• highasakite
    Has anyone here used this vape? It seems like a home-brew type device, and I have only seen info about it at another forum (FC). Based on that thread, I have been considering buying one because it seems like no one is disappointed. It produces huge clouds and everyone loves it!

    The cult following is like the VapCap, only smaller. As far as Dynavap goes, I bought an M when it was released and didn't get great vapor from it. So I'm hesitant to get brave again. lol....You heat the heating element with a big torch for a minute or so, and you can burn yourself on it if you're not careful, so this is not for everyone. :D But for vaporizer enthusiasts, it seems like a home run! Googling doesn't even produce the homepage - you will find the old site, where he sold through ebay. The new site is fairly basic, in case anyone is interested -- http://www.supremev.com/

    Just wanted to find out what you guys think! Thanks.
  • seaofgreens
    I own the SV3 and can attest to it being great. The included thermostat is in Celsius by default rather than Fahrenheit, so that can be a tiny bit different if you are used to 350-430+ as your range. You can flip to F with an extra button push after turning it on, but I just don't bother.

    With this guy, I like to heat until I hit 170 C and let off. Usually the block will keep rising in temp another 12-15 C and I find my sweet spot right around 180-185 C. I can get about 2 massive rips before I re-heat to 190 once or twice again when I want to finish. I find the vapor profile to be very smooth and pleasant for the massive volume of vapor generated in one go. I speculate this is because you really never need to go into the 400+ Fahrenheit range like you do with a lot or most other vapes. It is actually recommended by Ed not to heat the block above 400 anyways.

    I recommend getting a propane plumbers torch if you get this as you are going to find fuel cheaper and you don't need to worry about the flame being hotter than butane in this instance. It is a pain to torch the SV3, not going to lie, so that is one largish drawback. But if you know what you are getting into, it is possibly the best vaporizer I have tried so far.

    The other thing is that you are never going to want to go through the process of heating the block just for one quick rip, although you certainly can... but you will probably want to load a stem up and finish it out if you are going to go through the bother of heating her up. Trust me though... one fully cashed stem is enough to get even the most die-hard stoner where they want to be.
  • highasakite
    Great info! I'm not sure I'm ready for this...if I have to buy a plumber's torch to heat it, my girlfriend is going to laugh at me. This is before I get her extremely stoned, of course. Lol

    A couple questions: How much material can you put in a tube -- what is the least you can put in and still get great vapor (i.e. can you microdose)? If I put in, say .2-.3g, do I have to vape it all in 1 session? Or, can you get 2 massive rips at 180-185C, wait an hour or so, and then finish the bowl at 190?

    I have 4 of these - 71BkbhlZY3L._SX522_.jpg

    I can't use 2 at one time to heat the SV3 efficiently?

    VapeCritic - you NEED one of these. Seriously.

  • seaofgreens
    I have a bunch of those torches, and they work well with vapes like the vapcap and stickybricks, but you would be heating the SV3 for a good long while with those. You will have ok luck with the larger butane torches that people use for heating quartz bangers, but you will be heating the SV3 for about 90-120 seconds with a dab torch, and about 45-60 seconds with a propane plumbers torch. Since you will have the flame running for a bit of time either way, it is definitely more economical to use propane, as you will be going through cans of butane pretty quickly otherwise.

    I would guess a stem can hold about .2-.3 g but probably more like .1 loosely filled as your average load.

    You can definitely do a solo heat cycle, and re-heat later. I just say you will likely end up doing a whole stem just because it can be a bother to go through re-heating a cold block for a rip that isn't even fresh. But that all just comes down to preference. Usually though, if you are heating her up to operating temp, it seems a shame not to just let her rip from my experience.

    Based on the vapes Bud seems to like, I doubt he would enjoy dealing with the SV3. Could be wrong, but that is my guess.

