• DabConnection
    So after the initial no glues claim on the Kandypens Elite was found to be bust, Kandypens said on Instagram we were making false claims about their product.

    Then they released the product tests to Bud who posted them here, and they clearly said quick dried glue in the upper top corner. See the pic below and I squared in red where it says "QUICK DRIED GLUE"


    Now this is where it got more interesting. They claimed they were going to edit their site and take off the no glues claim. Turns out they took it off almost all the other products that they made the same claim with. This means the Gravity and the rest of the Kandypens atomizers have glue as well.

    I reached out to them for a reply as to whether they were going to tell their customers that already purchased these items thinking they were glue free and they gave no response.

    I posted more pics/info on my site here. The other interesting part about the test is that it is from July 03, 2015. Does this mean they have not updated their atomizers since then?

    Shot out to Bud for getting all the info together and now we have solid proof that they misled customers.

    What do you guys think about this and would you still trust Kandypens at this point?
    It's a real shame, as the elite chamber and temp settings are quite good, but I haven't used mine since this revelation. Graham is the type of nicca to spend 100x more on product placement than on actual next level innovation.
  • FallenGrrl
    Eww. This is disturbing. Good on you and Bud for working together to expose them. :) Epoxy is nasty stuff. Useful, for certain purposes, but for a vape where it could be exposed to heat?! I've only used it for situations that are the exact opposite - cases where I need a water-resistant glue, such as when building my desktop fountain. I think an epoxy-type glue is used in aquariums, also. It's clearly meant for lower temps. And I know when you're using it you're told to avoid sparks, flames, high heat, and to be sure to have adequate ventilation. So yeah, very questionable design decision, to say the least.

    The fact that Kandypens has simply changed their website and advertising, but not actually changed the design, or said they will look into it, is just sketchy. No, I will not buy from them now that I'm aware of this, unless it's down the road and I know for a fact the glue has been removed. Even then, it seems the CEO has a rather worrisome history. I'm not a dabber, so there aren't a lot of their products that interest me, but even if they had an appealing herbal vape, I'd look elsewhere.

    Thanks for sharing this. (Y) Glad to know about it.
  • DabConnection
    Ya I would say the pen actually hit pretty good. I do think for the type of battery included it was too expensive, but the hit was good and it did in fact not leak.
  • Baron23
    I think an epoxy-type glue is used in aquariums, also. It's clearly meant for lower temps.FallenGrrl

    There is high temp expoxy, but I still wouldn't want it in my vape's vapor path.
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