• ghostvapesofficial
    Dear Vape Life Members,

    Following 2 years of intensive product development, we would like to address our first communication exclusively to the members of this forum, by thanking all of you for your interest, patience and understanding and allowing us the additional time needed to get our much-anticipated launch fully underway.

    The first bit of good news is that we have not experienced an interruption in production and will soon be shipping stock to our fulfilment centre.

    Unfortunately, we will not be able to start taking orders until we actually have product in our US warehouse. We really don’t want to make the mistake of taking money for orders before we physically have stock ready to ship.

    We have taken the decision to launch our website next week in advance of going fully transactional, to enable you to learn more about our product and to address any questions you may have regarding Ghost Vapes and the MV1.

    The other good news is that we are currently setting up a system to allow members of this forum to reserve your MV1 of choice as early as next week, with no commitment on your part and without having to pay a deposit.

    This system will operate on a first come first serve basis by way of recognition for your patience and out of a sense of fairness.

    Thanks again for your patience and understanding, our number one priority is your satisfaction.

    The Team at Ghost
  • ghostvapesofficial
    Dear Vape Life Members

    After much hard toil we are pleased to let you know that our website is now live and packed full of images and information on the MV1.

    For launch we are non-transactional whilst we eagerly await our first shipment, but you are able to reserve your MV1 by entering your email address against the relevant product. We are tracking the reservations as they come in and will email those of you who have signed up first as soon as we get our first deliveries of stock. We are working around the clock to make this happen as soon as we possibly can.

    To be clear, when we do email you we will guide you back to this forum in order to activate any offer Bud may have running, but in the mean time the link below and the one that Bud has posted will ensure he gets his well deserved commission on any sales generated through that link. We appreciate his work as much as you guys do and want to make sure he can go on providing the service you all so obviously love!

    In recognition of your continued patience, we are not emailing our database or publicising the launch for the next 24 hours so that you are able to get yourselves to the top of the list, so be sure to get on there as quick as you can and get your reservation in.

    Click here to visit the official Ghost Vapes store

    The Team @Ghost

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