• CTC85

    Hey vape critic I really appreciate the follow up video, I understand the device and the process even better now. Got a lot out of the first video as well. Also appreciate you taking the time to explain and be transparent with all your followers, I know it means a lot to me that you are so up front and willing to put it out there. I can also imagine it's a lot to handle sometimes, so thanks man.
  • Cedar
    Echoing CTC85, but I certainly cannot recall a more thorough, honest, and responsive performance from a reviewer of any product. Thanks!
  • VapeCritic
    SO RELIEVED you guys found this second vid more helpful!

    I'm gonna keep reading your feedback and address/answer everything possible in my upcoming vids, thanks again guys I CANNOT WAIT for you to get yours
  • Naked Paradox
    Hey Bud,

    I'm interested to know, when Ghost asked you for feedback, what kind of improvements did you suggest for the MV1?
  • Trousersnake

    Yeah, that'd be interesting to know...

    Did Bud ask them about the crucible lid?

    Maybe they couldn't fix the humming dildo sound but the fact that there is no latch on the crucible to secure the lid is a HUGE design flaw in my eyes. That reduces the portability significantly.
  • FireDrake
    Great video !! I currently have a hopper and a ff2 . The hopper is a heavy hitter but goes through batteries like crazy while the ff2 can drive me to frustration with the draw resistance. I understand that this vape has virtually no draw resistance which is awesome but I wonder if they are going to offer a water tool attachment. It doesn't sound like vape needs to condition or cool the vapor down but some people just like to hear the sound of bubbles when they vape. The mouth piece looks like it's an oval shape and won't fit into a standard 14mm down stem. Do you know if they have any plans to accommodate users who have a love of water pipes?
  • BouncingOffClouds
    Comments disabled on both videos? That doesn't look good.
  • Naked Paradox
    I know what you mean. The fact that the lid is only placed on means that you have to be much more careful when you're removing the crucible from the chamber, as opposed to being able to turn it upside down and letting it fall out. I guess we won't know how much of a problem the lid is until we get our hands on it. It seems like something Ghost could fix on another production run, or maybe a third party could supply some kind of solution. A crucible with a hinged lid would be a better idea.
  • techvape
    Thanks for the fast release of part 2! I really appreciate it. After part 1 I felt really bummed, cause there weren't any new information for us people who literally "camps behind their computers like on the release of the new iPhone".
    I think you directed very much all concerns and I'm again psyched up to use this goddess vape.
  • Rvgorder
    The humming sounds extremely high pitched and piercing. Maybe your vid had some sound compression but it seemed really loud. Any way we could get a better recording of the sound?
  • Mouette
    I'm glad it's just placed there for one since it'll make taking it off simpler when you've just finished your last session and aren't optimal haha

    A hinge could work, but then it might break easily and it would make cleaning more difficult too. I'd rather have it just placed on top. Yeah it could be dropped and have the contents spill out, but then again it's rarely manipulated. Meh, it's as you've said, we'll see once we use it. If people want it modified, they might just do that.
  • Naked Paradox
    If the MV1 takes off, I can imagine all kinds of alternate crucibles with lids, or even fine guazes at the bottom instead of holes. Yes, I can definitely see people modding these to suit their preference.
  • Texan1967
    Thanks for the follow up video! That's more of the Vape Critic we have all come to know and love. The Ghost will be a success, and all of us will be better off with the help of all your hard work and experience. The pressure is on now, but in the next 2-3months most here will have hands on experience and will be able to understand those small details that really make this vaporizer rise above others. You've done a great job trying to inform others, now all you can do is let the thing speak for itself and help clear up any remaining confusion. Your passion is clearly evident and hopefully your business ties are public and transparent to all now. There will be those few you will never be able to please, but for each of those there are scores of others that trust what you have to say. Thank you Vape Critic, well done!
  • techvape
    Bud said, that they are experimenting with different materials for the crucibles. Maybe with stainless steel they would create a hybrid effect between conduction and convection.
  • Texan1967
    Now we need the complete Vape Critic review of the Ghost enjoying concentrates. Bud, show us what she's got!
  • VapeCritic
    youtube comments are gonna be disabled on my all my videos going forward, i dont have the bandwidth to monitor and reply to youtube comments anymore and that's what i made the forum for.

    So you got a question or is that your only comment?
  • VapeCritic
    thats actually the best recording of it i could get, the mic was about 6" from the vape
  • VapeCritic
    hey i'm not positive yet about an official water pipe adapter but there is a quick cheap way to use a small silicone wax container to do it, i posted some pics of this in another thread recently but i'll show it in an upcoming vid too
  • okla68m

    Why would a person want to do that...Convection Is the IDEA ! There's Plenty of conduction/Hybrid vapes Already on the market ! The WHOLE IDEA is to Get Away from Cooking material when you aren't SUCKING ON IT......
  • BringnGoodVibes
    Can the App be deleted once the 2 remainder temperature settings have been unlocked and then programmed to desired user temperature? I just hate apps on my phone that I do not necessarily need all the time.

