• Baron23
    No, I haven't seen that but its more of the same "yeah, we fucked up and fucked all of you, but let me explain why we are still admirable because we are cool young guys, a small company, and came up with an overly critical design".

    Can you tell I'm not happy with them.

    I will indeed file with them again...thanks so much for your input and shared experience....after testing tonight one more time. Its not really DOA, the lights come on and it get a little warm, but that's it. Arrrrgggghhhh!!

  • Namekian
    Same thing with my SS, did everything normal other than get hot enough. There are others on Reddit with the same problem with their repaired units. Looks like this is just a new problem. :/

    And yeah I agree, hate when they write these things but I think it was in response to all the negativity on their Instagram posts.
  • Baron23
    n response to all the negativity on their Instagram posts.Namekian

    Negativity or just realistic view of reality? hmmmm?

    haha Thanks. Again, will give it another go in a few hours but suspect its fast turning back to Hopper.
  • Namekian
    HL has messed up so badly negativity is the only reality they know. :/
  • Bruce
    Its disgusting. I have the exact messages per word, after I sent mine in. I wish I didn't waste my money on this, i really don't need the headache and I lose $279 (USD).

    Something smell here..... I can't get a grasp on it. Its creapy the messages you got are exactly mine.

    Peace, Love and Vape.

    You have just been vaporized by the one and only ^ ^ ^ Vape . Master ^ ^ ^
  • katdaddy
    Just got a shipping notice from my repair!!
    Should be here by Saturday. Hope it works!!

    Sent first class, not priority of course.
  • juxt
    This is one of the few larger market vapes that I don't have, simply because of the failure rates and all the complaints about customer service and wait times, etc. I do hope they get their act together so I can throw money at them, but it's their fault they haven't gotten it so far.
  • VapeCritic

    Woahhhhh i just caught up with this now!

    No F’n way that you waiting this long for a vape that runs cool!!!

    If i had to guess, lowering the max heat probably reduces failure rates, super duper lame-o :shade:
  • Baron23
    Woahhhhh i just caught up with this now!

    No F’n way that you waiting this long for a vape that runs cool!!!

    If i had to guess, lowering the max heat probably reduces failure rates, super duper lame-o :shade:

    Well, not according to them. Others have received repaired and new GH that milk a piece at about what you would expect....3.75 - 4.25 range. Just like mine used to do before it crapped out.

    Re-opened the RMA, told them about it running very cold (like non-functioning cold) and sent a pic of the AVB.

    They came back, apologies as always (can't quite understand where "I'm sorry" has been deemed a suitable substitute for actual competence), and said they would send me a new body...no need to ship the GH back...they will send a new body. That's the heater, little circuit board in there, temp sensor, whatever.

    So, MY NEW BODY ARRIVED IN THE MAIL YESTERDAY........my new SS body for my Ti Bronze vape!!

    Let me repeat that..so after about 13 weeks to repair myTi Bronze GH, they returned it to me in a non-functional state. They said that they would send me a new body and instead sent me a body for a stainless steel GH! So far, they are batting .000.

    So, I reopened the RMA, offered to send them back the new SS body as I have not used it if they send me a shipping label, and that a SS body for a Ti Bronze GH is unacceptable and I want a Ti Bronze body that will ALSO fix my temperature performance issues.

    We will see what they come back with on Monday.

    I'm calling in an airstrike on Hopper Lab's position:

  • VapeCritic

    OMG snapppp lolol

    This is nutso!!
  • Bruce
    The love affair is over.

    I sent one of my Grasshoppers in and getting BS that they are redesigning it and I will get the better one. I checked comments and they said the same BS up to 2 years ago. I dont appreciate that. I sent in GH #1 because it was not performing anymore and the 2nd GH I sent in for the same reason. They said the same one liner to me.

    I loved it while it worked and made no secret about it. I believe now that these babies will lose performance at one point or another. The more you use the GH the less output you get.

    Its so good but yet so bad.

    Anyone else get a similar response?

    ^ ^ ^ The Vape Master ^ ^ ^
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