• Optimo
    Firefly 2 is awesome, I have been really lucky in that mine has no defects, everything works flawlessly, even the battery display on the app. For someone like me who lives in LA and has access to some of the best buds in the world, this thing has become a godsend, and in my humble opinion blows everything else portable out of the water in terms of vapor QUALITY, something that I hold in highest regards. CHEERS!
  • Biz

    Unfortunately I do not live in a part of the world where I can make such choices regarding my material. Short of a visit to Amsterdam a while back, I never experienced anything close to what you would call a strain haha.
  • Kakarot
    I am sorry :’( and that sux. While you were in Amsterdam they did not have different strains?? What is the law like where you live?
  • Cl4ud3
    loads of strains in Amsterdam, its where a lot of the current flavours came from originally.
  • Kakarot
    I know I was asking if he did not get to try different ones why he was there.
  • frandemarco
    All I can say I'm so glad I didnt spend almost 400 bucks on that thing, nor will I even look at the firefly3
  • Bruce
    Very cool video. I think he packed the IQ, way too much. According to the manufacturer, it's to the end of the white oven.
  • Kakarot
    That is my video lol, and yes you pack it to the top and then when you shut the lid the pearl should pack it down to where its a firm/full pack, its conduction so you want a pretty fine grind, it holds about .7 or .8 with EASE and the pearl will fit nice and snug on top of the material. I keep a nug in the flavor chamber at all times. I am sitting here now puffin on the FF2, I decided to give the IQ a rest for a second lol and I have to say after using the IQ so many times, and now using the FF2.......... it is really sad because I am trying to like the FF2 but I just can't because it sucks, the IQ outclasses it in every way even in the taste of the vapor, I have never got a burnt tasting hit with the IQ and that is all I get with the FF2, tis sad.
  • Kakarot
    Sitting here just reading, the fact that the FF2 is 330 and the Mighty is 399, now 350 is the most retarded thing I have ever seen. Seeing how the FF2 performs now I would not pay 150$. It is so not worth the money and everyone that has been ripped off needs to start raising hell until Firefly either fixes it or gives the damn money back.. this really pisses me off.
  • Big Hands
    I love my ff2, and prefer it over my Mighty, and my grasshopper. It has the coolest vape, best taste, and it's the most efficient. My bud, and I preordered ours, and never had problems. Sorry for you guys with malfunctioning bugs. But i got nothing but love for my FF2. It's my daily driver.
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