• VapeCritic
    Curious what you guys do to pay the billz...

    How many are lucky enough to be retired? :-!
  • Terry Hutchinson
    Retired at 62. Living out in the country in SW Oregon. Growing my own. Had many jobs over the years - programmer, systems analyst, project manager, registered nurse (critical care), Berkeley cop (long ago, busted for weed and LSD).
  • Baron23
    Retired as of last Oct. Was an officer in the USAF (think back when they flew bi-planes LOL), did aviation related engineering, flight testing, and program management for a good bit. Then a very LONG time in telco network infrastructure (core network equipment for telco service providers) as a major customer program/project manager.

    I don't miss the stress and pressure one little bit! haha
  • Bruce
    I am a retired special needs teacher. Retired early because of health related issues. I still get my teaching vice in because I volunteer to help kids from broken homes and assist in teacher training.

    I drive for Uber / Lyft, part time. It's not the same as teaching, but it does help pay the bills. Especially when I am saving for that Ghost MV1.

    What's in your Ghost MV1 heating chamber?
  • Cl4ud3
    Medically unemployed, long term health issues. I worked in the electronic side of the military testing industry, specifically Radar operations and maintenance.
  • Heroin Batman
    I work in IT for a major North American communications company. I have never not been high there. Even the interview process. Vaping has made life easier for sure.
  • MrNiceGuy
    Awesome Bruce, much respect buddy.
    I assist adults with developmental disabilities.
    I have done job coaching, day program , in home support and respite.
    Did computer cable, fiber optic stuff out of high school years back.
    You are a good dude Bruce , always enjoy your posts lol..
    Platinum Cookies will be in my MV1
  • frandemarco
    I thought I was the only one high at work lol. Never going above 325 degrees
  • Mrbiggs
    Medically unemployed at the moment waiting on operation, field of work welder,plumber but I think we should change this forum to health direct for natural remedies as a lot of us seem haggard ?
  • okla68m
    Social Security !
    Wife and I Both.
    She ,30+ years Legal Secretary for a Divorce attorney firm.
    I did Air Quality Monitoring for 12 years then Horticulturalist/Sports field Turf Specialist for the Parks Dept.for 11 years. Jewelry Apprentice 4 years, last 5 spent doing Apartment Maintenance, that's when I said FKIT.....I QUIT!
  • fdusett
    Process Engineer, currently working in the automotive field of assembly tooling and automation. Keeps the bills paid for now.
  • captkrusty
    I am a retired fire fighter, began vaping to help me sleep :)
  • Baron23
    I volunteer to help kids from broken homesBruce

    This ^^ is the sign of true good character. I admire and esteem volunteers for what they do and who they are. (Y) (Y) (Y)
  • Sue
    I am a massage therapist. Worked in a spa for years, built up a good clientele and now just work privately in peoples' homes.
  • Roc pietro
    Medical sales consultant for a drug testing company.... Ironic?
  • Bruce
    Thanks for the kind words, it seems you are in the field of helping as well. Vape On!
  • Bruce
    I like volunteering more than I like vaping. So that tells you I really like volunteering. I enjoy your posts, I have learned a ton from you.
  • Bruce
    I am a professional Booster For People who do vaporizer reviews.
  • duff
    I do fancy websites.
    Mostly for non-profits but some online stores too.
  • AsUwish
    I am a personal trainer and nutrition counselor for a luxury gym brand and work privately as well.
  • VapeCritic
    Oh man, did you get to do any A-10 gun runs?? BRRRRRRRT :D :D JK, but i find this oddly satisfying

  • VapeCritic
    I have never not been high thereHeroin Batman

    This brightened my day
  • VapeCritic
    we should change this forum to health direct for natural remedies as a lot of us seem haggard ?mrbiggiejones

    :-! :-! We good! lol
  • Baron23
    No, but I was involved in the flight testing of many USAF aircraft and in particular the conversion of MH-53 helicopters to MH-53J (special mission choppers) and there was a lot of extra stuff to test....like if we could mount a .50 cal BMG machine gun in the door or had to go with a 7.62 mini-gun (electric driven Gatling gun). Tested at the Eglin AFB ranges in FL. Hint, the s50 cal hammered the airframe like a jack hammer!! I have not seen the A-10 on a range dong any live fire, but they fly them out of Martin field near Baltimore and I do reasonably often see them flying around.
  • VapeCritic
    electronic side of the military testing industryCl4ud3

    I've been interested in stuff like this recently
  • Magicman
    I am of course a manwhore.
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