• Cloudburst
    Still have yet to try the FF2 (none of my friends have it and I'm hesitant to get one of my own). From what I've read here and on other forums, it's a pretty divisive model. I'm a bit curious about it but probably not enough to buy it without trying it.
  • Bruce

    I learned that when it comes to vaporizers dollar amounts can be very misleading. Example FF2 $330 plus tax and shipping. The Crafty is now $ 279 (USD). Two FF2's combined can't match a Crafty. A low-cost Flowemate can go for $89, it's an awesome vape, and at the same time it's MUCH better than the FF2...

    I am only making a very insulting remark because it's accurate and I want to contribute an important message about the FF2. The people behind seem to be very nice and I wish I had kinder words to say.

    The FireFly plain and simply does not do a good job of vaping cannabinoids materials. To sum it up, the idea is great, but it is a low performer.

    To get rid of the FF2, I put mine on the app called Let Go in the Apple App Store.
    I listed my FF2 there and it was for $200, I settled on $125. I am happy to be done with it.
    Let Go would be a good place to make something back on the FF2

    I would hold off buying if I were you. The Ghost MV1 is going to be shipping this week hopefully next week. It is going to be the best Vape on the market according to the best reviewers.

    The performance of the Mighty which is the Number One Vaporizer by popularity. I think its the Solo 1/2. But next week the Mighty will be #2 and the newest innovation is coming out.

    If you're looking for a desktop the balloon only Volcano. I think the Arizer Extreme Q is the best it does balloon, whip style, aroma therapy. You can get a Brand New Arizer Extreme Q $199.

    If it's me I get the MV1 and the Davinci IQ (compact)
  • jayhof
    Hey guys this is my first post on the Vapelife. I have had my FF2 for almost a year now. It was my first vape and to be honest it spent most of its time on a shelf. I was getting more use out of my pax2 and my CHONG'S CHOICE HERBALIZER which I totally love (I do find I get better results by using it with the volcano solid valve kit and replaceable bags.)

    I recently stumbled across this youtube video on how to use the FF2 https://youtu.be/R1GV1POCsSM?t=9m35s . All I can say is it has made a really big difference and I am really enjoying my FF2 now. I have been using it every day for the last week. I am still looking forward to getting my hands on the new Ghost vape but I'm still waiting for my email to order it. I hope that the youtube video helps you out as much as it helped me out.
  • deadb0ltz
    I also made the mistake of purchasing the FF2. I loved it at first. The flavor was amazing but it was too hard to use and inconvenient, I had to stir after every second draw. I sold it in preparation for the MV1.
  • Cl4ud3
    Nice that you managed to get some use from it :) and good find on the video it might help some. (Y)
    Mine is sat in a cupboard, I've got vapes that cost half as much that outshine the firefly2 and they don't need any magical instructions to get the best from >:O
    I feel there is a hell of a lot wrong with the design and function of the thing.

    I am holding out hope that the Ghost gets higher ratings all round so Firefly have to ditch the whole "highest rated vaporizer" crap >:)
  • jayhof
    I agree with you. I was really bummed after I spent the $$$ to get it. When I got it I had just got my MMJ card and was looking for a vape that didn’t need to be filled with a huge amount in the chamber as I was fearful of getting over medicated and paranoid. Luckily that was never the case. The FF2 can do the job but there are a lot of other options that can do the job for less and are more user-friendly. I will say that since I have been using the advice in that video I am happy with it and it will no longer just be a very expensive paper weight. If I could go back in time knowing what I know now I would have saved my money.
  • Bruce
    I agree. The biggest of all is that FF2 has been at $330 for a long time. Based on my own nightmare with the FF2. I had a new unit sent to me in an exchange. That was really nice and they do care.

    I felt like I was exhausting myself trying to get anything out of it.

