• AsUwish
    Hi Jake. Nice write up. The HealthyRips Force was actually my first of what quickly became many vapes and I agree with you 100%. It's a solid vape! Nice taste and really good vapor production.
  • Deleted User
    I'm glad you liked it too and that it got you going on the path to vapor enlightenment!
  • vape L
    Jesus, how many names does this thing have?! Just saw a video review on Reddit and Peyton Penn has the same thing and it goes by "Hippy Rebel". It certainly looks interesting and it's nice and small but I just can't be bothered with all these claims about who designed it and who is copying. These companies all making such claims and if I can't trust them to be honest about that I won't be placing much trust with anything else they say.
  • Teece
    Hi, we uploaded our FURY "First Look" video over 40 days ago (April 1) using our final prototype that we tested and approved for production - as you can see here: https://youtu.be/kOvn15jNNcM.

    We explained this in an earlier post:
    The development of the FURY is a collaborative effort between us (Healthy Rips by Green Curative, Inc.) and our manufacturing plant. We are still a relatively small company and we did not quite have the resources to cover all of the substantial manufacturing expenses. Our manufacturing plant agreed to cover most of the expenses if they could recoup their costs by offering a version of the FURY to a couple of their other clients.
    Hopefully this will help you understand why there are other versions on the market. Although - we are not sure why this other company would be selling their version for $159 when ours is $139.

    Please let us know if you have any questions.

    All the Best!
    Teece - Healthy Rips Team
  • Deleted User
    so that did you think man? I think we need you to weigh in so we can have a final judgement from the Vaped One himself.
  • Teece
    You just joined this site an hour ago.
    Whenever we have a positive positing about our company - we have a 'New member' post links to this smokingvapor website. We have already cleared up this issue in the FORCE posting on this website see here: https://forum.vapelife.com/discussion/comment/15290
    You can see that all of our claims are true.

    Please stop spreading false information about our company - it would be greatly appreciated.

    All the Best!
    Healthy Rips Team
  • DregerUS
    I am unable to recall due to the lack of a free pen.

    ( it's actually because of your condition ) " yeah but he doesn't know that "
  • Teece
    This is not the first time this has happened. There have been several posts on several different forums where 'new members' have joined to redirect people to this 'smokingvapor' company whilst badmouthing ours. We refrain from this type of behavior and it is not allowed on FC and Reddit - we would expect the same here.

    You have been asking for a 'free pen' for a long time - is it time to send you one? LOL

    We will be out the rest of the day - so we will not be able to make another post until this evening - sorry in advance if you don't get a reply until this evening.

    All the Best!
    Healthy Rips Team
  • Bodhi Naut
    "yeah but he doesn't know that "DregerUS
  • Deleted User
    Haha free pens for dreger!
  • Panetes
    Hey guys I just got my Fury and I've been testing it out throughout the weekend. So far so good, I've used it roughly 4-5 times and it still has two bars. I have to agree with , it is a bit hard to open but you kind of want that on a thing that's meant to be thrown into a backpack. I have to apologize to , this thing is the bomb. And since says it has different weight than the other one and I can attest that the software seems customized I'm feeling much better about my purchase.
  • Teece
    Thank you for sharing your experience with the FURY! No apologies necessary - it is great to hear that you are enjoying it so much! There is a 'trick' to removing the lid: Hold the FURY in your hand and push the the lid away from the body with your thumb (which you are probably already doing) - but try positioning your thumb off-center while pushing the lid away from the body - it comes off much easier that way. Let us know if you need a better explanation :)

    Enjoy the massive milky clouds!

    All the Best!
    Healthy Rips Team
  • Deleted User
    yeah the way you put it makes sense. It's really not hard to get off, it's just a different kind of design. I wish it was a magnetic connection though because that would make it way easier to load on the go. But I'm really digging the fury. I wish the screen filter on the bottom of the airpath with the blue silicone on it was a little more securely attached. But the fury is perfect for a quick sesh when I'm out and about.
  • DabConnection
    Looks very nice and compact. What are the dimensions on this?
  • Teece
    Hi - the FURY is 3" tall X 2" wide X 1" thick (actually just under 1"). It has a solid Kirsite Alloy body and massive vapor production. Let us know if you have any more questions :)
    All the Best!
    Teece - Healthy Rips Team
  • sutravape
    First off much respect to the forum and the job @Teece is doing moderating.

    Obviously we all want originality with our product choices, that doesn't always happen, hence the HR and the Sutra. I believe both companies have done prior business with this very reputable manufacturer, they produce a quality product so we brought it to market.

    I honestly can't say who brought it first or what have you. I strongly suspect as in other cases, they are the exact same product, different packaging.

    We don't want to steal any thunder from the current product, yes ours to has a passive airflow thus producing a convection vape. This little baby rips, no matter whom you purchase from, it's a great unit and you will be completely satisfied.

    I'm not sure if HR added the Quartz bucket for concentrate to the unit, if they haven't I suspect they will here in the near future. It to is a great feature and works really well.

    Again all due respect to @Teece, great job managing the line of enquiry, our intention on chiming is to help all gain perspective.

  • frandemarco
    Just Let the Man test it out for an review, some or most of us go by what vape critic recommends first....just saying.
  • Bruce
    So many vapes so little time (and weed), what's The Vape Critic to do.
  • duff
    Thanks @sutravape

    Very interesting but not too surprising.
  • Kenhof
    Does anyone know anything about the healthy rips "pocket" vape?
  • Cl4ud3
    It was a rebrand but they discontinued it.
  • Kenhof
    Thanks cl4ud3, noticed it on ebay and was curious. Live in a prohibition state and kind of looking for something to take out and about that if I had to ditch would not set me back much
  • metalmancpa
    I'm intrigued by the Fury for it's size. Right now I am running two vapes from the same company - Crafty & Mighty. They were pricey, but they are great vapes IMO despite some known issues. The Mighty is my at home one, and the Crafty for travel. I did have the Crafty returned/replaced for an issue, and S&B sent me a new one. The Fury has the Mighty's digital readout with easy temp control which I really like, and the price point decent.

    So please, since money is always tight, can someone convince me NOT to get a Fury because of what I already own?
  • duff
    Your vape signatures will all be very similar @metalmancpa. All three of your vapes would be hybrid convection/conduction units.

    For me, changing from my Crafty to a pure convection device (and vice versa) has tremendous effects.
  • Konstantinos


    I just got on this thread. I want to ask that if there is problem with the battery after some period of use can it be replaced?
  • FlameBeats
    The HealthyRips Fury is my go to for a quickie :wink:
  • elykpeace

    Rebrand called hippie rebel .. durring checkout I got an email for 10% off... Hooked my buddy up for 79 shipped!!
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