• EconMan
    Thanks for the reply! Was there an amount you felt was a best case scenario?rouxdy

    I agree with Labpong and Gman's words here. I do like prepressing BUT the puck made must be soft and not hard (I've found it makes easier-to-pick-out-plant-matter-in rosin without a bag), but I've got good results too not prepressing. Prepress too hard, and you will damage the trichomes making for a less effective extraction. (I've seen people go to town with hammers and pliers on their pre-presses.... don't!)

    I almost always use a bag. For that press, the M800, nowadays I use Press Club 1.5 x 4. Amazing filters. I switched a couple months ago. The small 2x3 plates make it possible for you to squish in a manner where the squished out rosin doesn't sit boiling on the hot plates.... so plan, cut, and load your bag accordingly.

    I've successfully squished as much as an eighth, but in all honesty, this is a dumb thing to do, it pushes the little press beyond its capabilities and you will find yourself trying to force the squish (remember, there are no hydraulics on this press), and if like me, breaking your press (Dulytek replaced it astonishingly!).

    So to answer your question, I believe it does best with nice nugs or small well packed 2x3 160u bags (cut to needed length size).
    I would say it's optimal run is a 2g squish (a big-ass bud or a well-packed bag).

    Yields generally are at best 10% attributable to the press; strain and humidity are at least 80% causal. Bad strains give you bad yields. Indeed, give me a great strain, and I'll get more yield than the best squisher using the best press who is limited to using poor quality flower. I've has yields as low as around 5% and as high as around 27%. My expected "average" using average flower? About 18-20%. I believe, barring some genetically bred new sort of strain of flower, the theoretical maximum yield to be 30%. Anything over than, and you're probably over-pressing even with great flower?
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    Thanks, guys! Your advice is greatly appreciated! I'll give it all a whirl.

    I did try two runs in bags... one BT and one regular run with the bag inside out. I felt like all the rosin was trapped in the fibers of the bag. I'll try to dial it all in an improve my technique. Thanks again!
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