    I think FF2 should stop being defensive. A big fat sale shows something,

    For whatever its worth if there is a Firefly 3, stop before you start, nobody will buy anything with the name Firefly.
  • Baron23
    The people behind seem to be very niceBruce
    I think FF2 should stop being defensive.Bruce

    Well, the CS reps may well be very nice people, but I agree that they are defensive as a company to the point of aggression toward complaining customers and others.

    At the start of the release, people who were having problems were often turned away by FF with the "you just don't know how to use it right" "or you didn't mount the lid properly", or your gasket falling off is an aethetic defect and we won't warrant it (even though we provide ISO swabs and used a glue for the gasket that's not ISO resistant).

    Complete and utter BS and just threw it back at the owners.

    Then they had that cheesy vid of the CEO blowing giant clouds of what was definitely NOT MJ. Total job.

    I wouldn't do business with them for anything at all.
  • Bruce
    What is amazing. What sold me on the FF2, was seeing that cloud. I went and got it Johnny on the spot. So obviously I know now that is a BS video. The other thing that is obvious is that FF2 put out that video so they must know we are sold on vapor production.

    I tried so hard to make that work. Hundreds of times. I tried dozens of techniques, different herbs, a replacement unit. Thanks For Letting Me Vent! I wound up with the IQ. and it's a really good vape.

    Where is that Dang Vape Critic? Probably ironing his cape again.....

    ^^^ V a p e M a s t e r^^^
  • BobaTheFett
    I get monster clouds from the firefly2 when I tryn
  • Kenman
    Hi all, new here. I like my ff2, it travels better than my solo 2, great taste, and unlike my solo 2 the ff2 has nice cool vape that's easy on the throat. If I had 1 complaint it would be the cleaning. While easy, you have to do it often to get the best flavor. Unlike the solo 2 where you can soak the glass straws. I find myself taking my ff2 on the road and the Solo 2 for around the house.
  • VapeCritic
    thanx for chiming in with ur experiences!
  • AsUwish
    FF2 was my second vape and it's just like Bud said, patience. It took me 2 months to find the right temps, load, and draw to get it to work juuuust right. For best results, you must stir after every hit or two. After each hit I like to place the opening of a very small container over the chamber of the FF2, flip it over to pour the herbs in, give the container a quick shake, then put the herb back in. I find this to be much better than stirring for me. Also, it's best to wait at least 45 seconds to a minute between hits to kind of allow the heater time to cool down enough for a stronger hit.

  • Bruce
    I disagree the FF2 does a very good job of burning.... my finger tips and rubber gaskets. Period. Not joking.

    I spent $330 plus tax so that I can learn to use a vape that I need to stand on my head to use. That's why the feedback is what it is.

    People like me get angry when spending that kind of money $330 plus tax. That is something the company would like to go away, but that money makes a big difference in my life. On top of that, I had to spend $275 plus tax on the DaVinci IQ, which is the real deal and worth every single penny I spent on it.

    I hope this helps future potential customers to make the right choice, and not be on here upset over being ripped off.

    I have the Solo 1, and you will never find a vaporizer that is easier to clean. I take a moistened towel and clean the inside of the stem, and then do the same for the inside where the stem goes. I take the same cloth and wipe down and it's brand new every time. I have been doing that for 5 years and I would not know if it's BRAND NEW or used. Period.

    I agree though that the FF2 is more pocketable. There are $90 vapes that are just as pocketable and work, the FF2 doesn't work.
  • Bruce
    I think thats a good idea, I am going to try standing on my head and vaping. Bottoms Up!

    Maybe I should try my FF2 in my pool, the result might be very shocking...

