• Herb
    Did a session with my Plenty, was like any other, I was draggin on some Auto Moby Dick out of my garden, it has been curing for about 3 months. I packed the chamber with .4 prolly, usually I pack .25 or .3.. I was also chewing some spearmint gum which was the difference maker in this whole experience because it cooled the vapor to the point of no return lol. I took the first drag and anyone that has or has used a plenty knows there is no resistance... well I took a deep 25 second long inhale and I swear it did not feel like I was even getting anything but when I exhaled OOOOOOOOOOWeeeeeeeeee, I blew out the biggest cloud of vapor and the smoothest that I have ever vaped I believe. Well about 7 drags later I am just working in my garden and BOOOF the shit hit the fan and I went from kinda high to LIT. My heart started racing and I started to literally go into the 5th in the middle of my garden lol. I decided to take a break and went out into another room and had to get a wet wash cloth and try to calm down and instead of calming down everything went green and I was in the movie Heavy Metal or some shit with dick-tits,ass-legs.. the only way I can describe it is the part in Beavis and Butthead do america when beavis accidently eats the peyote in the desert and starts tripping balls. I used to smoke 2 or 3 bongs a day until my lung collapsed and I HAVE NEVER BEEN THAT HIGH, It has been 2 hours and I am just now starting to come back to comfort zone.... Watch out for that Plenty it will kick your ass faster than Chuck Norris.... Also I would like to add that the Auto Moby Dick is strain of Paprika :D and I grow Paprika,Sage,and Maters in my garden.... Don't judge me. :-!
  • DregerUS
    dammm bro i wish that shit upon you again
  • Moe
    I used to go to the 5th dimension in my early days as a pot smoker. Now I have to day 2 sessions back to back to get loaded. I sure miss the good days where I would take one drag from a joint and get blasted lol
  • Herb
    Lol it is rare that I go there, today was a surprise, and I know Moe, back in the day I could get fried from a 1 hitter of the Mexican dirt paprika lol
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