• Kakarot
    I was lookin at the Silver Surfer and found the newer Super Surfer prices start at 500$ it looks like a badass vape, they added a fan and balloon attachment along with abunch of other stuff, has anyone tried it yet?
  • seaofgreens
    Well, if you are interested in getting one, I definitely suggest hitting up stickstones over at fuckcombustion, as he has a pretty good deal for free extra goodies, a 15% discount and free shipping on the super surfer.

    Seems like it excels in that bag area as being comparable to or better than the volcano. At least this is the claim.

    Price is still too high imo though, for what it is.
  • Kakarot
    I have not decided yet, still browsing around.. I just thought it was neat looking... I am actually not really into bags to much I like whips more, but it is a combo but then again its starting price is 500 lol.. to...many..vapes, I also want a Cloud Evo but there is a 7 day waiting list after you order it. :’(
  • howie105
    Whip vape, look at the LSV (around $175.00 USD) if you are thinking about the 7th Floor line. No bag like the Super Surfer but really handy and adaptable.
  • vaporghost
    @Kakarot @howie105
    Bought the LSV,then really good deal on another vape appeared. Now Its just sitting in the bag with no use :/
    I would like to sell it, If anybody would want to see it or ask something, feel freely to do that.
    I would be willing to include, all the accessories like whip attachment, arizer 18,8mm joint, couple other joints, whip tubing, medtainer, maybe for extra 25bucks mobius ion matrix perc chinese but quality boro glass, It has absolutely no use for me, and I would be happy If It would make somebody else happy.
  • DabConnection
    Did you end up getting this? That is a pricey vape curious to see how it works still no reviews out there.
  • bener

    What is an LSV please? I may be interested in yours.

  • Kakarot
    Hell no lol, a tad pricey for me and there is really no info on it review wise.. I am still lookin around actually.
  • vaporghost
    This is it, Its best when used with water bubblers :
    This is the exact setup, brand new unused mobius rig with matrix perc, I would consider selling for what I bought it for
    buds review
    Its basically the same thing like the Da Buddha and Silver surfer vaporizer from 7th floor, but more portable. Quality vapes, all glass vapor path. I just got it sitting here in the box catching dust. I would throw in lots of extras, medtainer, 2 authentic rolluhbowls (these rolluhbowls were used couple times but cleaned well' extra whip attachment, joints, tubing, gunuine joint from arizer extreme q.
    one last vid High temp vid :
    I personally think the bag for LSV looks way better than the one from Da buddha, nice lookin duffle bag, I would definitely keep that one If that would be option lol, because of its size and internal padding, velour finish and materials use, love hempy things, most importantly it fits water rig, vape and all the accessories ever needed.
    The padding makes the glass accesories really safe.
  • Bodhi Naut
    What color is yours?
  • howie105
    Hey vaporghost. I think each of us are talking about a different type of bag,
  • bener

    Thank you very much for the info and links! I will definitely check them all out more closely, but from just a quick look I can tell you that I've never seen anything like it - in person that is. This is definitely a home use unit, and some of those attachments you mention are also unknown to me ... I gotta do a bit of web research I see :-O
  • vaporghost
    @bener yes it is and I think the most people like it with a water rig to get dense clouds, Its something like plenty from sb, but its all metal and glass, full convection vape I believe, about those attachments,do you mean whip ? Its like from arizer extreme q, thats perfect example :)
  • ShayWhiteGrow
  • Other Side
    I love my Super. Sits right on the nightstand. I took care of my good friend @shaywhitegrow on this beauty he picked out. Holler if you have questions or are interested in one. I can answer all questions and special order one for you if you wish. Both SWG and I did custom knobs and a sublimation wrap. I also think the glass transfer wand is an absolute requirement for the Super/SSV. It changes the whole experience.....

    Here is my beauty.. sorry for the crappy pics but you get the idea.

  • MothChewMoth
    I've got some questions! Their sales site is a mess; there are multiple versions, missing links, and very little guiding information. I've tried searching in general, but what I'm finding is all over the place.

    - Silver Surfer Vape vs Super Surfer Vape; Is it just the bag vs no bag difference?

    - Is the experience of Silver/super significantly different from the Ditanium?

    - Can one do both herb and concentrate with the Silver/Super? Please elaborate / link photos if possible.

    - Is there a breakdown somewhere of what ALL the different parts/accessories are?
  • Other Side
    Silver Surfer Vape vs Super Surfer Vape; Is it just the bag vs no bag difference?MothChewMoth
    The ability to do bags with the super is one difference as it has a fan and offers forced air for the bags and possibly even through the whip for those with weak lung capacity. The super also has LED lights which may not be for everyone but I sure appreciate it being bedside.

    - Is the experience of Silver/super significantly different from the Ditanium?MothChewMoth
    significantly different, I would say no. But there is a difference. I have both actually sitting next to each other on the nightstand at this point. I go back and forth between them. The Ditanium has lower herb capacity which might be nice for some but I prefer larger loads myself. But it allows you to do dabs or double deckers with zero change over in parts. Ditanium is housed in the beauty of wood which I like a lot.

    With the Super/SSV it's either one or the other. There are several wands and adapters that you can use giving you a difference herb capacity and experience. My favorite is the glass wand that SWG has pictured. It removes the whip and is great if you want the pure taste of dry vapor through glass. The Wands available will require a whip. There are also several heater covers available but the spherical is the best and most user friendly in my opinion. The Super/SSV also has a dab kit for concentrates. They just came out with a new version which looks promising. I have one in transit to me right now in fact. It is quartz bucket that drops right on top of the heating rod. This setup looks promising and way easier to use than the other two versions from the past.
    - Is there a breakdown somewhere of what ALL the different parts/accessories are?MothChewMoth

    Is there a breakdown somewhere of what ALL the different parts/accessories are?MothChewMoth
    . Not that I am aware of but the basic choices are Super v. SSV. Outside of that it's design choices. You can get heater covers in standard (OG and not recommended as it can be difficult to line up for some), ground glass and spherical. Again I recommend the spherical. Other than that it's customization and possibly adding some different cooling options like a tamer. Elev8 does make a lot of nice custom glass imo. I have several bubblers/recyclers as well as a few custom wands which are awesome. Here is a taste of that....(along with a better picture of the LED lights)
  • EconMan

    Now that is a nice box of goodies :nerd:
  • Other Side
    lol thank you. You have no idea how bad I have gotten over the years. I suspect my collection could rival Bud's especially after his purge.
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