• DrBob
    Hey Bud!

    Thanks for all the years of fantastic reviews and hard work for the vaping community out here. This is my first post, but I have been around since your early days lurking with my ExtremeQ which i bought after watching your old review of it.

    My Firefly 2 is my on demand king and have used it more than I can say. Had a time where I didn't care for it like I had hoped, but have come around to realize that if I want a small bowl fast, that tastes fantastic, there isn't really much like it. Maybe that new vape you are talking will be my replacement for that. No draw resistance sounds freakin fantastic as my FF2 makes my cheeks hurt.

    But, I digress. That Q needs replacing and I was thinking VapeXhale or FlowerPot. The glass on top of the VapeXhale just looks like something I will break fast and then I thought, what about a NewVape glass piece combined with the VapeXhale and adapter! Everything can sit on the table!

    Crazy talk? Or should I just get a FlowerPot and go all mad scientist.

    No longer lurking.
    Dr Bob :D
  • Baron23
    VXH definitely makes a whip kit to attach your EVO to a water pipe if that's the way you want to go.

    Personally, I really like my Turbine HT and don't think its going to be any more breakable than any other glass rig I own.

    I do love my EVO.
  • DrBob
    Good morning guys! Thanks for the hello Dreger and thanks for the thoughts Baron! I wasn't sure about how breakable it would be.
  • bassofspades
    I have the flowerpot and I have to say it's freaking amazing. I've owned other vapes (Ghost MV1, Vapor Bros) and I've used many vapes (including Volcano) and the FlowerPot is leagues better. You can go through your material fast or slow. You can use a lot or a little. I don't love combining using the nail on top. I haven't gotten the right temperature and timing down where you are able to get the full dab, without coughing your brains off from getting too much vapor from the nugs. But, I didn't get it as an enail, I already have one. So as a vaporizer, I think it is without parallel. You can pack small bowls so you get amazing flavor on most hits. If you are trying to be economical, use a low temperature and the material will last for >15-20 hits. I probably sound like a salesman for the damn thing. I never loved vapes before because I felt like I never knew if I was getting a good hit, and that it was hard to get them to work consistently. They also always had the same burnt taste after the first hit and were a pain to repack. Not the case here. Easy to pack/empty. Great flavor. Consistent performance. Components will never break (made of titanium)
  • katdaddy
    I’m just soooo scared my cat would grab the cool at some point. Want one so badly though!!!
  • bassofspades
    I have 2 cats. When I first got my enail I was scared there would be an issue. In fact, my roommate went to grab something from the other room while it was warming up, and my cat accidentally knocked the cable over, burning the floor and breaking my rig. I'm less worried with the flowerpot. the base it stands on is very sturdy. My cat's can sense the heat coming off the thing so they don't get close. After the last incident, however, I keep it in my sights when it's on. Might be good to add something like this to the circuit https://www.amazon.com/Intermatic-FD15MAC-15-Minute-Spring-Loaded-Automatic/dp/B003A2350M/ref=sr_1_11?s=hi&ie=UTF8&qid=1517246139&sr=1-11&keywords=shutoff+timer
  • katdaddy

    Thanks! Maybe I’ll give it a go!
  • Rockytdogg
    I’d get the 60 minute...

    plus it’s $.37 less...!

    Goood idea tho, @bassofspades...!
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