• Wallace
    It's easy
    Categories are:
    And best high
    Please explain each answer thanks

    P.S. if you don't consider this a proper thread @VapeCritic please delete and sorry for starting it
  • Landonit
    Oh I like this. There's so many I haven't tried and most of the ones I have are pretty popular I think so my list may be kind of boring. Here it goes anyway:

    Strongest- This one is tough for me. I had some Girl Scout Cookies that hit me pretty hard not long ago though so I'll go with that.
    Tastiest- I tend to always think the tastiest ones have either blue or grape in the name haha. Blue dream is pretty tasty.
    Best High- This depends on the time of day for me. I like to rock sativa during the day, so I'll go with some good old jack herer for that. I like that I can have a bit of it, really enjoy it, yet still get things done. At night time I obviously like a indica dominant one. I'll go with purple kush as I had some recently and really liked it. It's a good sit and relax in my recliner one. Although there's a good chance I'll fall asleep haha.
  • AsUwish
    Strongest: Super Silver Haze - 5th dimension status. 'Nuff said.

    Tastiest: Candy Jack - Fruity, citrusy, extremely tasty.

    Best high: OG Kush - What can I say? It's my favorite all time strain. Gives me that near perfect blend of mind/body relaxation yet I can function perfectly normal.
  • MaryDwayne
    Anything cookies :P
  • Baron23
    I like Super Lemon Haze personally. Had it twice, gave me the giggles both times and at 64 y.o. that doesn't happen that often anymore!! X-) (Y)
  • AsUwish
    Lol!! I've had Super Lemon Haze and I can confirm it's definitely an effect of the strain! Very euphoric but clear at the same time lol. Not as strong as SSH.
  • Baron23
    Well then, its SSH next time :D 8-)

    Cinderella 99
    I had a legit paranoid panick attack after sharing a few spliffs.

    Lemonhead pheno Sensi Star, Blueberry x NL5

    Best high:
    Tie: Hawaiian Sativa with pale yellow resin glands / late harvest Nebula with golden resin glands.


    Tangie X Ghost Train Haze pull n snap shatter 96.3%THCa+THC, 0.8%THCv, 0.1% CBD, 0.0%CBN, 0.0%CBC, rest terps
    Panick attack had to take a hot shower and breath steam deeply to calm down.

    Tie: cured nug run Tangie budder, fresh frozen live resin Tangerine Haze

    Best High:
    Fresh Frozen Jack Herer Live Resin (piney-lime-floral pheno)
    high limonene strains are very euphoric happy, and laughy !

    Hence why I loved that one pheno of sensi star!
  • Moe
    Best herbs for me is Blue Cookies and Lemon Tree. Both are very good. Both get you stoned and both taste amazing.

    @VapeCritic what's you favorite strains?
  • Baron23
    Yep, it was really fun the two times I have had lemon haze (one time it was the super lemon). Just makes me giggle and I like that!!

    You are clearly in a legal state. I'm kind of with @Flipz on this one....that is, mostly I get bags of crap (not bad herb, just really don't know what the hell it is no matter what they say).

    But, I have my card now and dispensaries will open in Oct or so.

    Thanks for the reply, my friend.
  • MrNiceGuy
    Tastiest- Girl Scout Cookies , this cut had a strong, coat your palate with milky / kushy goodness. Very stoney as well - Tied with California Orange from Trichome Technologies, I dont combust, and have not since 2003 , but this strain would tempt me if I could track it down
    Strongest- Indica - Northern Lights #5 from Trichrome Technologies ( Ed Rosenthal supposedly owned / or grew for)
    Sativa - Maybe Jacks Haze , that stuff made me dizzy
    Best high - Forum Cookies , just a stoney / danky experience , when ever I vape it, I think the high lacks nothing and has everything at the perfect ratios if dosed properly IMO to my likings
  • ProjectSatan
    Just had some Jah-Goo the other day that was so amazing i finally decided to post instead of just lurking as usual. That and Jedi Kush are both two of my new favs. Along with White Lemon Cake. Amazing flavor and high. But, still to this day my strongest may have been Super Silver Haze from back in '01.

    So hard to choose just one for any category tho. I got five more i want to list already. Lol
  • Bud
    HAZE !!!

    Is my all-time fave, any type, but where I live it's virtually impossible to get, so I only get to enjoy it on rare occasions.

    I'd have to go with any type of lemon haze as my top pick.

    Pretty much tied for first place is Jack Herer, I love that one too!

