• Baron23
    Maybe because you have to take it apart and stir after every draw??
  • TheHulliCopter
    Yes but that effects how stealthy you can be. Regardless of stirring it fits in my pockets
  • EasyToSlip
    I think that Bud's score on portability is probably accurate.
    I have a FF2. It is great in terms of size, but that is not the only aspect of portability.
    The requirement to stir after 3 or 4 hits reduces portability. You really don't want to open up the lid and stir in the middle of a crowd at an outdoor concert. Also the small bowl size means that you will have to do a whole new load in the middle of a crowd... Not portable . Not discrete.
    So no stirring on the MV1 means better portability. And capsules. If MV1 has extra crucibles or capsules that you can pre load, then this is a big win in portability too.
    Even though the MV1 is larger, I think it may be more discreet in public because you can hold it in your hand and sip from the top. The way you have to hold the FF2 is not discreet. AND you have to take a thirty second hit to get a nice hit. With the MV1 your time to take a hit is half or less.

    If you have FF2 portability tips please post....
  • StuddlyBud
    Does anybody else see that the Ghost Mv1 isn't that much bigger than the ff2?:s it's only slightly bigger and I've witness people put much bigger things into their pockets.
  • katdaddy
    Controls stink.
    I'll wait for the MV2
  • TheHulliCopter
    I guess what im saying is the portablily catory should be renamed Portability/Stealth
  • SkabootchWolf
    Need to see a profile picture of it to see how fat it is, the depth of it, to know if it not that much bigger than FF2.
  • StuddlyBud
    Bud has posted pics of the Mv1 all over and has it on his vapecritic site. But just looking at the line up of some of the vapes on that one pic, you can see it's not that fat (bulky) compared to the ff2 (I believe the Mv1 is right next to the ff2 , and it's circumference is just a tad larger than the ff2, this is what I'm seeing anyway.
  • StuddlyBud
    I know one thing, if Ghost comes and says they'll start processing orders in September, I think I might just stop waiting. This wait is freaking killin me!
  • Sfumato
    These VAPE wars are getting as bad as the Console Wars.
  • Vaporthusiastic

    The MV1's gonna be pretty bad for on the go use for similar reasons.

    The crucible lid doesn't snap, that means it's going to be extremely difficult to refill and reload in a concert setting.
    Same as the FF2 the MV1 has a very small bowl, which means that annoying reloading is going to occur often.

    Because of the above, the MV1 is not a group vape, good luck passing this around for more then a couple draws.

    In addition the MV1 is quite a bit bigger and much heavier, not exactly easy to crotch this past security.

    If you think you're going to get one of those crucible holders and pack them up for a concert, now you have a larger holder and a large vape to carry around, again reducing feasible portability.

    The best thing the MV1 has going for it is a long battery life which is nice, but again it's a portable at home vape, not really for vaping and moving at the same time.

    Let's not pretend the MV1 is something it isn't, it's going to be a primarily at home solo use portable because of it's large size, and small finicky crucibles.
  • StuddlyBud
    just curious, have you been following the videos and some of the posts? You can get a half dozen draws off one .12 load on a high heat level (L4 in Bud's video) without stirring. You're telling me you're not impressed with that extraction? To me there will be no satisfactory way of being stealthy when it comes to refilling an herb chamber, but I assume once you get used to a process it becomes easier regardless...using pipe for example, which I did back in the day EVERYWHERE. As far as the crucible holder, I think it could come in handy if they were preloaded with herb; just do a quick swap. The snap top idea...to me I think the lid in many hands would snap off anyway if it did connect to the crucible, I assume this is why they left it completely detachable; too finicky to have it connected in the first place. But it looks like it sits on top in the groves well enough to stay in place from the looks of the videos. That's just me tho.
  • Vaporthusiastic

    The extraction and performance look very good for solo use but that small of a load is just not gonna cut it for a real group session. Great for efficiency and solo use, but that's the tradeoff. Not necessarily a negative, but I'm saying be objective about what this thing can do.

    Also I haven't seen any footage of how this thing handles back to back draws. 6 draws spaced out evenly with cooldown time in between is not the same as 6 draws back to back to back on fresh lungs as the vape is passed around.

    Does the MV1 overheat like the FF2 after multiple consecutive draws?

    There's no reason not to have the crucible lid lock to the crucible, period.
    You will be spilling herb all over the place because the lid won't stay on the crucible.

    You could literally have a small groove in the ceramic that fits a small piece on the crucible lid and turn the lid clockwise while on top of the crucible to lock it into place. 100% better design than just resting it on top.

    Imagine this, if the crucible lids locked you wouldn't even need to buy a crucible holder because you could just put loaded crucibles in a bag or tube and be on your way.

    Also if the lid locked to the crucible you could just turn the MV1 upside down, pop the old crucible out with 1 hand, and put it in your pocket to reload. Without having a locking lid, reloading with multiple crucibles is a nightmare.

    To be a bit conspiratorial, maybe the whole reason they decided not to have locking crucibles is so they could sell a crucible holder... *facepalm*

    I think Ghost is in dire need of a Crucible+Lid V2.
  • StuddlyBud

    You could be right about the crucible lid; it would be easy to just pop in and out and put a fresh one in there if the lid were attached/locked into place and I like that idea as well. But tbh regardless of the lid being attached or not, the crucible part is in itself going to sell anyway as an accessory just for the simple fact it's an accessory; I'm sure each person will have their individual reasoning of why they need more. I do see your point though about it being attached.

    As for the vape itself, I think for vape sessions the concentrates will be the key here with the ghost, but yes it seems to be best for solo use which is why I'm definitely on board.

