supposed to do; and I am not sure 100% convection vapes will ever produce the volume of vape per draw as a combination convection/connection vape will. Auto shut timer, if user adjustable would have major impact on battery life, so not something I think they would change.
  • Baron23
    I agree with you overall but think that S&B are coming under price pressure from other closely performing but cheaper vapes.

    Also, in addition to the PIA shut off timer, their portables are slow to heat up and compare particularly badly with the latest portable convection vapes which are getting to good vape temps in 25 seconds or less.

    I do think they need to step up with a feature refresh and will do so at some point, but that they are conservative in general. I also agree that their current products (I own a Mighty and Cano Digit) are still top shelf performers.

    We will see.
  • mrbiggiejones
    I personally think next S&B products will come next year around November time they will let all the new vapes on the block come out,see the competition then they will give us the best again for few years after that but portables will always require frequent updates or redesigns like phones but not so much for desktops as the volcano has proved.
  • ec52613
    I have seen the video reviews of vapes with very short heat up time, and none can produce the same amount and quality of vapor the Mighty does, on the first draw. A very tasty and moderate amount of visible vapor. S&B does not mind lowering the price of their vaporizers, because they are still moving the needle as being the vaporizer to outperform, and have been on the market for 4 years or more. If and when they do introduce a new portable vaporizer it will not be a redo of anything they did before. A redo just does not seem to fit the model of S&B.
  • Derek
    I agree I've tried to find a vape that beats out the mighty but till this point nothing has and not even sure if the mv1 will even though bud is saying it is the best ever, but these delays are concerning already; really hope bud is right though because I've been waiting a long time for something to beat out the MIGHTY
  • SkabootchWolf
    I'd want an ondemand vape, and better and replaceable batteries and it would be pretty much a perfect vaporizer. MIghty too big to be a portable for me, why I never got it. But a better Crafty, more reliable, better replaceable batteries would be great.

    And I just prefer on demand, rather than a session vape.
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