• Cl4ud3
    It's another reason I don't like the thing, so many reports of just weird un-repeatable bugs. From not connecting to lights flashing, some days it works some it doesn't :(
  • Bruce
    Yo' Dawgz, Catz, Mice and other small Beingz,

    Just get the IQ!

    The Pax is the most popular portable vaporizer ever. I think the IQ is beating them at their own game. The IQ, in my opinion, is the Best Dang Portable Vaporizer Period (B.D.P.V.E).

    You Have Just Been Vaporized By The One and Only: ^^^ Vape Master^^^
  • DaveinSM
    I have both the FF2 and the Pax2 and for me the Pax has worked out much, much better. The Pax 2 is still a great vape and I'm torn between getting another Pax 2 (not interested in the Pax 3) and the IQ. For an in-pocket, on-the-go vape, I can't imagine anything working much better. What I like about the DaVinci: micro USB charging, 18650 replaceable battery, built-in pick, and this is turning out to be a biggie: no tiny, removable oven lid to misplace or lose. You can't use the Pax at all without the oven lid (or the FF2 for that matter) so I sometimes wonder if they should've made it more like the IQ.
  • Bruce
    I would agree that there isn't a $75(USD) difference between the Pax 2 and Pax 3. The Pax 2 is $130 less expensive than the Firefly 2 and the Pax 3 is $60 less. The Firefly 2 - and the Pax 3 are in the Vape Critic's top five tiers. The Pax 2 will out produce the FF2, with ease.

    I couldn't agree with you more about the IQ. It is the best of any portable or ultraportable on the market (In My Opinion). Another consideration should be the Crafty. Especially since it has come down in price to $279 (USD). Another compelling case can be made for getting the Mighty ($349).

    It's a tough choice, I would choose the IQ. I use the Pax 2 as my backup while my IQ is in for service. I miss my IQ a lot!

    i use the links at the end of the Vape Critics, video reviews to purchase it's the safest way and it benefits the Vape Critic. What more can you ask for.

    Ascend Upwards (R)

    You Have Just Been Vaporized By The One and Only: ^^^ Vape Master^^^
  • Herb
    I let my FireFly 2 set for over a week while I was using my DaVinci IQ, then picked it back up to try it and guess what.... it still sucks ass... :-!
  • VapeFully
    Sorry to hear about your experience. How the story ended? You ended up with the FF2 not working and no refund?
  • Herb
    Nope, FireFly would not do shit... they offered to repair it but said that if they did not find anything wrong they were going to charge me 30$ plus shipping and they absolutely would not refund even though it was only a week old... so I said to hell with it and kept it. It is a 329$ dust collector in my vape box, I get it out now and then to try and get a good session out of it but it never happens lol it is a piece of shit.
  • Herb
    Well tonight was one of those nights I wanted to give my FF2 another chance... well it failed again, I swear I hate this damn vape with all the hate in me and I hate the company. The MFLB performs 10x better is just as smooth and you don't have to suck your lungs out, and here is the kicker the MFLB ACTUALLY FUCKING WORKS and it was only 110$ the FF2 is 329 and IT FAILS... I gotta stop now or I am gonna break the App and the Vape... Fuck FireFly
  • Herb
    I am gonna pitch this idea to Mark at FireFly, check my idea.... You put the convection heater in his ass then sauter the glass bowl in his mouth the jam a stem in his spine, kick him in the balls and WHAM BAM SLUTTY SAM super smooth vapor.... END RAGE.
  • Marco
    Kakarot have tried to insert a needle into each hole in the ceramic chamber of the FF2? I do it every 10 sessions around and it always works fine
  • Herb
    nah lol it is not that, I have checked the holes with a microscope they are clear... the unit is a PoS
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