• wdrbbq
    Hi. I'm new here. This is my first post.
    I bought an Extreme Q Vape, vaped at 401 degrees for the entire weekend and saved the used grounds. Now, I have a mound of vaped grounds that I was going to discard thinking that, if THC boils at 392 degrees, 401 degrees must have gotten it all. Wrong! 3 bong hits later I was off like a rocket. Of course it lacked the aroma and flavor of lower temps but it didn't taste used up or burnt either.
    If I can extract more of a buzz from material vaped at 401 degrees, there must be a temperature between 401 and 440, the combustion temperature of bud (tell me if I'm wrong about that 440 number), at which I can extract all of the buzz while admittedly sacrificing aroma and flavor.
    My question: Does anyone know what that temperature is? How close to 440 do I have to come to be assured I got it all?
  • vaporghost
    My flowermate v7s, flask looking vape/lot of companies made it under different brand, tends to go to the higher temps, the highest one is almost combustion it leaves the material darky, the other vapes leave it more like lightly brown. I still get some clouds when I use the light brown stuff in flowermate, but no effect, so I guess it depends on the efficiency of extraction of your device and on how fine do you grind, correct me if Im wrong but extreme q needs stirring right?
  • wdrbbq
    Thanks for your response. Yes, the Extreme Q does require stirring. I saw a YouTube vid saying the way to get around stirring is to only fill the bowl about 1/3 full. I guess that's fine if you're getting enough vapor in the bag. Tip: If you're going to stir, remember to turn off the fan before you remove the bag and mini whip. I found out the hard way.
    At 401 degrees, the material looks spent, the color of cigarette tobacco. That's another reason I was shocked to find there was more buzz in it. Seems to me that when the grounds come out of my Pax 2, they are about the same color and, upon putting them into a bong, everything appears to be depleted. I believe the 4th level of a Pax 2 is around 410 degrees.
    From what I've read, it's almost as if folks lose sight of why they bought the bud in the first place, sacrificing the high in favor of flavor and aroma. I think people may be discarding grounds that still have a lot of what they paid for still in them. As much as I appreciate the flavor and aroma of that first vape hit, if it's an either/or situation, I've gotta go with the buzz. That's really what I'm paying for.
    I guess what I have to do is bump up the temp and hold it there until I generate some spent grounds and then check them with the bong until I'm satisfied everything has been extracted, even though the flavor and aroma will be diminished as the temp rises. Thanks again.
  • Baron23
    440, the combustion temperature of bud (tell me if I'm wrong about that 440 number)wdrbbq

    IMO, yes.....You are wrong.....there are all kinds of numbers floating around that are all over the place, but based on my reading and experience I believe combustion to start in the 500 - 550 F.

    I have run a Volcano Digit at 446 (its max temp) many times and the AVB has not one shred of burnt herb or signs of combustion.

    Hope this is helpful.
  • BringnGoodVibes
    I believe that the max temp of THC CBD extraction from flower is 365 degrees F. please correct me if I am wrong but anything above this temp you start to produce unwanted toxins in the vapor you are inhaling and that = bad.

    I usually go from 155-185 degree C with my mighty... someone school me if my input is incorrect please.
  • Baron23
    Hi Friend - I think if you really spend some time researching this (and it well may not be worth it to you) you will find temps all over the place. Many of the temp tables you see derive their data from the same scholarly article (but many do so without references) which in turn culled data from many sources (its all foot noted). That is, this study did NO direct lab work....it just took numbers from a wide array of other articles.

    If you look very closely, you will find some of these sources say that the samples were pure distillates of the compound in question while we all know our cannabinoids are in a complex mechanical plant matrix with about a 100 or more other substances. Also, some of these articles indicate that test conditions were in essentially a vacuum (which will dramatically lower boiling point) while some indicate that the test conditions were standard atmosphere at sea level (29.92 inches of mercury).

    Basically this shit is all over the place and I really, really, really believe, after over a year of researching this, that the best that can be said with any accuracy is that low temps are headier while higher temps tend to be more sedative. Also, if you look at benzene in these temp tables you will not ever see a quantity or percentage. I just don't think we have solid, peer reviewed, and properly footnoted and referenced studies on this subject thanks mostly to the Fed's inhibition of any cannabis research.

    But please, if you find me to be wrong, please come back and correct me. All good, yeah? X-)
  • wdrbbq
    "Basically this shit is all over the place and I really, really, really believe, after over a year of researching this, that the best that can be said with any accuracy is that low temps are headier while higher temps tend to be more sedative."

    I agree completely and I'm neither surprised nor insulted when someone says the 440 number I gave earlier is wrong. It's difficult trying to research it when everyone professes to know and they state numbers as gospel when it's really just their opinion based on an article they read where someone else was stating their opinion but presenting it as fact.

    I feel I should give some background info. I'll try to keep it brief. I'm a 69 year old retired Civil engineer who has been getting high every day for 50 years, but never at work and never while driving. I'm not judging anyone. It's just my personal choice. What caused me to delve into the world of vaping is that I own a restored Chrysler Lebaron convertible that my 40 year old son loves to drive while I ride shotgun, leaving me free to catch a buzz. I have never found a lighter that would fire up while going 60 mph with the top down. Vaping appeared to be the answer. However, I was unaware of much the science involved at the time, save for the basic idea, but I soon became interested.
    That's pretty much the reason.
    I hope I don't irritate anyone or sound too ignorant or obtuse, but when I'm on the road I'm more concerned with extracting all of the buzz without combustion than I am with the toxins involved. When I'm home with the Extreme Q, I can vape material a few times at increasing temps if I wish. However, I would still like to know if there is one optimum temperature. I think 50 years of experience with no apparent ill effects (I have a checkup every 6 months and a complete physical with chest x rays every year) makes one feel bullet proof with respect to the toxins ingested at higher temps, perhaps falsely. However, I don't want to just blindly crank up the temperature. As I stated in an earlier post, I deeply appreciate that first flowery, flavorful hit from a portable vape but I have a problem with discarding some of the high that I'm paying for. To paraphrase the quote above, at low temps we have a nice flavorful, cerebral high and at high temps we have the more sedated powerful buzz we're all used to from hitting a bong. On the road I'm looking for a single temperature that will provide some flavor and aroma but will extract nearly all of the THC and not taste overly harsh and scorched.

    A simple question with a complicated answer, I concede. Thanks.
    451'F is combustion, so 446 is plenty close but will never burn the herb, just vape it to death lol. Have you ever made edibles out of the AVB you vaped at 446 ?
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