    You have just been vaporized, By The One The Only, The Master of Disaster ^^^ The Vape Master^^^
  • Kenman
    The first couple days I too was burning the crap out my herb, came to the conclusion that I was way over packing the bowl. Now I barely tamp it down and I also use a very coarse grind. As I said in my post taste is a huge factor for me. I don't think you can find a $90 dry herb vape that would deliver as good taste. If you know of one let me know
  • BouncingOffClouds
    @VapeCritic Can you consolidate all the FF2 threads into one mega official thread?
    The only real issue I've had with mine was the lid gasket coming off but I fixed that on my own. Turns out honey is an excellent adhesive!
    I did lose my mouthpiece when it got loose and fell off during a walk once. One semi ranty email later and they hooked me up with some replacements. No regrets with my purchase at all.
  • DogstarNYC
    thanks for your advice...just can't past the fact that after dropping a lot of money on a product with a "that will have to do" design aesthetic.
    Now I'm getting the Flashing red light and have to reset the battery in the compartment...they emailed me and said they are aware if this issue and should be resolved soon.
    But going through the posts here I see this battery issue has been there since release!!!
    L E M O N
  • shaolinmilk
    It's quite sad how Bud initially gave it like a 95/100, but now it dropped 11 points down to an 84/100. A lot of people probably believed it was the best vaporizer ever when the initial review came out. If they seen the score now, it must feel really bad. I'm glad I did a shit load of research before I even thought about buying this unit.
  • l2j1
    Thank you Baron 23 for your huge help. I am going to invest in the Enano by Epicvape. I think the draw resistance (which is probably my issue) on my FF2 is too hard, the results are too mild. So I'm moving on in my quest to find a vaporizer that delivers what it promises. I like the VapeXhale ALOT and I'm kind of torn but I think the Enano. Mostly because when I went to pick attachments for the EVO, the ones I liked were all sold out. I believe the Enano can be returned for exchange OR refund, ill have to look into that more because most refunds are only issued on unopened items. I don't drive anymore, I almost always eat my meds. I really like vaping, I just want to find the right fit for me. It's out there. I am sort of a gadget nut, but this drawer of portable vape fails is getting silly.
  • l2j1
    I still don't have a desk top vape. The new ghost looks like it does a fine job, is it comparable or better than the desk tops out there?
  • Bruce
    The effects are as good as my Arizer Extreme Q. Put it this way, I haven't even thought about using my Extreme Q, So I guess my desktop is starting to gather dust and is destined for that final storage box in the sky.
  • Celticdavie1888
    I loved my FF2. Just got the MV1 so I probably won't use it much. Might fire it up every now and again because the taste from FF2 is amazing and seems better than MV1 so far.

    I smoked for over 10 years before I tried to give up with ecigs and vapes. Got a Plenty about 4 years ago but couldn't kick the joints. It's clear from a joke review video I sent to my mates that I didn't know how to use it properly. It gathered dust until I got a Flowermate mini and that kinda opened my eyes to potential of vaping. Got to know the Plenty eventually and loved it. Wouldn't even think about smoking a joint anymore(outside Amsterdam).

    Got the FF2 as soon as it was released in Europe. I haven't used my Plenty since. I've used FF2 every day for over a year and had no problems. There is a bit of a learning curve with the drawing and packing but you get used to it. Only issue I've had(apart from recent app one) has been mentioned; ISO on the rubber causes the seal to come away. I'd wipe the whole thing with an ISO wipe and the lid was ruined in 3 months. My second lid is still ok because I'm careful not to get ISO on rubber and just clean that with a brush.

    I loved the on demand aspect of FF2. I can vape a bowl over an hour while playing Xbox. Not possible with something like a Crafty, which my mate has. Although Crafty is better for vaping on the go because the FF2 needs stirred every draw, pretty hard to do outside in a wet and windy Scotland! The FF2 also almost halved my consumption overnight compared to using Plenty. I was doing same amount of vapes a night, about 3, in Plenty I was using about 0.3g a time but FF2 is about 0.15g. It has almost paid for itself in amount of material I've saved in a year while using it. MV1 is even less at 0.1g so maybe I'll save even more.

    Still getting to know the MV1 but initial impressions are good. Probably wait a few days before writing about on here.
  • Baron23
    As a home bound (mostly, right?) person who doesn't need a vape to go running around with and will use it to supplement your edibles, I think you will LOVE the Enano. Great extractor, runs on a crumb of herb if you want, is on demand (take a hit and set the stem aside), is unobtrusive in house, is almost completely agnostic to the grind (fine to hand torn nugs work), can easily be put on water tool if desired, and the company is great.

