• Rezinade
    I was looking to buy a new grinder but I'm only hoping to spend $30 or less.

    I was looking at the Black Tie Grinder

    It seems pretty decent (not the biggest fan of the design personally) for the price, but I was hoping someone could comment on the quality or if anybody has any recommendations for a good four-piece grinder at a similar or lower price?

  • duff
    I haven't tried that brand, but I did just get an Interplanetary Development SW2 for $25 on their website and it's pretty nice.
    I used discount code ID420.
  • Baron23
    Looks like it ought to be just fine, IMO.
  • DregerUS
    I tried that route myself I ended up purchasing some that were made very cheaply and painted cheaply so much so that I was afraid to use them because they could have been flaking off into my " paprika"

    Correction maybe not with that specific brand

    I would suggest this one

  • kpx420
    Hey how would u rate the grind consistency of the SW2? Im looking into either that or a Large 4pc SCS.. I already have a small 4pc space case.. The SW2 for like 30 bucks compared to like 54 for the SCS.. trying to trying to weigh the difference? Does the loss in teeth help alot? How does the SW2 compare to the SC? thanks~
  • duff
    @kpx420, grind consistency in my SWII is pretty similar to my SCS.
    Maybe a bit courser which is good because I can control how finely I grind by flipping it over and grinding some more.

    Since I got the SWII I haven't used my SCS.

    It's hard to beat the price and it performs very well.
  • kpx420

    sw2 more coarse than scs? I like the sound of that.. I have Space case 4pc which i think is little bit fine for me..How is the build quality compared to each other? I guess more or less im wondering, is the sw2 more like 30dollar grinder quality build or is top notch build for a damn good price right now? lol.. I was leaning SCS for that cheaper price but now your swinging me the other way.. I have til saturday i believe to make my order.. Oh yea kief catch are pretty similar on either one i guess? does one do a better job than the other?
  • duff
    I catch much more kief in the SWII.
    Build quality is very good.
    I have their grinder, the landing pad and their punch press and all are top quality.

    Machining is very good. Has a nice heft to it.
    Grinds as easily as my SCS, maybe a bit easier.
  • kpx420

    Very helpful man!!! thank you..I going to scrap the scs for the swII.. I have a vap cap M.. hows that launching pad? but i really dont love my M but yea anyways, since you got both grinders that is good to hear.. How long have you have the sw2 now? Oh yea is the compartment where the grinded herb lands on top of the screen bigger compartment in the SW2 than SCS? or equal?
  • kpx420
    The herb compartment is bigger on sw2 than scs also?
  • Icemansean
    Bough a black tie grinder a few days ago, really love the product, works way better than any I've had previously although I've never used a premium grinder before.
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