• Chaotix
    So I ordered the PFE and after two weeks I finally had it. German customs just kept it for 5 days because they can.

    Much better draw resistance, almost Mighty/Crafty like... and it doesn't get too hot, no more need for that rubber tip piece of .......

    Works with water, 14mm native fit.

    this mouthpiece really changes the entire vape. Now that there are longer draws possible and since it works with or without grinding the material the GH is now great with water and without. Well worth the 30 bucks!



  • Baron23
    Hi, mate. I know many who think that the PFE is stays cooler and allows native hitting without a silicon rubber on it but that's not my experience.

    I have a PFE and its perfect for its purpose of putting the GH on glass but man....my SS PFE will get hot as hell (and my GH body and back end have alwasy stayed cool so my GH is operating well).

    Not sure the difference....perhaps just sensitivity to heat???
  • waxfiend
    My friend got the very first revision of the GH and it was kind of burny tasting, has this been fixed now on the later ones? It also could have been his just was defective.
  • Chaotix
    I bought mine used it came with the leather sleeve it is first revision too. Low serial number and all.

    Well I got it and days later had the flashing red and blue. I wrote them they said send it and so on.

    But I didn't. I went on FC and found this thread of how to clean THE TOP PIECE! it wasn't the front, the oven... it was the top piece with the dial. I used iso on a q-tip and clicked the button about 3 million times. I let it dry... no more red and blue lights. Working fine... it's been 6 weeks ;-)

    And I also find the PFE to get hot BUT the nature of the hopper is a sloooooooow draw

    Important: always click off at the end of your draw. Never leave it on....
    that helped me like the unit, before I didn't.
  • frandemarco
    I'm debating on getting the I need a decent convection vape is this worth it??
  • Cl4ud3
    Can you deal with a higher than average return rate? I would love to try one as I know so many people who swear by the device, but they have sent it back numerous times for replacement. Being in an illegal country I don't want that extra hassle. You could get lucky but its a factor you must consider in the purchase.

    For me the Milaana ticked every box in my on demand convection vape demand, but there is also the new Ghost vape to think about.
  • frandemarco
    True I dont know if I can wait for the ghost vape and hopefully it wont be a bust like the FF2. I heard the Titanium version is a little more reliable. The Milaana I hear mixed reviews but maybe I should look more into that
  • Chaotix
    I say yes!!

    BUT: gh is just perfect with a water piece. I mean it's like almost designated for that use.

    It can be used as an on the go vape quite well too.

    but for it to work "right" I do have to grind the herb. It will work with unground material but better if ground. I have both mouthpieces and the technique is the same with both: slow draws and turn off at the end of your draw.

    IT WILL GET HOT AFTER THE 3rd consecutive draw. But as I'm not using my Mighty and I know the GH is a totally different type of use case I'm very ok with this. The EFFECT is on par as those 3 draws are very powerful.

    I have a kickstarter unit with 4 batteries that are 1st gen. Each of them now only lasts for about 2 sessions (5 hits each) but no more is needed. Actually I'm saying they have 2nd gen batteries now which are much better I bet.

    Had the red and blue flashes. But instead of sending it back (after they approved the return) I used an ISO q-tip and applied that around the button / top. Right around the thin lining where you set the temp and the top where the button itself is.

    Then I clicked it about 20 times. No problems with it since I did that. Water got into it once... down the bubbler... but I let it dry and it worked again.
    I have read about this solution fixing the red and blue lights a few times - worked for me.

    So YES: due to taste, ease of use and efficiency I say YES ;-)
  • Baron23
    I also have a GH (as does @VapeCritic, maybe he will pope in with a view.

    I have had mine about a year and not a hint of a problem but others are right that there is still some remaining worry about reliability.

    Love this vape. I use it now with a PFE and a DHGate Mobius Ion knockoff and its a killer.

    Personally, I think its worth taking the risk of RMA. If you get a good one, its truly a wonderful device.
  • frandemarco
    the PFEChaotix
    OK brother think I will session vape take to long when out in public lol. Is the PFE sold seperately
  • Chaotix
    yes... 30 bucks on top. But worth it. Actually necessary for the vape to be complete imo
  • frandemarco
    Ok yeah definitely sold now thanks
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