• VapeCritic
    By the way when you google "vape critic" this is the page on FC that has been showing up for years: http://fuckcombustion.com/threads/what-do-yall-think-of-the-vape-critic.12714/

    Stay classy guys!
  • VapeCritic
    I think I've been accused of shilling for like a dozen companies
  • HIgher Monkey
    I go to both and I'd say, while there are some detractors, you're viewed positively on the whole. I think there was some flak due to your involvement with the Ghost, but overall you're pretty respected.
  • Cl4ud3
    I'd never even seen that thread there, and as @HIgher Monkey said you are well respected on FC and Reddit, The problem you will find though is people with negatives seem to shout the loudest there quite often, that and Reddit can be terrible for trolls.
  • Bruce
    This website and the Bud's popularity have been established because Bud isn't a schill. More, Realistically - Maybe these people who are usernames without faces are the ones who are Schilling for a company.
  • Baron23
    Bud...really....that thread is in the AVB forum (no longer allowed to add to it) and has been since 2015.

    Took a quick look and most of it (well, aside from the folks who think you are arrogant, from NJ, or just an "uptight, snobby asshole"!) is people pissed because you didn't rate higher whatever the fuck is their favorite vape. Just people bitching cause their favorite ox was gored. Screw that...its meaningless.

    Also, a pretty short thread for FC...one page and nada.

    Don't give it a second thought my friend, it means nothing.
  • biohacker
    I love your videos and reviews Bud, but there is some valid concern in some of those posts, by long time well respected members like Lwien. You are just one reviewer, but you do have financial incentive, so everyone should still use critical thinking when making their own impressions. I've been at this game a long time, and have disagreed with some of your impressions, and so have you, as you do update your reviews when new information comes in, and I respect that.

    Now, WHEN are you going to review the Supreme v3? X-)
  • Baron23
    but you do have financial incentivebiohacker

    Yeah, but how many people do that kind of work for free?

    so everyone should still use critical thinking when making their own impressionsbiohacker

    Absolutely (Y) , no matter who the reviewer is....the purchase responsibility belongs entirely to the individual so we all must take responsibility for doing our own due diligence.
  • biohacker
    Yeah, but how many people do that kind of work for free?Baron23

    Not many, which is why I tend to put more weight in actual user opinions and comments. As many as possible. I admit i've been guilty of not giving my entire genuine opinion of a device for a review due to financial incentive.

    the purchase responsibility belongs entirely to the individual so we all must take responsibility for doing our own due diligence.Baron23

    Precisely, however alot of people believe anything they see, depending on whom they trust or give the most credibility.

    I love that Bud leaves up the user commentary at the bottom of his reviews, and does not censor them. That's class! Same with this forum... some places censor anything negative.
  • Sue
    , aside from the folks who think you are arrogant, from NJ, or just an "uptight, snobby asshole"Baron23

    From NJ!! LOLLOL
  • mrbiggiejones
    Bud has done a great job in the industry hes one of the first reviewers I go to if I'm honest,I don't just take hes world for it thou I look on the forums and check out other reviewers thoughts,but he's normally on point tbh.he got quite some stick about the grasshopper not so long back he was totally right I own one and love it but I deffo agree with him it's not perfect bit off a faff at times with the maintence shit but fits my needs as I wanted something small what I could use with a bubbler and to have a sneaky hit hear and there.the only criticism I have for bud now other reviewers are using 4K video editing it would be nice to see him jump on board as it does show quite abit more vapes close up i.e. If it's a Finger print or dust magnet and if it scratches easy and it does show.
    You're not respected on either by the W9 shills, and to a lesser degree divine tribe enthusiasts, but I often reference these forums when asked questions on both.
  • Moe
    Damn there's a bunch of haters on FC. I'm glad this forum isn't like that lol
  • Gilljos99
    @aventus, who/what is "W9 shills."
  • frandemarco
    FC]sucks to me you really cant state your opinion or else you will get reprimand. It's like its not even a real forum more like a country club with a bunch of hypocritical rules. So Fck FC LOL
  • Magicman
    FC=CNN having sex with WOW Armory.

    Fake Vape News
  • bener
    Now that's funny!!!

    Thanks for the laugh!

    I also agree that this forum does not have the high school drama and arrogance of some of the FC posters going on.