    Will this vaporizer need to be held up right similar to the vapexhale when doing concentrates? Or are you able to flip it upside down or side ways while still keeping the functionality fully intact?
  • Mouette
    Same here, I'd use the app to unlock the advanced settings then remove it. Better if we didn't need the app in the first place but I guess not much can be done about that.
  • frandemarco
    Wow comparing this to theVapexhale a desktop argurable the strongest producing vaporizer ever created...hmmm. #BIGWORDS #BOLDMOVE
  • Landonit
    Hey Bud, would a Santa Cruz shredder be too fine of a grind for this vape then? Super excited about this thing and can't wait to get one
  • techvape
    An option more wouldn't hurt? It makes this device more versatile and economical because nobody needs to buy another vape for the conduction effect.

    There are pro's for conduction which does not apply to convection. One crucial point is, that you do not have to work (draw a lot) to get your material going.
    Don't understand me wrong. I do prefer convection over conduction, but there are situations where conduction works for some better. And with only minimal effort like changing the material of the crucible I think it is worth it.
  • Texan1967
    For me it's more about building/setting up your toolbox. My ideal set up would look something like this: Desktop = Vapexhale Evo, Portable = Ghost MV1, Pocketable = can't quite say. I currently have a VapeDynamics Duo that frustrates the piss out of me every day. What I've found that I really like about it though is the separate 510 connection to attach a tank for vaping concentrates. Even though I'm at my frustration limit with this thing, the ability to throw on a tank really does add to it's capability. Thou the Airvape XS does look promising, I think this may be a spot for some of the cheaper vapes out there, at least until a Pocketable comes along that clearly dominates this category. All this to say you don't need a hammer for every job, just a smarty stocked toolbox!
  • Chronic Pain
    The Crucible system is a lot like the Mighty Dosing Capsules, which I love. So I can't wait to get one.

    The only issue I see is that people are probably going to lose a lot of Crucibles seeing that is marketed as a Portable Vape.

    Hopefully they will come out with something like portable storage unit for the Crucibles, like the Mighty has...

  • Baron23
    HI Bud - thanks for the two videos. Lots of info and visual data in there for us.

    I especially like the 2nd one where you vaped two loads as I think it will provide funny screen captures for memes of the baked critic for years to come! LOL >:) LOL

    Wow, Mr Nice Guy....one of my favorites and a staple for me for the last year or so (dunno why, but that's what I have been able to more easily get). Really like it and I recommend the book by Howard Marks (who was Mr Nice) by the same name.

    The thing about visual vapor on the first draw is not really a concern to me. Let's face it, almost any vape needs a bit of priming, from a cold start, before it produces thick vapor. I agree with you that its highly dependent on your product as some strains just seem to let it go easier than others (e.g. I have some Fire OG which I like, but which takes a bit more prodding to give up the goods). And, as you mentioned just even the basic quality, grind, and dryness.

    But also, its my belief that ANY convection vape, again from a cold start, will take some amount of drawing before really they really start producing. I mean, the hot air stream has to heat not only the herb but the entire air path is leaching heat from the stream until everything in there gets up to temp. Yeah, this can be gotten around by using very high heat settings, but physics is physics and I don't see this as a shortfall at all (and you showed getting real steam on first draw at level 5 so there is that).

    You didn't use the term pulse width modulation but ANY modern digital device will almost certainly use this to control heating element power (and hence temp). I do not know, but feel confident that this is the technique used in the Mighty/Crafty and I know its what is used in the IQ, and my GH where some people have also commented on a slight high frequency hum or buzz (this being the PWM circuit). However, I have never heard it nor have many others so perhaps if you have pretty sensitive hearing (which after jets, Harley's, and shotguns I do NOT have) you will hear this. But this is pretty much how anybody controls power levels in digital devices these days.

    I saw some comments on ease of use and of course you went to some lengths to demonstrate the actions needed to load and operate the vape. I always have to remind myself that our vape community is pretty wide with all sorts of folks looking to buy/use something like the MV-1 including some medical patients for whom dexterity and movement control are issues. I ran into my own myopia on this in a Grasshopper discussion where someone thought it was difficult to load. I allowed as how I thought it was so simple you could just wrap the webbing of your thumb/forefinger around it and pour it in. I was then properly brought up short by a member of the board who has rheumatoid arthritis and for whom this technique would be almost impossible. Lesson learned by yours truly.

    Its very hard to satisfy everyone across the width of our community. I should think that features to satisfy med users with movement disorders would seem a bit of a PIA for those of use who are fairly able bodied and can juggle things a good bit easier. Likewise, many things the able bodied think nothing of may provide a real challenge to MMJ patients. I do think the fact that the crucible lids do not latch onto the base will be a real challenge for some med patients but as you demonstrated, for the able bodied it looks pretty easy.

    Thanks again for the lengthy reviews and question answer session. Looking forward to ordering site opening up.

    P.S. - I love the graphic on the Ghost baseball cap you were wearing. Nice logo and it doesn't give anything away.

  • Baron23
    Why would a person want to do thatokla68m

    Perhaps because a hybrid with some conduction (like the Mighty, especially when using dosing capsules) does an excellent job of full extraction.

    I own and love four pure convection vapes and love them....but I also love the very complete extraction I can get out of a Mighty with DCs.

    Just saying :D

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