• kpx420
    Used to work in family private business for over 10 years. Now Quality Assurance Tech for paper tape & other coated papers.. Pretty much what it is, tape that is activated by water and on the side for the last 15 years, amateur poker player!
  • juxt
    I'm still in the corporate world :( I have DevOps in my title but for those of you in the know it's not, really. Sad to say, mostly I just do spreadsheets and meetings.
  • MothChewMoth
    Womp womp. Luckily my DevOps crew still gets to play a lot. I'm always stoked to pm one of their new product rollouts.
  • artv4nd3l4y

    Funny that's pretty close to describing myself.
  • okla68m
    Retired....live on SS.
    Did Air Quality Monitoring for 12 years thru Tulsa County and Oklahoma State Air Quality Division, then 11 years with the City of Tulsa Parks Department as Lead man of a Maintenence Crew.
    Raced SCCA Production classes for 5 year's, if you watch CLOSE you can see me in a Video of the 1980 SCCA NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS in Atlanta, Georgia on You Tube. David Hobbs(Formula One Champion) even Mentioned me, lol ! Hey, 14th on my budget was a Hell of a lot Better than Not being INVITED/QUALIFIED for !
    After IRS told me I Couldn't Race anymore(unless I Paid for it, lol), Tournement Bass Fishing was my Obsession(of Course a 90+ mph Bass boat Had to be part of it!)....that was a 7 year Hobby (made good money), but, interfered with my Job (this was the Early/mid 80's, had a wife, kids, mortgage....Let Reality Stop me, sigh)
    Found Vaping Flower about 6-7 months ago, trying to Extend my Life after 54 years of Cigs and 48 Combusting Paprika !
    To me, this site is like WEED PORN !
  • Coolhandluke
    Worked in Graphics a long time, started in Movie Ad Advertising, worked all the big firms, also Textile design. Got into live music, roadied for a well known musician, moonlighting live sound at dives around town. performing a little, writing and recording a lot more. Forced into semi retirement due to a family illness, Iooking into starting a music & graphic production service. I work part time at a music hall which keeps me current from inside the industry while soft launching a record label and helping to book an artist for shows this June.
  • Baron23
    Worked in Graphics a long time, started in Movie Ad Advertising, worked all the big firms, also Textile design.Coolhandluke

    Bud ( @VapeCritic ) is looking for help in designing a logo for VLF to go on apparel (rather than anything saying "Vape" or the like).

    Perhaps you have some ideas for him?

  • Konstantinos
    I am MSc Environmental and Structural Engineer. Currently working in a shop offering heating systems, air conditioning and solar systems. Asking about income, it is the worse you can imagine the last 10 years thanx to the financial crisis made by professionals. ;)
    We pay 55% taxes over the income.. Thanks to traitors..
  • Coolhandluke
    I did see that, wasn't aware he is still looking for a logo. Thanks!
  • Zep4
    Jack and I are both retired from G.E. Aerospace here in Massachusetts enjoying pot growing & vaping, our two kitties and our electric bicycles. Jack plays harmonica in rock & blues bands locally.
  • LabPong
    I impress people with my brilliance....then baffle them with bullshit and quickly vape all their flowers... :cool:
  • DickBlazer
    I am a Physical Therapist and a business owner. I never get high at or before work but as soon as I clock out..... ☺
  • ChlorophyllMan
    My last job was website conversion rate optimization (CRO) for a digital agency. Basically, increasing the likelihood that a visitor to an ecommerce site would make a purchase. Fun for a while, but ultimately very unfulfilling making rich people richer.
  • MacMan

    Retired elementary school principal. Currently making up for lost time on the cannabis front and loving life.
  • Jumybilai
    When I’m not sick I work in the Disabled care and I have my foundation http://delaptoppers.nl/
    And I work for a foundation that give food to people wich can’t afford and of course my children wich have all
    Autism and adhd
  • midas
    I guess I never answered this. I'm sort of retired. I drive for Lyft 2 days a week (usually). I can't work much more than that anymore and thus I'm on disability.

    Until I lost my job 4½ years ago I was in IT and IT management. Before that I managed some auto repair shops, thus the handle.
  • MonsterWithoutBorders
    Retired software and hardware developer. Now philosophim and artist.
  • VapeCritic
    Very cool to see this thread still alive thanks for sharing everybody :strong:

    We got all kinds on here! :sweat:

    I have a PhD in Douchenomics and practice my craft daily - that's Doctor Douche to you! :cool:
  • mtngirl
    Professor at a state university
  • Jet
    I am a corporate Insurance Risk Manager. I left the work force about 18 months ago after breaking my hand and adopting my son. I recently left Chicago for MD/DC Metro and sorta wishing we had stayed in Chicago.

    I'll be actively looking for work again soon... the cost of living here is absurd. I have the option to do what I want and no longer need to be the primary breadwinner. My wife is the over educated and upwardly mobile and ambitious partner while I get to spend time with my son and manage the house.
  • GhostMV1User
    Software Developer/Database Programmer.

    I have the luck (or curse sometimes) of being able to work almost 100% of the time out of my house. Which is nice usually. I get stuck with late or early hours sometimes (supporting east coast or over-seas), however, I can pretty much get high whenever I want.
  • Philly
    It's amazing how many developer/DBA s that are 24 7 vaporists. That's me too. Work for one of the largest engineering firms in the US in their tech section. Specialize in all things geospatial. My works wants me to manage, I run scrums (agile), oversee QC process on our larger application s but that's not for me. I like to do anaylsis and code not deal with clients. More of a technical lead. Nothing bothers me more then working with one of our government clients that has no idea how large a disconnect there is bewteen there percieved skill set and reality....
  • keenlyside
    Director for a Controls/Security/Fire Smart Building sysems integrator.
  • Erikson
    CIA , can't really talk about it
  • UnBaPtIzEd
    Research support at Yale University.
  • Mc69
    Trade mortgage backed securities for a mortgage lender.....traders usually like to drink, my choice is flowers
  • Dr green thumb
    Damn this was a long interesting read. I will fill in my jobs when I'm not stoned.
  • McNuggetsTrip
    My job is being a full time college student :lol:
  • Ambush
    Past service advisor for Audi/Ford/VW.
    Now an owner/operator in pool maintenance/service and repair.
  • Pakalolo2
    I was in the Yellow Page industry for almost 30 years starting in sales and marketing, major accounts and publisher of directories in CA, HI and TX. Now semi-retired dabbling in IP acquisitions and licensing along with some consulting work.
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