• Flipz
    I’ve been using the Dr. Dabber Aura for close to a month now and wanted to share my thoughts so far on this vape pen. First thing I noticed was the box/packaging look is really cool but it’s one of those designs where you need instructions just to open it (yes, I’ll admit it) LOL.

    Inside the box you get the aura pen itself, 3 atomizers, usb charger, loading tool, silicone container, dr. dabber key chain and instruction manual. Right away I have to say I’m SERIOUSLY digging and loving the magnets! This vaporizer pen is very easy to use and user friendly thanks to what the company calls “SnapTech magnetic technology” - AKA magnets. It’s simply using magnets to attach/take apart the battery, atomizer and everything besides the ceramic mouthpiece (which is the only part of the aura that isn’t magnetic). So no more having to screw and unscrew batteries, atomizers etc... which IMO, I think is freaking awesome! The charger is even magnetic so just snap the battery onto it and you are done my friend 8-) Reminds me of the Ron Popeil’s showtime rotisserie cooker phrase "set it, and forget it!".

    After first picking up aura, I noticed how solid & smooth it felt overall in my hands just like what we all come to expect from dr. dabber products. It has a 5 click on/off safety feature and 3 different temperature settings you cycle through by hitting the power button 3 times quickly. There is a LED light behind the power button and on the bottom which glow whichever color your heats set to:
    Green (low)
    Blue (medium)
    Pink (high)

    The aura kit comes with 3 different atomizers (the book says all atomizers have a quartz dish/wall) which are the aura ceramic halo, dual quartz rods and dual ceramic rods. I’ve been only using the aura and dual quartz atomizers because ceramic rods in general are sort of outdated in my mind. Dr. Dabber is known for using controlled low temp heating in their portable vaporizers to get the best flavor out of your concentrates and once again they don’t disappoint. Everyone is different so my thoughts and experience are purely what I think after using daily over the last month. Both the aura halo and dual quartz atomizers produce extremely pleasant tasting vapor, especially the aura halo which I believe is due to the how the controlled low temp heating functions. I did not notice any difference in draw strength between the atomizers included and when comparing draw strength overall to the vapes I’ve tried… I’d say it falls in the middle. Not overly easy to draw but also not hard where your face will turn red.

    A little more detailed information on each atomizer I’ve used:
    The aura ceramic halo is all about light vapor clouds but you get amazing tasting hits out of it. I switch between low and medium temps while using the halo depending on which concentrate I’m feeling at the time. I’ve found using the high heat setting with the halo disc specifically causes whichever wax I have tried (for me at least) starts to bubble.

    The dual quartz rods atomizer gives off bigger rips resulting in much more visible vapor clouds while keeping the hit tasting pretty damn nice I must say (when comparing to the halo). It’s not as flavorful as the halo but you get the bigger vape clouds so in the end it comes down to your preference. That’s the reason I always keep switching between the 2 atomizers as there both great, so it always comes down to where I’m going to use it and how medicated I want to get. Although all 3 heat settings I found to work fine without issues with the dual quartz rods, my personal heat level preference with this atomizer is medium. I find it’s the perfect balance between vapor and taste a majority of the time and the only reason I don’t use the highest temp myself is because it’s too strong for my liking. I’d guess most people will probably be satisfied vaping using the medium/high setting… but like all concentrate vaporizer pens, you just gotta play around with it to find out which combination of heat setting & atomizer is best for YOU.

    I would have preferred no bottom light as it takes away from being as discrete when using on the go but that’s just one of my personal pet peeves most concentrate pens have. It’s not a huge deal but something I noticed right away was that the power button doesn’t have that polished or smooth feeling. As said before - the button feel is really is no biggie but it’s a shame that after making such a great product, a little overlooked detail could be overlooked. Overall I think the Dr. Dabber Aura kit is priced nicely for what you get. Everything is built well, has a nice solid smooth feel to it, performs excellent and so far has been a reliable unit. I honestly feel it’s only a matter of time (well, really hope) before we start seeing magnets being used more and more just because they are so god damn awesome.

    Thanks for reading and feel free to leave comments, questions or whatever ya feelin! (Y) (Y) (Y)

  • Bud
    Very nicely done sir!!! amazing review, and i'm super glad u like it (Y) :D 8-)
    Great review Flipz !

    I have, as expected, another verbose inquiry lol.
    How would you compare:

    1. Efficiency with wax/shatter/live resin
    2. Airflow on fast pulls and slow pulls
    3. Medicating level
    4. Best flavor
    5. Least visible vapor / least combustion

    Between the Linx Hypnos, KandyPens Donua, and Aura, when using the aura halo, and each pen per heat setting ?
  • Flipz
    Thank you. Not quitting my day job anytime soon though :-}

    Thanks for the comment on my review. I'll be honest with you though, that's a crazy amount of work for any person. Not being mean but I thought I've answered 2 similar questions in previous posts by you. I can be wrong though... may I ask which vape pen you own or what exactly are you looking for? 8-)

    I'll still try and answer that question if I happen to get enough time eventually. Take it easy man.
    Yeah I was super medicated when I asked it lol. Lacked perspective haha.

    Newest pens I have are the Hypnos & Hypnos zero.

    I just tried out the aura yesterday and was surprised by how cheap the atomizers' construction looked and felt. And the mouthpiece. Immediately was disinterested.

    But the aura's halo atomizer, while looking extremely cheaply constructed, didn't glow red, even at the highest temp when the button was held for 10seconds. So that is a very good sign of low temps staying low, which is what dr Dabber is known for.

    And yes I seem to recall you saying you liked the aura the best of all, but mentioned the KandyPens donuts having the least visible vapor of all 3. Hypnos producing the most visible vapor (but that was with ceramic rod), And the aura halo being a good middle ground and having the most fully medicating feeling. I just forgot when I was medicated lol.

    Anythihg to add regarding the donuts vs the aura ? Have you tried the zero yet ?
  • James Thomes
    Really Great review Flipz!!

    I'm interested in a new vape pen called Dr Dabber Vaporizer Pen. It's easy to use, portable, and stealthy that's why I'm recommending you.
  • Flipz
    Thank you. Which one of their pens are you referring to? It's just a link to the homepage.
  • Flipz
    After using the aura more I found the mouthpiece to be a little issue so I hear ya on that. I think the aura halo disc is easily better than the donuts when just comparing the atomizers.

    I have tried the zero and really like it. Does get a little messy with wax build up under mouthpiece after using a bunch of times. I believe you posted pics about that issue and tons of other awesome info about the zero in another post (Y)

    My personal experience with the zero up to this point has been positive so that's always good. I still have a few pens always handy because you just need that heavy hitter sometimes lol. Take it easy.
  • James Thomes
    I am also referring to Aura Vaporizer Pen. :)
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