• Woowoodengu
    I'm in the market for a new vape. I seen the post about the new ghost and look forward to it in the future but can't wait to pre order. Need something asap. I'll get the ghost after it's available and tested.

    I've used the Arizer solo for almost 5 years. In this time I've purchased the pax and pax2 and aside from the portability and big clouds the taste was sub par and never as good as the solo. I used to use the pax2 on the go but switched to vape pens and pre filled carts while out and about do to the pax2 being smelly and big oven and gets very hot and I was never a fan of the vapor quality.

    My options include buying a Arizer air brand new for $104 or the AirVape XS for about $150 in the next few hours with the vapornation Memorial Day sale ending in 3 hours. . I'm looking for the same quality vapor as the solo and hoping the AirVape will be similar to solo in taste and vapor since it's a hybrid.

    Does the quality of the vapor on the AirVape compare to the pax or solo/air. Should I just get the Arizer air? I would prefer the AirVape but don't want to be stuck with a vapor similar to the pax2

    Thanks for your help.
  • Jack-vic
    Have not tried the Airvape but the Arizer Air is a very good vape I think.
    The replaceable batteries is a very good feature, easy to clean, good build quality, good vapor quality and production, small and nice looking vape.
    If you go for it I suggest that you pick up the easy flow mouthpeice amd mabye the watertool adapter if you have a bubbler.

  • VapeCritic
    if vapor is your main concern the popular opinion would be to go with the Arizer, i like both myself
  • Bruce
    I haven't experienced the Air Vape XS it is rated high on the Vape Critic's rankings for portable vaporizers. That sounds like a great price for a high end vape.

    I would select the Arizer Air because I own it and it's awesome. Not a scratch, great effects and the flavor and you can put in any amount of fine herbs.

    If you can spring $295 the Ghost is the way to go. The Vape Critic, has this vape as possibly better than the Crafty/Mighty. I think he alluded to the Ghost pre-sale in 2-3 weeks and 4-6 weeks for the shipping.

    You Have Just Been Vaporized By The One and Only.....
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  • Baron23
    the Ghost is the way to go.Bruce

    I'm sorry but insofar as all that has been seen is one preproduction unit, I really personally do feel this is not a responsible statement. A lot of folks said the same about the FF2 and the GH.

    Just saying, until its built and shipped in production qtys, we don't know what this vape will be like. I'm hopeful that its terrific, but but hope and knowledge are two different things.
  • Bruce
    I am just the average consumer and don't know the technical aspects like you. If it's recommended by Bud, I usually am not dissapointed. I take into account it's very early, but Bud has hands-on experience, so that does it for me. I understand those that need more than just a good review by Bud. For Buds, reccommendation is good enough for me.
  • okla68m
    And the decision was ?

  • Baron23
    HI Bruce - well, that's fair enough. We all place our faith and trust where we see fit and if you feel confident about the MV-1 at this early stage based on Bud's involvement, there's nothing I can or want to say about that. Personal decision and my intent was certainly not to be confrontational.

    My only point was to the person who asked for recommendations (the OP) should be made aware that this device isn't even in pre-production....almost more like its still prototypes....as so there is little to no factual basis for loving/hating it yet, IMO. .
  • Woowoodengu
    Thanks for the replies guys. My choice became very clear after I fell asleep and missed the Memorial Day sale for the AirVape xs Lol. the changeable battery and the fact that I enjoy the solo vapor very much made it easier. I would probably break the LCD on the xs anyways and really like the durability on the solo and pax products. I may get the xs anyways since I have an old pax1 I can send them and get 30% off. I just need something for my vacations this month and the air cost $122.99 shipped with an extra battery. Can't beat that.

    As far as the ghost goes I may get it once it's out for a while. Defiantly won't get the 1st production run so they can work the bugs out. To be honest there are 2 things that would hold me back from this vape on a pre order. It's ugly as hell. I'm not looking for a Star Wars looking laser taser. Just a sleek body, smooth finish etc. like a bigger pax body would of been perfectly fine. Some will love the design though so it's all preference. The second thing that would be preferred is using the standard 18650 batteries. Sure removable batteries are great but not when their proprietary. I still look forward to the ghost for vapor and will overlook the design if the vape is rock solid.
  • Jack-vic
    You should check this out.
    easy flow (53K)
  • Woowoodengu
    @Jack-vic thanks. I've had those on my solo before and will probably need them again. My solo rubber o-ring is so wore out that it has massive airflow. Zero restriction unless I push down to make a tight seal then a get a little restriction but still not much. I may have to modify the air for more airflow which I'm totally fine with for a $100 vape. My experience with my solo is probably different due to the massive airflow I get. My friends solo sucks compared to mine so let's see what the air brings.

    I've also been thinking about the ghost and it's actually not as ugly as I thought. If it lives up to its promises and comes in a solid not shiny color I would be all over it. As long as the fail rate is not bad and support stands behind the product it's good as ordered. If not I'll get the solo 2 for home use. And travel with the air. By travel I mean real travel not just out and about. The solo and air are the easiest to clean for air travel... hehe pun intended.

    Also a follow up on the AirVape xs. I bit the bullet and ordered one too for out and about. The awesome support for my questions I received directly from AirVape impressed me to just pull the trigger on the XS. Got an awesome discount too. Big shout out to the AirVape customer support team. I'll come back and do a follow up review of the air vs the xs to hopefully help someone in return.

    Thanks for your massive community support @VapeCritic, hit me up if you ever need any Website help. Centizen can vouch for my work.
  • Bruce
    I agree, I don't love the Ghost because I don't have it. Based on this level of recommendation, I made the decision. It is really early but it's a good thing I know now because I was thinking about getting another portable vape.
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