    Watching the videos Bud posted, it offers on demand vapin in my eyes, but I'm sure everybody has a different perspective of what that actually is. Because as I recall, you press the button then it lets you know it's ready to vape (few seconds), then you press the button while taking in the vapor and it makes some type of faint sound while vapin, then buzzes again to let you know you can't draw anymore.. Something like that lol (15 seconds I think it was for the cut off to let you know when to stop) . If the next person were to hit it I assume it would be the same process for them, but it's not like they have to wait to start the process and doesn't seem like you have to wait long at all, unlike the arizer air and some others you gotta wait mins. Lol but I can't say cus I still dont have this thing in my hand. Once I do though, I'll be assessing for myself if it fits my needs... I think it will as long as it doesn't break lol. I'm definitely riding on Bud's buy back guarantee fr tho.
  • mrbiggiejones
    My biggest concern is that they have been doing special events with the ghost now which is pretty cool idea as long as word spreads out how great this vape is? but no I'm still waiting,not one person has come on here from these events and has said they have seen it or used it which I'm finding extremely difficult to understand .

    Surely if its the dogs bollocks people would be flocking on here by now.By my following of this approach It has failed up to now The marketing the fancy pics just don't wash with Me they simply could of give other reviewers the chance to back up its claims instead of bud having 4 to him self and by simply not wasting money on a pop star unveil, which inturn we may have got the ghost at more affordable price when it launches .But i can safely say now we have worked out amongst our selfs it has its flaws and maybe more to come ? just by the pure fact that only one person is marketing this that doesn't Evan work for them makes me wonder do they Evan believe in there own product them selfs now because if it was me I would be singing its praises just like bud does on here very strange and really doesn't fill me with confidence in there product anymore.
  • 0ursisthefury
    I think this is a cool vape, looks cool, etc. But I'm going to take a pass on it. I was initially all in on the hype but the delay has given me time to rethink and I realize I want this but don't need it. (Especially since my Mighty is only a few months old)

    The only way I could be brought back into the fold is if the other reviewers and people here are blown away by this. Or I will wait for the inevitable v2 with hopefully more buttons, digital read out and full temp control. Good luck all!
  • Baron23
    The crucible lid doesn't snap, that means it's going to be extremely difficult to refill and reload in a concert setting.
    Same as the FF2 the MV1 has a very small bowl, which means that annoying reloading is going to occur often.

    Yes, I think both of these items have been well noted. I have also stated many times that I think the lack of retention of the lid on the crucible also eliminates this vape for many medical patients who have dexterity issues or movement disorders. To me, it was just fucking stupid on Ghost's part. But we will see what they do going forward.

    I also agree that this is a home portable. Not a pocketable, pass around in the mosh, party vape. Nope, for that I would look cheaper and bigger bowl like the CFX, perhaps. Note: to me, the Mighty (which I also own) is also portable but not pocketable.

    But it looks like it sits on top in the groves well enough to stay in place from the looks of the videos. That's just me tho.StuddlyBud

    It definitely doesn't to me. To me, it just sits there like a bad toupee on a bald man. LOL
  • voyciz
    Despite the cons which have been mentioned, and the sketchiness of the company, it still seems like this would be a great product IF it holds up to Bud's claims, particularly the fact that you can get so many pulls off of .12 of herb. This is important, because it means less loading with that finicky chamber, which you definitely don't want to be doing in public.

    The first ever portable "thing" I bought was a Cloud Pen, and I am still trying to get rid of that piece!
    I was new and didn't understand it was for one hit at a time. The smoke shop worker told me it was super discreet - well it ain't discreet if I'm pulling out a dab tool after every hit. Not for me.
  • SkabootchWolf
    I can't exactly tell but from the videos it looks like it gets almost as fat as it is wide. So I dunno, like twice as fast as the crafty perhaps. Think it should still be cool to put in your pocket.
  • StuddlyBud
    yeah it looks a lil big in the hand, but like you said it still looks coo enough to fit in the pockets. But when looking at that pic that Bud posted with the line up of some of the top vapes, the Mv1 is right next to the ff2 and yes it's bigger, but when you compare them it's not like the Ghost is significantly bigger than the ff2. And when comparing the Mv1 to the crafty, it's just a lil taller (top part is higher with bottoms matched) and as wide and as fat as the crafty. So to me its size is not a real issue and I expect it to have some size to it for it to operate as good as they say.

  • Spog
    Have I missed if there's an update on a warranty?
  • Wildcat

    The reason for the delay with the warranty details is that they want to offer an extended warranty also, for up to 5 years, but the final details aren't ready yet for that so please standby for further updates on this.
  • highasakite
    I am no longer on standby. My standby time is two months.

    Please standby for further standby time updates.
  • Chronic Pain
    Maybe Bud's reviews should include him cramming each vape into his pants pockets to show just how portable they are... ;)

  • Baron23
    No problem for me and my baggy old man pants! haha
  • VapeCritic
    im gonna change my signoff from Stay up to Standby!
  • Bruce
    Get that FF2 out of that display!
  • Bruce
    While I await the MV1, which I anticipate will put the rest of my vapes on the less used side of things. Trying to get it all in... I tried dosage capsules on the Mighty, that's the only way for me, it needs a tiny dusting with the capsules. No gook ever. The effects were the same or better with the capsules. It would be even better if the MV1 has a dosage capsule capability.

    Since there is no way to hold it or touch it until the unit is bought. I would like if Ghost would offer a 24 hour, money back guaranteed.