    The more sativa the better with me, but it's not a common option when I go shopping :’( I have to settle for hybrids and indicas, could be worse I guess 8-)

    I have to say that up until recently there were basically no strains I didn't like, so anything I got I was happy with. But, I don't know if my senses are changing or what, there are 2 strains now that make me gag when I even smell them, let alone vape them. One is Sunset Sherbet and the other is called The White, thumbs down from me! (N) (N) LOL
  • Cl4ud3
    Apparently there are some rancid Lemonade type tins making it to the UK, not going to pay the extortionate prices people are asking though.

    I get Haze every month or so here :) Strawberry Haze currently, Pineapple Haze, Super Silver the month before (was superb), Tangie Haze before that (amazing taste). I do enjoy my Haze's for day medicating, and evenings too sometimes. Nice cheerful strain.

    Tastiest would be hard for me I had a random strain last year that had strong honey and citrus notes, wish I knew what it was.

    Years ago I had the chance to get some very very nice G13, it was tasty and very very strong. I think it might have been the strongest UK strain I had tried.

    Strongest foreign strains might be a new category for some of you :)
    I had some extremely nice hand rolled Charas from India once, now that was by far the best hashish I had ever tried.
    Also foreign partaking - White Shark in Amsterdam years ago was the strongest I had tried back then.
  • AsUwish
    The White has like zero flavor but does produce very dense clouds regardless of which vaporizer I used. The high was probably more on the therapeutic side because it's not a typical buzz with that one either, even as an indica.
  • AsUwish
    Northern Lights gives me a great night's sleep and makes me feel fantastic I'm the morning lol
  • MrNiceGuy

    Northern Lights is a great experience, always happy to come across it. Old School strains are getting hard to come by.
    I agree on The White.. No taste , kind of a numbing high.
    Amazing looking herb though. I like a couple of TheWhite crosses, The White x Chocolate Chunk and White Fire Og are my faves..
  • AsUwish
    Yes! Like numbing! It's a bit of an oddball. I'll have to look out for White fire og.

    By the way, I've recently started buying organic and I gotta say, it definitely makes a difference!
  • MrNiceGuy

    For sure try out white fire , may be called wifi og or wifi 43, may be 2 cuts floating around.
    I also try to always buy organic.I have heard the stuff grown with PCGs( plant growth regulators , I think ) take away taste, high in favor to add more weight. Luckily these days there is the option to find organic, tested meds. Some clubs only test thc cbd content, I prefer clubs that test for pesticides and mold too
  • Mrbiggs
    organic I would like to think that when legal in the uk one day,that pesticides and mould are the first thing they check for but correct me if wrong would a boveda pack sort the mold out.
  • Baron23
    They certainly will prevent mold during the storage of fairly well dried and cured herb, IMO, but if you have not sufficiently dried and cured your herb, chances are the Bovedas may be overwhelmed and let the RH raise and hence the possibility of mold.
    183rd & broadway still has it bro. The real uptown haze. Church. Frankincense.

    Audobahn boys on 168th have it too.
  • sote23
    For me strongest is Red Dragon, tastiest tangie live resin by ganja gold and best high Blue chocolate
  • sote23

    I am a fan of white fire as well.
  • Beamer
    Oh man where to start...
    Best I have ever burned...

    1. Cinderella - wowowowowow only had this batch come around once or twice, taste was great, beautiful dense colorful and knocked your socks right off - everything about this one was awesome. Taste, look, smell, burn. Everything was on point. Never have had anything like it ever...
    2. Oregan - some real heavy stuff. Really dark, earthy blend. Packed a serious punch, taste was strong. There was no real way to escape the smell once you smoked, or that stony look really. Some batchs were better than others but a good blend overall. Very unique quality, strong....interesting looking stuff as well
    3. Hempstar - always had a soft spot for this blend. Best taste I've ever come across. Great smoking, strong but uplifting. I don't really know just one of my personal favorites, sorta fell off the last year's and replaced by white castle which is the next best thing lol.

    New to the game.
    But this live resin whatever I just rocked with my source is nothing to mess with lol...Hawaiian fire ? Maybe that is the name... unreal tasty
  • Bruce
    The problem is that I can't decide which is the best strain I have experienced because if it's good shit, I won't remember.

    Stay Real Y'All Bitchaz
  • MrNiceGuy

    Red Dragon is a amazing herb too..Puts me in my own little world
    Soo many I could put on my all time fave list..Red Dragon for sure is on there.
  • sote23

    Red dragon is my favorite at the moment.
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