    I also do absolutely LOVE my EVO and HT....but as a pure, one-vape-only, medical device, I think I favor the Enano.
  • Baron23
    Fairness absolutely requires that we do indeed recognize that there many people out there very satisfied with their FF2. Many are not.....but many are.

    Got to be fair....but for me, I'm on the "the vape and the company ain't for me" side but that's only one POV.
  • BlueDream310
    am with you there I can't recommend it too much work and I enjoy the learning the ins and outs of a new vape
  • l2j1
    Thanks. Really that is soooo helpful. A friend of mine gave me her DaBuddha and it’s functional.
  • Dreamlike
    I am one of those people who loves their Firefly 2. Great flavor, easy draw, easy to clean, don’t need a grinder to use, fairly discrete, replaceable battery, and appropriate to use one hit at a time. (I am not a heavy smoker.) It’s not the hardest hitter out there by a long shot, and my wife never could quite get the hang of it. That said, it works better after the first hit. Once I got it going for her, she was fine with it.

    It really depends on your needs, but I’m quite happy with my FF2 and will be keeping it in my lineup even with my new Ghost (which is every bit as good as folks on the board have been saying).
  • Slowdraw
    There is a learning curve with the FF2 but it's so worth it once you figure it out. I find the vapor to be cooler than with my Mighty, Crafty or DaVinci IQ. Also the cleaning process is a breeze!
  • Bruce
    I have already, been accused of being cruel to FF2 by voicing my opinion on Vape Life. My intent in November of 2016 was to buy the best vaporizer which would be on a level with my other purchases, of the Arizer Vapes, S and B, Davinci... etc...

    My FF2 worked Okay the first few days. (Slightly disappointed) but it all went downhill from there. Too many problems to list. The company reached out and I appreciate their efforts. Again, first few days was Okay, Then exact same thing. I tried to be positive but just night after night of trying to make that puppy work was exhausting me. I wish it were better.

    Firefly needs to realize a few things that they don't.

    $330 plus shipping and tax is not a joke. Most of us arent sitting on top of a company, and crying foul. Its serious shit. I need to medicate. I had to go out and get an IQ for $279 plus S & H, and tax. thats over $600. Thankfully the IQ, has exceeded my expectations, even now, 10 months later.

    Its not being a Jew, to still hold a grudge. Money is not easy to come by. Its not being a Jew, turning around and selling the replacement for $125, just so I can restore some of my losses financially.

    If I didn't try at least 100 times, I would say maybe I am being picky. I feel like I lost a lung trying.

    Look at the feedback. The company is in denial.

    The company responds by putting it on the customer to stand on their head to make the FF2 Work.

    I would be the first person on the bandwagon wearing a FF2 hat if the company were remorsful. But they haven't even acknowledged anything.

    I hate to see people lose on the FF2 end. Jobs and lives are on the line.

    What nerve, putting the company and jobs ahead of selling a bad product.

    My only intentions are to share this experience on Vape Life. I look at Vape Life all the time to share experiences. I share mine. And I see FF2, I am going to chime in because it's the right thing to do.

    I have no affiliations with Davinci, Arizer or any of the other companies which have done good by me and I show my love. These devices help me.

    No remorse. from the company. They cant win this battle. I go to smoke shops all the time, 90 % of the stores that have the FF2, the salesperson will say under their breath to not buy it. Why? Because of me?

    Sorry to hear about people losing their jobs. It hurts to hear it. I pray for these people.

    Sell it for what it is. A decent concentrate vape, that can do herbs (not very well). I wouldn't buy it for any price, but there is a market for concentrate pad Vapes. Putting jobs and guilt on consumers to help a company is ridiculous and immoral when the company is asking the public to buy a very faulty device.
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