• MisterJ
    Hello. I want to buy a vaporizer pen. And i have seen 3 that i like. The "white rhino trifecta". The "atmos zig zag" and the "v2 pro series 3".
    Now my first question is. Which one do you think i should buy? I want to use it frequently (almost daily) for e-liquids and like 1-2 times a week for herbs.

    My second and most important question is. The v2 liquid cartridge has to be replaced after 15-20 refills. Now i'm asking myself if i have to replace the catridge on every vape or is it only something that the v2 has?
  • Flipz
    Hey what's up? I never used the white rhino trifecta or the atmos zig zag but I've had the v2 series 3 since it came out. It can handle being used with e-juice daily and just pop in the loose leaf cartridge when you want to vape your herbs.

    I am a little confused on your second question but I think your asking if the v2 replacement cartridge is only sold by v2 or can it use others? If so, the v2 series 3 only work/fits with their own brand cartridge. If I am no where near close, please rephrase the question and I'll do my best to help.
  • MisterJ
    Actually what i meant is.
    The v2 has to be replaced every 15-20 refills.
    I was asking myself if i buy (for example) the zig zag. Do i have to replace the cartridge after a while? I hope you can understand now. I am not a native speaker
  • Flipz
    Yes, regardless of which e-juice pen used - after so many uses the atomizer/clearomizer/wick (whichever you call it) must be replaced. After awhile they all just kinda start not to work as good, giving dry hits, getting nasty hits, spitting juice into mouth etc..

    Replacement liquid cartridges from most brand really aren't too costly if you shop around a little. Take it easy.
  • MisterJ
    Ehm okey thanks for the reply:) i will consider buying the v2 (the cartridges are inexpensive)
    Oh and another quick question. Do i have to replace dry herb cartridges?
  • Flipz
    The loose leaf cartridge should last you along time if you keep it clean. I used the same dry herb cartridge for like 8 months with no issues until I misplaced it. Picked up another after loosing it and no problems to this day.
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