    FWIW, I became a member of FC many months before I became one on here, but I am pretty sure I've never posted on FC, I've just read. In contrast, I'm a relatively new member here and I've felt more comfortable posting here because of how - in general - people on this forum are chill and easy going; it seems most folks are here for the interaction and sharing of info and experiences with fellow enthusiasts. Whereas on FC it seems some there post primarily to try to impress with their superior knowledge.
  • DabConnection
    I don't get why they give Bud crap for the Ghost vape. If someone has reviewed pretty much every vape that is out there, would they not then be well qualified to help create another one and make recommendations on settings, adjustments, etc?

    FC does have its share of good info but it also has some users that put a negative tone on things. I also think Reddit and FC a lot of the users are more into the box mod/high power vapes when it comes to wax pens. More of the users here are looking for a simple easy solution on the wax pen end. Bud tends to review the overall package and ease of use seems to be weighted more heavily, which is important for a lot of users.
  • Gman
    If bud reviewed the Sai and the DTv3 and Gen 2 Dry herb then they would love him, lol.
  • HIgher Monkey
    Well I'll slightly disagree there. The Sai and DTv3 are better and cheaper than most other wax pens. They all consist of a wick and coil. No need to overpay. If you want something lower powered, Yocan makes several options that can be had for $20.

    Herb is a different story. The higher priced vapes are worth it there.
  • seaofgreens
    Man, lotta hate for FC. I agree with some of the sentiments here, and the forum has gotten a lot lamer since MoTG left and started vaporasylum... but there are a lot of great folks there, and quite a few diy enthusiasts, accessory artists, small time vape developers (RBT, Dan Morrison, FunkyJunky, Divine Tribe etc.) that actively developed their stuff bouncing ideas off that community. So in that sense, FC has a lot more depth/complexity.

    Don't get me wrong, this place has a great vibe, but it is like only having the: Ask FC sub-forum, and that's it.

    This is all coming from a member that has been banned twice on FC for badmouthing RBT when he delayed the Zion a year ago. I have felt the moderator's wrath and I honestly get it at the end of the day. It keeps things civilized.... to quote the sentiments of a famous FC member Ataxian. I also think that FC would have been a lot better off if it was Pakalolo that left to start vaporasylum and MoTG that had stayed. And also if they allowed grow talk.

    Oh well though.

    Just my ramblings :P
  • howie105
    Diffident boards attract and repel different people for different reasons. I use both and enjoy them both, life is good.
  • DabConnection
    I think those are mostly not on VC main site due to easiness. Those require setting batteries up it is not just hit and go, whereas Bud reviews the more easy to use stuff. I do agree though they are quality units and I would use them over some of the easier stuff that is out there. Quality of wire is usually much better on atomizers that do not take standard batteries as all the higher grades and thicker coils require sub-ohm.
  • Cl4ud3
    I can see how some posts and people on FC will come across as superior and condescending but there is a vast level of knowledge there and a lot of very helpful and technical people. It is such a big forum and you will find some very very good contacts and people to ask advice from. Like any forum you can't always control who joins or what is said but they do try and police it fairly.
  • biohacker
    Like any forum you can't always control who joins or what is said but they do try and police it fairly.Cl4ud3

    On FC they both can control what is said and ever since MotG and Max bailed, the place has gone downhill big time. Moderating is now biased (VTac wants to let things be free, Stu is biased and in some forum "cliques" IMO). I like the vibe here, but always trust my own critical thinking of actual consumer review anecdotes of new devices over just the site owner. There are brilliant minds everywhere, regardless of the resource.

    It was the Ghost that drew me here.
  • VapeFully
    Why don't you use Reddit? Vaporents is a great channel! Btw, I don't like FC either.
  • frandemarco
    If this post was on FC now and we stating our opinion about a product in this manner we would be banned for life LOL. Just kidding just a day or 2.
  • Baron23
    I agree with pretty much all that you wrote. Also, while I am active here for reasons that appeal to me, I am also active there and personally don't find the need to put one down in comparison to the other.

    There is a great deal of expertise and experience on FC if you know how to find it and who to listen to.

    I would also say that at I believe least some of the folks who are criticizing FC may have some personal reasons for feeling that way that pertain to getting some time outs.>:)

    Yes, its moderation is sometimes very heavy handed, but the place runs smoothly and you won't see some things there that would appear on less moderated boards.
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