    This vape appeals only to certain people I have noticed, but all that give it a fair shot are completely blown away.
  • biohacker
    @VapeCritic Yo Bud! Have you had the pleasure of trying this one? I think you will be blown away! Might be worth a review, it's only $150. My favourite all time vape (sorry ditched the Cano years ago), it's essentially like flower dabbing, digital temp precision, quick warm up, and you don't even need to grind! Rumour has it that the inventor (Ed) has an electric version in the works. This vape completely changed the game for me in terms of vape quality and output. You can even get super tasty and dense LOW temp hits.
  • Cl4ud3
    Can I have pictures of all your stoned self burn scars :) I've looked at this a few times and while I love the idea I would seriously end up with a forehead burn.
  • biohacker
    @vl4aud3 Better stay away then. I for one have only managed to burn with the torch, not the vape, and it wasn't me :-O And if my girl can do it without scaring her lovely self, trust me - anyone can! She's a clutz! I've blistered my lip twice on a Grasshopper though, and have had stoned self burn scars with Arizer glass aroma tubes. But hey, that's just me....perspective.
  • duff
    Supreme at 190c
  • highasakite
    I decided to take the plunge and get this - had it for about a month now, and it effortlessly produces huge clouds at low temps (or high temps lol) - that's the best way I could explain this heating element. Touching something hot isn't much of a concern for me. The vape itself is small and easy to handle, although I wish the base was a little bigger and had some weight to it. I heat it, set the torch out of the way, take a couple rips, then put the vape out of the way, so I won't accidentally touch it. I am somewhat careful heating it with a plumber's torch, but I've got a system of resting the bottle on a table with both hands supporting it. This makes it so I can look away and won't worry that the huge flame has moved.


    The taste might not be as strong as others because of water filtration, but the vapor is one of a kind. I also prefer the original metal tubes/bowls. This is extremely efficient and you get full extraction of your material. You will notice the distinct, fully extracted, ABV in your jar. :)
    I picked up this to pair with it - https://www.dhgate.com/store/product/2015-new-glass-faberge-egg-water-pipes-glass/233845598.html

    It is super smooth. I usually heat to around 130-140 C, it goes up and I start drawing when it's 150-160 C, then reheat as needed at higher temps - sometimes going up to 190-200 C to get it all. Or you can start at 170 and get really bombed. I rarely use another vape at home now. For less than $160 shipped to your door, it's a steal (but you will want at least one other bowl setup for $12).
  • frandemarco
    Yea sounds interesting but knowing my football sundays of weed beer and whatever else they bring...my house will be burned down fucking around with that
  • shaolinmilk
    No vaporizer hits me as hard as the Supreme V3. You get so high... it gets kinda uncomfortable if ya know what I mean.
  • duff
    I have one for sale on Reddit and FC if anyone is interested.
  • Bud

    Please send paypal invoice to

    I'll hafta buy a pair of metal gloves for it tho :-!
  • Bud
    You da man!
  • Bud
    So uh, I was doing a little searching on youtube and, well, check out this screenshot...


    Is it a terrorist with a mortar cannon or a vape reviewer?? :-! :-!

    No hate i love it! 8-)
  • highasakite
    YES! This thing is awesome, Bud, you're gonna love it.

    The taste might not be as strong as others because of water filtration, but the vapor is one of a kind. I also prefer the original metal tubes/bowls.highasakite
    I take it back! About half the time, I like to use it with a J-hook, so no water filtration. When paired with a glass Vapolution 2 straight bowl (they have been sold out for a while) that was cut down, it is very flavorful! I heat to 145-155ºC and enjoy the flavor on the first few hits. Or, heat to 170+ and it can be a kick straight to your head - especially for beginners! :D

    When the review begins with an F-bomb, you know it's a good one. Haha that guy is awesome (WakeAndVape on FC). He heats a little too high for my liking, but tells it like it is.

    It will be great to hear your thoughts. And I would like to know how that custom bowl compares to others. Is that the only bowl you're getting? If so, you'll want to get more because they stay hot. You might need a glove to change out stems. But neither myself nor my girlfriend have burnt ourselves one time with this vape!
  • highasakite
    I used a lot of exclamation points up there. I will use less this time.

    I forgot how much different it is with all ground material too. With all ground up bud, heated to 330F+, take 2 good pulls thru a J-hook - I want to know what vape gets you higher.

    Edit: I bought a $1 piece of paracord from ebay to wrap the handle, since it’s a little uncomfortable. You might do better.
  • Bud
    Just so everybody knows I picked one of these up recently, previously owned by the famous @duff.

    I was told I had to have it for my collection and I'm glad I picked it up, it's super unique and super strong.

  • Baron23
    So how much can you get into that little tube (and is that a bit fiddly to get it in there??). Is it a vape one-hitter?

    I gathered you pull the bowl and heater off the glass at the end as a set in order to keep the herb from flying out from the rebound of water dropping down in the piece??

    Dunno.....I know people love them for their performance, but it just looks like a great way for me to burn the shit out of myself.

    Well, actually I own a couple of vapes and enails for which that is true also! haha
  • Bud

    Hehehe fiddly bits!

