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    Dear Vape Life Members,

    Following 2 years of intensive product development, we would like to address our first communication exclusively to the members of this forum, by thanking all of you for your interest, patience and understanding and allowing us the additional time needed to get our much-anticipated launch fully underway.

    The first bit of good news is that we have not experienced an interruption in production and will soon be shipping stock to our fulfilment centre.

    Unfortunately, we will not be able to start taking orders until we actually have product in our US warehouse. We really don’t want to make the mistake of taking money for orders before we physically have stock ready to ship.

    We have taken the decision to launch our website next week in advance of going fully transactional, to enable you to learn more about our product and to address any questions you may have regarding Ghost Vapes and the MV1.

    The other good news is that we are currently setting up a system to allow members of this forum to reserve your MV1 of choice as early as next week, with no commitment on your part and without having to pay a deposit.

    This system will operate on a first come first serve basis by way of recognition for your patience and out of a sense of fairness.

    Thanks again for your patience and understanding, our number one priority is your satisfaction.

    The Team at Ghost
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    Dear Vape Life Members

    After much hard toil we are pleased to let you know that our website is now live and packed full of images and information on the MV1.

    For launch we are non-transactional whilst we eagerly await our first shipment, but you are able to reserve your MV1 by entering your email address against the relevant product. We are tracking the reservations as they come in and will email those of you who have signed up first as soon as we get our first deliveries of stock. We are working around the clock to make this happen as soon as we possibly can.

    To be clear, when we do email you we will guide you back to this forum in order to activate any offer Bud may have running, but in the mean time the link below and the one that Bud has posted will ensure he gets his well deserved commission on any sales generated through that link. We appreciate his work as much as you guys do and want to make sure he can go on providing the service you all so obviously love!

    In recognition of your continued patience, we are not emailing our database or publicising the launch for the next 24 hours so that you are able to get yourselves to the top of the list, so be sure to get on there as quick as you can and get your reservation in.

    Click here to visit the official Ghost Vapes store

    The Team @Ghost
  • ghostvapesofficial
    Dear Vape Life members,

    Thank you for your continued patience while we get all of our systems fully up and running.

    We are very happy to confirm that we will commence shipping orders from our US warehouse as early as next week.

    In order to honor our commitment to members of this forum we will be taking order confirmations and payments strictly in accordance with the date and time that each pre-registration was received.

    Please rest assured that anyone who registered on our site, irrespective of whether or not you received a confirmation is already on our system.

    The MV1 will be in short supply at first so please be patient while we work through the thousands of pre-registrations that we have on our system. Our manufacturing plant is in full swing and we are working flat out to meet the incredible demand that has been created, much of which has come from the enthusiasm generated on this forum.

    We will be emailing everyone on the list in the order that they pre-registered, with instructions on how to order your MV1 as soon as stock hits our warehouse

    Thanks again for your continued patience and please understand that we are working as hard as we can to get an MV1 into your hands as soon as possible.

    The Team @Ghost
  • ghostvapesofficial
    Dear Vape Life Members,

    Thanks again for your continued patience

    We sent an email out earlier today to all members who pre-registered, advising you of the system that we have put in place to confirm your orders.

    Please rest assured that if you received an email from us today, you are already on the priority list and you will automatically receive the Fast Charger bonus entitlement, in accordance with your original registration date and time.

    This means that the first 1,000 will get a free Fast Charger and the second 1,000 will be entitled to the 50% promotional offer on the Fast Charger.

    The email was only sent to potential customers that originated from the Vape Critic reviews and to Vape Life members.

    For the avoidance of doubt, we will not be commencing sales to the general public until we have fulfilled your orders.

    There is no need to re-register via the link on Bud’s website and all you need to do is follow the instructions provided in today’s email and subsequent notifications.

    If you opened an account before today’s email then you are already on our system and you don’t need to open another account.

    If you opened an account previously using a different email address to the one we sent the email to today, you will need to open an account before ordering.

    Please also rest assured that we are working around the clock to get an MV1 into your hands as quickly as humanly possible.

    The Team @Ghost
  • ghostvapesofficial
    Dear Vape Life Members

    Despite all of our best efforts we are hugely disappointed to announce that we are unable to begin sales of the GHOST MV1 today.

    As you know we had planned to email our reserved list customers this week and we had hoped to begin that process yesterday, Thursday September 7th. We have the stock in our warehouse ready to go but as some of you may have noticed we had some issues when pushing the final updates through to the live version of our website. We ran extensive testing on our “staging” platform where everything was working well, however as soon as we pushed over the code to our live site we started to run in to problems with the checkout section of the website.

    Our agency has been working around the clock to find a solution, however despite all of the resources they have at their disposal they have been unable to fix the problem. We are based in the UK and we are now approaching late on Friday afternoon and we are left with a decision of pushing on and trying to make this launch happen today or pulling back and sending out this communication. As it is now so late in the working week and as any developer will know how risky it is trying to go live with new features late in the day on a Friday, we have decided to let you know that we are now unable to start sales of the MV1 today.

    We have been assured that our agency will continue to work on a solution until the site is working, but we are not prepared to take the risk of testing our live site with your orders and opening the possibility of further things going wrong over the weekend with no way of resolving these issues. If we force people to continue working without taking a break, we open ourselves up to mistakes being made and simply making things worse than they already are.

    We know how disappointing this will be to many of you, but please believe us that we have done everything we possibly can to make this happen, but unfortunately we have just run out of time and we are genuinely gutted that we cannot begin sending out MV1s this week.

    We will of course let you know as soon as humanly possible when you can place your order and hope you understand that we are as disappointed as anyone that we have missed this deadline and we ask for just a little more of your patience whilst we get the final piece of the jigsaw in place.

    The Team @GHOST
  • ghostvapesofficial
    Dear Vape Life Members

    As most of you are probably aware we started to send out emails yesterday to the first people who registered and shipments have now commenced.

    The second batch of emails were sent today and more will follow tomorrow.

    We are ramping this up as we go but our efforts are being continually hampered by people who are contacting us repeatedly to see where they are on the list.

    Everyone who registered will be receiving an email confirming that they can now place an order, strictly in accordance with their position on the list.

    We have received thousands of registrations and it is going to take a while to clear the backlog but we really need your help here.

    Please could you try and resist the temptation of emailing customer support to ask when you’re going to receive “the email” – it is hampering our efforts, clogging inboxes and slowing the entire process down.

    If you are asking the same question on the VapeLife forum we will not be able to respond anytime soon.

    In addition to the above we have had a number of instances where the ordering email notification has gone out, only to be intercepted by SPAM filters.

    We are strongly recommending that you check to see if your email is in your junk folders.

    If you haven’t received the notification email yet and it is not in your junk folder then it hasn’t been sent yet.

    We are working around the clock here to expedite this process as quickly as possible.

    Please be patient a little while longer.

    The Team @GHOST
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    Dear Vape Life Members

    App availability and unlocked levels 4&5

    We are pleased to advise that the Ghost App will be available on Android and iOS shortly.

    Please note that in advance of this we have been unlocking all MV1’s prior to shipment.

    This means that you will be able to use all 5 dry herb settings and of course concentrate setting 6 out of the box.

    Some units may be running slightly hot on level 5 but this will revert back to default as soon as you download the App and pair your device.

    Downloading the App will also enable you to customise settings 4&5 in 1-degree increments, together with a host of other features.

    The Team @GHOST

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