    You know what it's actually not too bad, and unless I'm using it wrong I'm surprised to say I haven't felt in danger of burning myself, or at least not more than any other vape :-} BUT, definitely more dangerous than most!

    That clip was my first sesh with it, about my fourth hit, and I think I got the hang of it.

    That was also with unground bud, I actually lost my screen that came with it cus I'm an idiot, but then I found out you can just stick a piece of bud in it, so I did and it worked great.

    Then I also found out that Underdog vape screens fit inside this stem perfectly, and I happened to pick one of those up a few months ago too, so tonight I tested it out with ground bud with the screen inside the tube.

    I'd say it's a 1-4 hitter. Probably 0.05g to 0.1g ideal load size.

    You have to decide when to stop the heat, or what temp to stop, and then it fluctuates a little after you stop too. Depending on the heat, obviously, you can rip it all in probably one hit, or at a slightly lower heat stretch it to 3-4 hits, but all in a row seems to be best.

    I gathered you pull the bowl and heater off the glass at the end as a set...Baron23

    I think I just prefer to do it that way but I don't believe there would be an issue to just remove the heater part and leave the WPA attached.

    it just looks like a great way for me to burn the shit out of myselfBaron23

    Soooo I burn myself so often now on vapes that I have the whole procedure down LOL

    First run it under cold water for a good ~5-10 mins straight, can't skimp out, and then right after put pure aloe gel on it (Y)
  • LabPong
    What part of the vape is the load in... that long metal condenser looking tube?

    And by the way Bud... you have something 100 times more effective than aloe now for burns of any type.....8-)
  • highasakite
    Baron, he has a unique Supreme 3 bowl setup - very few of those out there, as I understand it. I think most people put the tube of weed in the vape before heating, but definitely not necessary. The heating element is so powerful that you can do it either way. Normal stock stems hold about .15 to .19g. The Vapolution 2 large stems hold about .1g.

    It can be fiddly to get material in the tube, or it has been said that it's a satisfying ritual - depends on your perspective. ;) I use a selfmade straw that I cut and put on the end of a MFLB brush...

    Credit to Morty over at FC for this link -- Ed explains the heating element -- heater
    Careful though, that's his old website. The one that still shows up first in a Google search, before his new website. This changed YEARS ago. These days, you don't even have to be a techie to get this fixed. Sorry, it just bothers me. Honestly, if he'd sell the patent for his heating element, and a bigger company produced a vape for the masses, it would benefit more people. The technology could be more refined, the heat dialed in to a greater degree, and more people benefit. There has been talk of an electric version for well over a year.

    Bud, email Ed and get a couple of stock bowl setups. They are $12 each and include a stem, one screen, one 14mm seal and one 18mm seal. And don't forget to try this thing dry, through a J-hook or something. And with ground bud and/or wax. It's so different IMO. Amazing.
  • beezee420
    you guys still using this thing? I recently came to find it in my research and EVERYONE says it gets you higher than anything else.... it looks super insane and super old school compared to everything now.....curious if you still use it or if its gathering dust
  • evolve
    I haven't tried the Supreme vapes myself, but there is a newer version of this out now the SV4. This version is not butane powered but uses a PID. @lazylathe is an expert on these vapes, check his Supreme V4 thread out here https://forum.vapelife.com/discussion/3106/the-supreme-vaporizer-4-or-sv4/p1
  • highasakite
    I still use it sometimes, but not nearly as much since I got the Elev8R. It seems like the airflow is more restricted now. It might be because I'm used to the free flowing Elev8R, but one of my screens was in rough shape too. I need to test more, maybe with the Vapolution 2 cut stems.
  • lazylathe

    I do not use mine in the intended way...
    No herb goes inside the vape, it is all external and full convection.
    Best extractor I have for micro loads with the best flavor, effects and densest clouds.
  • Razshiro
    @beezee420 i'm using mine less since i have my Elev8R heater (tastier,less hot hit) but the supreme can give a big punch in my face if used through a rig, (i don't use water anymore) 140-150°C and finish the bowl at 170°C, add some rosin = take a day off :rofl: , dry on j-hook (short vapor path) the supreme is a bit "hot" on my throat.
    @highasakite the Vapolution stem has more restriction than the original stem :wink: , you can try the "full convection mode" just use an Elev8R bowl or any 18mm female/male wpa, set your supreme near 190-200°C and boom :grin: !!
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